Rustic Fall Farmhouse Front Porch

Fall is the best to decorate for isn't it? The simplicity of Summer is nice, but it's fun to have some Holidays to decorate for when Fall comes.

I always have so much fun decorating our little casa for Fall, but one of my absolute favorite spaces to decorate is our front porch. I'm going to be honest with ya'll. I used to be a little embarrassed by our front porch. It honestly needs to be torn down and rebuilt. But there are many other things that are taking priority over that right now so it's been put on the back burner, at least until next Spring. It is one of the only remaining original things from the house when we bought it. We did fix the roof and some floor boards, but never bothered with railings or the ceilings. One day. I've grown to love it, and the story it tells. I often wonder how many people have sat on this porch along the years, enjoying the same view I do now. I especially love our porch in the Summer and Fall. Savanna loves to "decorate it" with her chalk, we ride bikes, we blow bubbles, we sit and 
converse with friends. There really is nothing better then a porch!
And wow! I got off topic fast.. anyway! I'm super excited to share our outdoor space with you all today. Honestly, when I start decorating for a holiday I have an idea of what I want to do. This year, I just went with the flow. We bought pumpkins that Savanna picked out from a local farm, we used different colored mums, and just had fun with it. 

Lots of love has been put into our home, and this porch. The furniture is second hand and I managed to snag it from Craigslist for $100. It's from Pier 1 Imports and super high quality so I was beyond thrilled with the purchase! 
I also always find myself using my favorite fall throw in all my fall decor year after year! 

I basically built the seating area around the "Hello, Fall." Sign I picked up from Tj Maxx, I stayed neutral in this space.. except for the wreath. 
 How adorable is this "Support Your Local Farmers" Pillow from Curtis Creation?! I just love it so much, we live surrounded by Farm Land and Nick would be a farmer if we could find enough land, so of course we love and support them! 

I decided we would keep things fun in the space walking up the porch.
Savanna decided she would like to be in these pictures. And I'm not one to argue.

The porch is definitely busy this year. But it's lots of fun and I'm not a minimalist or one to keep things simple, as you all know.
I used to be so fearful of sharing new spaces and certain things here on my blog and on my Instagram, people can be so critical. I'm a softie and take things personally even though I know that's silly because it's just the internet but sometimes, I just can't help know? I'm learning that not everyone is going to love what I'm doing and that's completely fine. Thankful for those of you that encourage and uplift me daily. It truly means so much to me and you keep me motivated to continue doing what I love and sharing it with all of you! 

Do you like the porch this year? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Chat with me on Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment below! 
I'm about to break out the spooky Halloween stuff soon and I am SO excited!! I'm a huge Halloween fan and I can't wait to share some spaces with you guys!! Make sure you're following along on Google+ by clicking that link on the right! 

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Love you guys!!

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  1. It looks great! I so wish we had a porch to decorate! And to use of course. Sometimes I sit in the driveway in a lawn chair watching the kids play. Something is lacking there.

  2. Looks great!!! Love the boo sign and banner on the old window.

  3. You got that Hello Fall sign at TJ Maxx?! I might try to swing by ours tomorrow on my lunch break and see if we have any! So cute! I love it all... such a cozy space. I wish I could come and have a cup of coffee with you!

  4. Seriously swooning over your front porch! It's gorgeous!

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