Why You Should Decorate With Lanterns & 3 Ways HOW!!

It's no secret that I love lanterns, Like. LOVE them. Borderline obsessed with them, Can never pass a cute one up when I see them, real kinda love ya know? 

I love them so much, I'm going to dedicate an entire BLOG post to them. Why not, right? I have so many.. in so many spaces in my home. I know some of you probably have some too. They are great for adding height to vignettes, awesome for flanking mantels, Work awesome in outdoor decor, and so on.. The uses are endless really. So if you don't have a lantern-YET- I'm going to share some of my favorites with you to get you started on your lantern loving journey.

So just why should you decorate with lanterns? Um, because you can do SO much with them! And they basically fit into any kind of decor style!

Hm. I wonder if we should make a club? LANTERN LOVERS UNITE. Yup. It's done. I'm going to trademark it.

Similar options to mine can be found here. Or this one.

I love decorating with lanterns because you can do so much with them. SO MUCH. I can't remember the last time I stuck a candle in a lantern and called it a day. Nope, they are too much fun for that. I'm going to share some of my favorite ways to decorate with lanterns right now!

1. Use Greenery-
This can be anything really, but I'm currently crushing on moss. You can find the moss I used in this lantern {here} I also love using moss balls, and you can find them pretty much anywhere these days but I love these mini ones {here}. I think using greenery in a lantern is a little unexpected and adds warmth to a space by highlight nature inside!

2.Use Bottles-
I'm obsessed with lanterns, yes, we've established that. However, I also REALLY Love old bottles and milk jugs..really old glass of any kind. Mason Jars? Of course! So I'm always using old bottles of all kinds in my lanterns.. Like this vintage milk bottle that Nick found for me on a job site! 

3. Use Seasonal Decor-
Pumpkins for Fall? Pine cones and Faux snow for Winter? Eggs for Spring? The options!! I mean, you can seriously do anything you want! Just don't use real eggs guys..that might be funky. 

But seriously. I feel like Lanterns are pretty much a necessity in any home. And if you want to just stick a candle in a lantern and call it a day? Then you do that!! Honestly, Lanterns are beautiful as is! Especially when you find one that makes a statement itself.
As long as what you're doing makes you happy that's all that matters! Just make sure you're having fun doing it! 

Do you decorate with lanterns in your home? What's your favorite thing to do with them? I'd love to hear from you! Let's chat on instagram or Facebook! You can also leave a comment below, I absolutely love hearing from you!!! It makes my little heart so happy to have you here! 

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  1. Love them all! Now I've got to find some lanterns. ;)

  2. I love lanterns too! They are so versatile. SOME PEOPLE in my family say I have too many. I say that's not possible! What do they know, right? :)

  3. I love lanterns too! Any shape and size! Fun ideas!

  4. All the lanterns in all the land. I'm always throwing things in them. Gourds and small pumpkins now and red ornament balls here soon. The best.

  5. It is really amazing how even a small amount of light can add ambiance to a room or patio area. Mixing different accent pieces with your lantern boxes really adds another dimension as well.

  6. I like that you talked about just putting a candle in the lamp. I have been looking for ways to use more candles in my home. I can see how it would be nice to have candles put in because it could add a soft light to my house. http://www.chanisnicksandnacks.com/outdoor/patio-lawn-garden/outdoor-solar.html

  7. I can definitely relate to your love of lanterns, though the apartment I just moved out of didn't allow them so this will be the first time I get to decorate properly with lanterns. Your tips are so great for decorating, especially your tips about incorporating little moss balls in with the candle to help give it a more natural warmth. Using bottles and jars sounds super fun, as well, and I'll definitely look into that when I'm out buying lanterns and accessories for them.

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