Spooky Dining Room- Day 2 of the Halloween Home Tour!

I sure hope you enjoyed the little mini tour of my Halloween Entryway Yesterday! I'm having too much fun with Halloween this year- Nick and Savanna love it so that makes it a little more fun to decorate for. Even though Halloween can be so tricky to incorporate into our everyday decor. 

Today we're moving on to a different space- The dining room! There is a general theme of Skelly following us wherever we go this time of year. Actually, it's starting to feel like he's part of the family. 
Our dining room is one of my favorite places to decorate and so is this buffet! I got so many questions about this 'BOO' sign and I got it at Marshall's last year, Unfortunately, I haven't seen them this year:( This could be a really fun DIY project though, all you would need is some twig fine similar to this!

I just love this sideboard so much! You can find it here. I actually painted mine white and switched out the hardware so that it fit in a little better into the dining room. I was really pleased with the outcome and how sturdy this piece is in general. I blog about it so much because I just really do love it! 

Almost all of the accents and Halloween decor has been purchased at Home Goods this year or last. With the exception of the glittery black pumpkins and trees, those are from the good old Target Dollar Spot- As I'm typing this, I'm anticipating what goodies they're going to have for Christmas this year! Did I just say that word? I did. I'm sorry. Don't hate me.

There is something so SpoOoOky about draping old cloths over things when it comes to Halloween Decor, isn't there?
I seriously CANNOT believe that October is coming to and end so quickly! So I'm trying to hang on as tight as I can before the Halloween gets packed up and put away in anticipation of a new Holiday. 

Don't forget to check out Day 1 of the Halloween Home Tour before you leave!

I hope you come hang out tomorrow and check out the living room all decked out for Halloween.
Do you decorate for Halloween? Have a question? Feel free to chat with me! I just love hearing from you guys! Find me on Instagram or Facebook! 

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  1. I went to my Target today. They had a little Christmas sprinkled in with the home stuff but nothing like you showed. I was bummed. I cannot WAIT till the dollar spot opens up allthings Christmas. Love the dining room!!

  2. I love that BOO sign! So cute. Target is already putting out the Christmas stuff and I love it. But next year I am stocking up on all of the Halloween things!

  3. Amazing decore. Halloween will be next month so i have to prepare. Will use some of your stuff. Like this BOO phrase) you can ask me about my ideas http://www.best-pack-n-play.com/top-6-playards-bassinet/