Living Room & Halloween Dinner-Day 3 of The Halloween Home Tour

It's Friday! And that means it's time for Day 3 of the Halloween Home Tour! I sure hope you've enjoyed it.  I had fun putting this mini-series of posts together for you! I originally planned for series to last for 5 days, but blogging obligations popped up and I was only able to manage a 3 day tour. 

So today, I'm going to be sharing the rest of my Halloween Decor with you- and even our super festive, spooky and elegant Halloween themed Dinner Party! I really appreciate everyone that loves Halloween as much as I do!
Let's start in the living room, I kept things mostly simple by adding some flying bats to my old window above the sofa, I got asked about the bats a few times this season and I got mine at the Target Dollar Spot (I mean, isn't that where all the good things come from?!)
I did some simple decor on the coffee table, using a tray I had from Magnolia- and you can find similar here, I was able to get the tree from the Dollar Spot as well, but the pumpkin and candle holder are from Home Goods, although I've seen both at Marshalls also! I'd be checking their clearance aisles if you want to snag either one.

Moving into the dining room- I know, again. LOL 

I was able to create an elegantly spooky space using things I already had. 

Mini sandwiches and bacon wrapped mini hot dogs kept things simple! Finger foods are my favorite since I have to spend so much time preparing everything else. Um, I mean, I have kids? So just being able to do the dishes feels like a huge accomplishment. Just being real guys. Just bein real!

Now that this is all wrapped up, I'm anxious to get started on my next major project! No space is safe from Christmas around here and I can't wait to share with all of you! 
Can I just say that I'm crazy thankful for all of your love and encouragement, I know that I say it every single time but I really do mean it! 

Feel free to chat with me on Instagram or Facebook. I just love hearing from you guys! 
I sure hope you have a great Halloween weekend doing all sorts of fun things! Are you planning to have a themed dinner? I would absolutely love to hear all about it!

Don't forget to check out other days of the tour! Day One here and Day Two here!
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  1. Your tablescape looks amazing! I love me some finger foods! Our Halloween dinner is take out pizza and paper plates soooo. Ha.

  2. I love how classy your Halloween decor looks! So pretty!

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