The Tale of Two Flocked Trees- What $150 will get you!

Most of you know we have a flocked Christmas Tree here in our house. Last year was our first year with a flocked tree, actually, it was our first time with a faux tree in general. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but ended up loving it. Mostly because I didn't have to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it up. Most real trees I've had would die before Christmas even arrived. While I do miss going to hunt for our Christmas Tree, in the end we get a lot more enjoyment out of our little faux one. 

Today I wanted to compare two flocked trees to try to help you decide which one is right for you! And the difference between a $150 tree and a $500 one.

Last year I found a really great tree at Wal-Mart for $150! It was quite the steal if you ask me, and we really loved it. But for some reason, when I brought it out this year and fluffed it up, it didn't look as "fluffy" or "grand" as I wanted it too. It was working fine, but it wasn't until I got a new tree that I realized how much was lacking in the one from Wal-Mart. So today, I'm going to go over the pro's and con's of a budget flocked tree and a more upscale one- So that ultimately you can decide which flocked tree would be best for your and your family for years to come! 

First let's start off with a side by side comparison of my two flocked trees: 

The one on the left is $150 at Wal-Mart and I'll link it at the bottom of this post. The one on the right, is my current tree and I'll link that down at the bottom as well.


Rustic Glam Christmas Living Room Tour

I'm so so excited to be sharing my Christmas Living Room Tour with you all today! Along with a group of some of my favorite bloggers.

When I started decorating for Christmas in early November, I really didn't have much of an idea as to which direction I wanted to go, but I was finding myself super drawn to the reds of the season. Which is sort of odd, because if you've been hanging out her for awhile you know that red isn't typically "my thing". But I was really aiming for a Cozy Rustic Christmas and well, things just sort of started coming together after I picked up some new pillows and some goodies from Target Dollar Spot. 

So come on in, sip some hot cocoa and take a peek around! I hope you enjoy this little tour, as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you!

Our living room one of my favorite rooms in the house currently, especially since we put up our faux shiplap wall (more on that later.) It's super cozy and we (obviously) spend so much time here! While I do have hopes of ripping up the carpet and replacing with hardwood someday soon, it probably won't be a project we tackle until after Christmas. 

I really have an obsession with pillows and throw blankets, but that's no secret. I shared some of my absolute favorite Christmas Pillows in this post here. 
This little red 'Aspen' pillow I picked up at Home Goods is really the one that started it all. I loved the coziness of it and  it is what later inspired me to aim for a 'Ski Lodge' Theme.
Incorporating little bits of red in this space, easily transformed a neutral space into a Cozy Christmas wonderland! I truly think adding red to a space is one of the most simple ways to add Christmas Cheer to your decor. I know it can be scary if you love neutrals like me, but try it! You might be surprised at how much you love it!
I am absolutely obsessed with flocked trees! I shared some of THE BEST Flocked Trees for under $300 here if you're in the market for one! It's so simple and beautiful and I love not filling it up with tons of ornaments because I want to show off the gorgeous tree itself. So I kept things simple with some mercury glass ornaments and added some pops of red with my DIY Target Dollar Spot sled ornaments. I shared more details about my tree here if you want to check it out. 


Favorite Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decor

It's Monday ya'll, I know some of you are having mixed feelings about it. I'm pretty excited though because I have a massive TO-DO list and I wasn't super productive this past weekend, unless you consider entering my address and hitting "COMPLETE ORDER" being productive, LOL!

If you've been following along with my Christmas Decor here on the blog and also on  Instagram, then you know that I sort of went with a Rustic Glam theme this year for Christmas. I really wanted things to feel super cozy. I was inspired by all of the red and plaids I was seeing early in the season so I sort of picked that theme and then rolled with it! Good news is that the look is super easy to achieve if you're craving a similar style in your own spaces for the Holiday season.

When I think of of a "traditional" Christmas, I think reds, plaids, lots of pillows, super cozy and comfy spaces that scream "Come on in, sit down and drink some Hot Cocoa!" So as I was rounding up some of my favorite decor items from shops, I really had that vision in my mind. 

While my home is a mix of neutral and rustic Christmas currently, I think that it all blends together nicely to give me a mix of styles that I crave, I struggle between my love of neutrals and my love of red during the Holidays. Adding some plaid and red throw pillows to your sofa will instantly give you an instant cozy vibe, adding natural elements- like birch candles, birch trees and fresh pine will instantly make things feel more comfy cozy.

I sure do use the word 'Cozy' a lot, don't I? Haha #sorrynotsorry

I'm sharing a roundup today of some of my absolute FAVORITE Rustic Decor, all of these items that actually inspired my own theme this year. 

These items are from a variety of some of my absolute favorite stores. All of which are full of super awesome decor finds, for the Christmas season and beyond. 


Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe

I don't typically blog on Saturday's but I've been getting a TON of requests for the Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe and wanted to share it here so you have somewhere to reference, just sometimes makes things easier then having to repeat the recipe to everyone who asks, ya know?

I made this Mule and shared the process on my Intsa Story the day before Thanksgiving, and I guess you guys loved it too because you were all OVER IT. I mean, it is SUPER good;) 

The Main ingredients are the same in most Moscow Mule recipes- Ginger Beer, Lime and Vodka. The cool thing about them is that the options are LITERALLY endless. And I've decided I'm just going to give everyone Moscow Mules this year for Christmas;) 

You can and should adjust this recipe according to tastes and cup sizes.

I'm not a heavy drinker (contrary to popular belief.. lol) and actually don't like the taste of most liquor, beer or alcohol in general. These Mules are super light, refreshing and very much enjoyable. The perfect Date Night, or entertaining drink. This will probably be my go to for the rest of the season, straight up through New Years and beyond!


Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Entryway

The day after a Holiday is a mixture of all emotions, but if I'm being honest with myself, and I mean REALLY being honest, I'm sort of relieved Thanksgiving is over- I love it so much but it can be super exhausting. But really I'm just excited that it's not considered "too early" to decorate for Christmas anymore. Also, I hope you didn't come here looking for "black Friday deals" because I've just never really been into them lol maybe I'll post some Christmas deals down the road though if you all want some? Let me know below in the comments! 

Moving on.

You honestly didn't think I wouldn't decorate one of my favorite spaces for Christmas, did you? I've talked before about how we don't really have much of an Entryway because our front door opens right up into the dining room- it kinda stinks but it's just the way things worked out when we started remodeling. 

We ended up moving the stairs from the middle of the house where the island bar is, to the far left of the house and we decided to keep the large space open to create the illusion of more space. While the result gave us smaller bedrooms, I don't regret our decision to open up this space. It really does open things up. 

I'm really excited to say that I did finish this staircase myself! It was one of the first things I did "alone" and also one of the things that inspired this little blog! I wanted to share our bumps in the road along the way in our fixer upper journey to hopefully encourage people to start some projects of their own, and maybe even start to love their homes again. 

Um, wow. Okay, so I got off topic super fast. Sorry about that. Back to the purpose of today's post! Our little Rustic Farmhouse Christmas "Entryway"! I'm seriously surprised I keep finding myself adding little bits of red everywhere for Christmas. I mean, typically I hate color. But I'm just so drawn to this cozy color for the Holidays! 


Thanksgiving in Our House and Some Tips

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving TOMORROW? I mean,I'm pretty darn excited, Thanksgiving is super special to me. I've always loved it. We used to go to my Gramma's for dinner every Thanksgiving, and I absolutely loved the feeling of coziness and togetherness that I always felt during my time spent at her house. It was always a big deal for everyone to sit and eat dinner at the same time. Before smart phones and devices, back when you actually had to have a conversation with people and couldn't sit scrolling mindlessly through your phones. 

It wasn't until I spent my first Thanksgiving with Nick's family that I realized people do things differently. I was surprised to learn that not every family sits down to eat at the same time, these days it's a lot busier and people sort of just grab and go. 

It's always been super important for me to keep our family tradition of eating at the table and all at once alive. My sweet Grandmother is getting older, and can't deal with all the Thanksgiving fuss anymore, so it was my pleasure to take over the task for her. We started hosting Thanksgiving 4 years ago and it means more and more to me as the years go on. My Gramma comes over early to help start cooking and my Mom prepares everything a few days in advance, I do help with the cooking, but the tablescape and set up has always been my "thing". I'm definitely not the best at Tablescapes, I won't lie to you. But I'm learning. 

Thanksgiving is truly my favorite Holiday- There's no frills, no candy, no's truly just about spending time together! And sometimes football;) 

Today, I wanted to share with you a few of my best Tips for hosting Thanksgiving! I am absolutely NOT an expert at this whole thing- but that won't stop me from sharing what I've learned over the past few years with all of you! 

1. Plan and Prep as much as possible in advance
I realize this is pretty vague but I wanted to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. I like to sit down and make a menu list- I include appetizers, punch and the type of wine we'll serve. (That's always my favorite part! ha!) We keep things pretty simple and basic as far as recipes go. And I like it that way. I've learned to make my Gramma's gravy- and that canned biscuits don't really taste all that different from homemade. (don't judge me, okay!) 

2. Take "Inventory"
Figure out what you'll need to buy, besides food. How many guests are you serving? How many plates will you need? Cups? Silverware? This is when I also like to sort through my dishes, and make sure I have enough wine glasses and serveware. 

Be sure to take note of how many pans you'll need and for what. Are they big enough? Do you have the proper serveware? I inherited some gorgeous crystal, but you can often find great serveware at Home Goods for a good price.

You'll also need to take note of oven space, what you'll cook and in what order. A turkey is big and often takes up lots of room and has to cook for a long amount of time. Be sure to account for that. I was surprised just how long it took to make the first time I made one!

3. Set the table
I like to do a mock up a week or so before, it gives me a visual and I take note of what I still need to buy. Sometimes I don't buy anything and I just shop the house. Last year, I created a tablescape using things I had, and with a few items I picked up from the dollar store! YES. THE DOLLAR STORE.


The BEST Farmhouse Style Christmas Pillows

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving week? I'm so confused right now. Like How is this possible? Sure I'm decorating for Christmas but, I still can't even believe that is SO close!

Today though, I wanted to talk about pillows. 
Oh Pillows, how I love them.
 I get asked about all of my pillows pretty often, especially the ones currently on our sofa in the living room. I admit,I have a throw pillow obsession. I can never ever pass up on a cute pillow. Especially not it's super soft and fluffy. There isn't much I hate more then a stiff pillow. 
Remember years ago when people used to just use the pillows that came with their sofa sets? I was guilty of that with our first ever sofa. It was  red microfiber and came with these super awful geographic patterns on them. GONE are those days my friends! Now pillows can totally transform a whole space! And there are so many to choose from! I feel like every store has a throw pillow section lately. The options are endless. Large knit, soft knit, oversized, mini sized, pattern or no pattern, creams and browns and navy and pinks. Seriously. What's not to love?

I often get asked 
"How do you have so many pillows? Where do you sit?"

Rustic Plaid Christmas Tree

It's here, it's here! I've been getting a ridic amount of requests for a tour of my Christmas Tree, so here it is!! 

I had our tree up in the living room almost a month ago. I know, am I crazy? Maybe a little. I've never tried to hide it;) But seriously- I knew we had to get a head start because we'll be going away for 2 weeks in December and I wanted to really be able to enjoy our decor, and especially, our tree! So some of you have already seen our tree in my Instagram stories. As I've been sharing some peeks of our Rustic Christmas Plaid Christmas Tree there. 

Last year I used the ski's I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot in my tree and was sort of inspired by the mini sled's in this years Target Dollar Spot to create sort of a Rustic Ski Lodge theme in the living room- the plaid was inspired by the little mini deer heads I found and decided to make ornaments with. It was super easy.


The House That Built Me

Weather you plan to flip it or keep it, searching for and buying a fixer upper can feel stressful. You've decided you want to buy a home you can fix up to make your own. Sounds easy enough, right? 

At least that's what we thought when we decided about 8 years ago we wanted to buy a fixer upper for ourselves to live in. 

We were still really young at the time (you can read about that here) but we knew we probably wouldn't be able to afford a new build and buying a fixer upper was the next best option for us. Nick has always been a handyman, and pretty much able to do anything so we knew we could take on most of the work a fixer upper would consist of. 

With all that being said, when our realtor contacted us about a foreclosed property that had been sitting empty for 3 years we were pretty excited. Well, Nick was excited. Me? Not so much. I had always envisioned a brand new home, in a cute little neighborhood. (I don't even know who that person was now that I'm looking back at it!) But I went to look at this house anyway, because Nick was so excited about it.

"It's going to be beautiful!" He said. 

My first reaction when pulling up the driveway? I didn't want to get out of the car. Was he being serious with me right now? This house was basically falling down. Walking inside was even worse. It was musty, dark, dated and was just an absolute mess.

 I wanted to cry. 


How To Create A Thanksgiving Tablescape

Funny story about today's post. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you've already heard about how I set everything up for this post today, just to photograph it and realize that number one, I forgot to use glasses the first time, and number two, I uploaded all the pictures and they were super blurry and none of them could be used. Maybe not so big a deal if I didn't realize it AFTER I had taken everything down, and put it away and replaced it with all my Christmas stuff. This whole blogging stuff is super new to me! Maybe I'll get it down one day. Or maybe not. Either way I'm so thankful you guys are here and laughing along with me. WITH ME. Not AT me. I hope. HA!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I'm just not super great at Tablescapes. They just aren't really my thing. I love them, but I was just never really great at them. I was always lost at where and how to start. It can seem intimidating at first thinking about all the layers, settings and products you need. But I promise- once you get started with them, it's really not as bad as you'd think. The basic rules of decorating apply to Tablescapes too. 

Today, I'm going to tell you How To create a Tablescape. The EASY and SIMPLE way! You can make them as extravagant or as simple as you think. And really on any sort of budget, big or small. 
Last years Thanksgiving I was told we were hosting at the last minute and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on plates and things like that for the event. So I hit up the dollar store and was able to find all the basics to putting together a tablescape and hosting a dinner. Plates, Chargers, Wine Glasses and Silverware. All for $1 each. I mean, who can beat that? When I mixed in my pumpkins and dried hydrangea stems I ended up with a pretty, and simple tablescape that really anyone can put together. I mean, I'm not asking for an applause or anything but if you wanna clap, I'm not going to stop you. ;)
This year, I knew I wanted to mix in some copper accents and mix some metals to create a vintage-y type of table display. I'm going to share step by step how it all went down. 

1. Layers-
I know what you're thinking "This chick and her "layering". 

I feel like I'm forever talking about layering, I layer my clothes, my pillows, my blankets, my tables, I literally layer everything. So I stuck with the layer theme on my table too. I found that I was overthinking this whole tablescape thing, it's really not as hard as I was making it out to be in my head. 

I started with a simple tablecloth that I bought from Amazon, then layered it with {this table runner} from Target. I used a charger in the middle to center everything.

Your layers should be simple-
Table Runner (or blanket!)
Chargers or Placemats (optional)

I just really like to add texture to my tablescapes. 
2. Focal Points-

AKA Your Centerpiece and what peoples eyes are going to be drawn too. I decided to use pumpkins again, because these were just so pretty and I had to use them one more time in my decor before they died. I'm weird about balance and like to even everything out, but I've seen some people create beautiful tablescapes with all different heights and no one focal point, it's really all about your style, moving things around and figuring out what works for you. And what doesn't. 

A Focal Point can be anything you want it to be, candles? A Lantern? Endless options. 

3. Add your height-
I added my height with candlesticks. You can add height with flowers, sticks, branches- again, endless options! This is also a great way to add metals and mix in some character! For this particular one, I had a vision of mixing all sorts of metals and using copper. I'm really happy that it worked out! 

4. Filler-
I like my filler to be flower stems- but branches, candles, sticks..anything will do. For this I used my dried hydrangea stems and olive branches. 

This is also when I add my candle holders, or tea light candles. I used apples as a filler in my early fall tablescape which you can check out here.

5. Time for Chargers-

Chargers are a super awesome way to add texture to a tablescape! I got these awesome willow trays in the early fall and I've used them so much since! You can check them out here., You can really use them for so much and I love the nature inspired texture they add! 

The white ones in this picture are from Pier 1 and you can get them here..

6. Finishing Touches!

My favorite part! I'm totally a finished project type of girl. So I love to see everything come together when I fill in with glasses, plates, silverware and napkins. Adding the napkins with the rings always sets everything off I think and brings everything together! 

That's it! Not so bad, huh? I've discovered that I like to stick with what I'm familiar with in my everyday decor and that's using layers and a mixture of textures and things. I hate when things are super matchy-matchy. (Maybe that's why I have 3 different sets of dining room chairs? HA! 

I love the mix of metals and textures in this tablescape! But I'd love to hear what you guys think. Do you have an everyday tablescape? Or only special occasion? Let's chat on Instagram or Facebook. You can also leave a comment below! I promise I read all of them and just LOVE hearing from you all!

Rose Gold Flatware: Home Goods

 photo glam-sig_zpszarat6ml.png

DIY Farmhouse Old Window Mirror

Okay, so wanna know a secret? I really love old windows. Like. I really really REALLLLLLY love old windows. Okay, so maybe that's not a secret. I love them so much though, that I even blogged about them. You can check out my post on how to decorate with old windows here.  I seriously have so many old windows, many of the have come from old houses that Nick has rehabbed. But a few of them come from antique shops. You can usually find them for a fair price. I paid $10 for this one that I'm sharing today. I think that's pretty fair. Don't you?

I get asked about my window mirrors so much! And while the large one in our dining room was hand cut and framed, I do have a few antiqued DIY mirrors that I've made recently. 

This is probably the easiest thing you'll ever do. Really. 
So now, let me share this easy DIY Antique Old Window Mirror with you. 

The BEST Flocked Christmas Trees Under $300

Ever since I shared some sneak peeks at last years Christmas tree, I've been getting tons of questions about it. Last year was actually our very first year with a faux Christmas tree. We've always been a real tree family. I grew up with a real tree and sort of just kept that tradition going with my own kids.  Today I wanted to share with you some of the BEST flocked trees. 

Real trees can be messy, hard to take care of, and a real pain in the butt to be honest. While I totally enjoy the whole experience of going to cut down a tree, the rest of the process sort of just stresses me out, not to mention that with blogging you need to start decorating a little earlier and can't even get your hands on a real tree until at least the week of Thanksgiving. 

So last year, I stumbled upon a pretty little flocked tree from Wal-Mart and I fell in love with it. It made things so much easier with decorating and also with the clean up after the holidays are over. I don't miss the real tree, like, at all. I might miss the smell a tiny bit, but I can easily make up for that with these scented ornaments. They are my favorite thing ever! I hang one or two at a time and one pack usually lasts for an entire season. 

I did recently get a new flocked tree different from the Walmart one and I'll be doing a full comparison soon! However, today I wanted to give some of you guys a place to start while shopping for a faux flocked Christmas tree. I put together a list of my favorites- all under $300. There is one to fit every style!


Rustic DIY Holiday Ornament Display

You guys. I have been DYING over this amazing DIY I had the pleasure of working on with The Home Depot to promote their super awesome DIH Workshops. I was so humbled and honored to be selected with an amazing group of girls to bring you our own individual spins on this super cool Rustic Holiday Ornament Display.

It's been cool and rainy here the past few days so I got started on this project late one evening once Savanna went to bed, seems like that's really the only time I can do much these days. I know some of ya'll can relate! So please forgive me for the less then stellar poorly light garage photos, haha;) Also, you'll get a peek into our crazy love of all thing vintage, including old trucks and cars. Don't judge us, okay? HA!

The materials needed for this project are pretty basic and easy to pick up on your average Home Depot run:

Material List-

1- 1" x 8" x 12' Common Board
1- 1" x 6" x 8' Common Board
1- 1" x 4" x 6' Common Board
1- Box #8 x 1 1/4 Phillips Square Drive Flat- Head Full Thread Zinc Coated Multi- Material Screw
1- 27 Count Multi Pack Ornaments


Paint Sticks 
Paint or Stain
Staining Brush

Tools you'll need:

-Circular Saw
-Glue Gun with Glue sticks (invest in a good one!) 
-Measuring tape
-Safety Goggles 
-Sanding Block or Palm Sander (I love my palm sander!)

Once we had all of our supplies, we didn't hesitate to get started! As soon as I was selected to share this project with you guys I knew just what I wanted to do with it. Most of you know that I really love a good rustic classic country Christmas so I stuck with that theme for this project. The awesome thing about The Home Depot and their workshops is that each project is unique, even though the core idea is the same. It's so exciting seeing everyone's visions come to life! As you can soon see by stopping to take a peek at all of the talented bloggers taking part in this workshop!


Cozy Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Currently I'm sitting here with my wine( PS. I typically write up my posts the night before, I'm not an alcoholic I listening to Christmas music in my office (aka my dining room table) typing up my first Christmas Decor post of the season. If you read my post yesterday, thank you. Maybe now you'll have a little insight into just why I start breaking out the decor so early. It felt really good to get my feelings of my chest regarding the topic! 

So now that all that has been said- I'm super duper (do people say super duper anymore? I guess I do lol) excited about this new pillow from at Paris Chic Boutique! Like, I'm ridiculously obsessed with it. I probably shouldn't be obsessed with pillows but well, I am. And that's that darn it.

Just check it out and tell me what YOU think about it?!

I mean. I can't even deal. 

For the Love of Christmas! [Why I decorate so early]

Before I start whipping out the Christmas posts,  I really want to share a little insight into just why I'm decorating for Christmas so early. I get that some people aren't into it yet, or they feel like people are just completely forgetting Thanksgiving. I get why some people might feel that way. But in my eyes, Just because I'm decorating for Christmas, doesn't mean I'm forgetting about Thanksgiving. We still eat a turkey. I still set a fancy table. We still all sit around it and say grace before we eat. Except we do it surrounded by the soft glow of Christmas lights. I mean, I just don't get why that's so darn offensive to people. 

For me personally, I feel like the two sort of go together in a few ways. While obviously we celebrate both for different reasons, they are both Holidays that revolve around being together, and being thankful. They both promote kindness and remind us to be giving and caring to others. While it's super easy to get wrapped up, I never ever forget the real reason for the season. Ever.

When I was a kid, my Dad was HUGE into Holidays. Like, huge. We always had the brightest house in the neighborhood. If there was a place to hang a string of Christmas lights, he would hang them. I think I get my love of Christmas from him. I remember baking cookies with my Mom, and how cozy and warm our home felt during the season. Even though my childhood was far from perfect. My parents divorced when I was 8, my Dad struggled and still does, with alcohol addiction. But during Christmas? Oh during Christmas, we had a normal family. I was a normal girl who's parent's didn't fight, I was a normal girl who didn't worry about getting the electric shut off, I was a normal girl, with a normal life. Baking cookies with her Mom and hanging Christmas lights and reading The Night Before Christmas with her Dad. It's like, at Christmas, my parent's put everything aside and made things special for me. 

I always got the best gifts, the newest dolls and barbies. It was always bigger then that for me though, even at such a young age. None of that really mattered. I was just happy Mom and Dad were getting along. 

I think because I have nothing but good memories of Christmas, I crave it's comfort so much.


Farmhouse Style Mini Kitchen Tour

 I know that social media is a little somber today, I hope that coming here, to my little happy place, makes you a little happier too. That's always been my goal. To encourage and maybe if I'm lucky, even help inspire some of you. It makes my heart so happy reading comments and messages saying you were encouraged to finish a room or paint a piece of furniture based on something I shared. It's so unbelievable to me that I'm able to reach and hopefully touch so many of you.

If you've been around here for a little while, then you've seen the before pictures of our kitchen, and know it's come quite a ways from where it was when we first bought it. Okay. So it's come a LONG way. Like, a really LONG.. LOOOOOONG WAY. 

Don't believe me? Well, just you wait for me to whip out the before pictures.
For now though, I'm going to take you on a quick little tour of our Farmhouse Style Kitchen. 

It's for sure nothing fancy, but it does make me happy. Especially after looking back at these crazy before pictures. Some days it's really hard to believe it ever looked like that.

There are still traces of Halloween and Fall in here right now, while I prepare my game plan for making it a little more Christymasy. Is that a word? It totally should be if not.


Favorite Christmas Decor From Target

I love Target. 
Now that I got that HUGE "confession" out of the way I'm feeling better. (Because it's not like you follow me on Instagram and see how often I'm there a week, right?) 
Definitely not.
Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Or have you thought about Christmas yet? Odd's are, with the stores pushing the stuff out sooner, and bloggers (like myself) posting pictures of Christmas Trees and decor, the thought has probably crossed your mind, at least once. It makes some people feel all sorts of different ways, so if you're one of those "after Thanksgiving- Christmas people" I'm really sorry for what's about to unfold here. Please forgive me. ;) I'm just dying to share with you some of my favorite Farmhouse Style Christmas finds from Target with you today!

I'm super traditional for the most part when it comes to Christmas, I really just love reds and whites. Normally a neutral girl in every sense of the word, Christmas encourages me to get a little more creative and use some more color. I LOVE red around Christmastime. It takes me back to my childhood and allows me to see my home in a whole new way.

I really am such a sucker for anything old, vintage, rustic and farmhouse style. Oh and also, Target. But that's definitely not news to anyone around here. 

Have you been to Target lately? I mean, they're Christmas stuff is SO GOOD. And there seriously is something for every style! I'm sharing a mix of some of my favorite things from Target this season. 


DIH Workshop With The Home Depot Announcement

Hey my sweet glam friends! I am super duper excited to announce that I'm going to be teaming up with some amazing girls Sandra from The Rustic Life,  Allison from A House And A Dog, Sweet Sarah from Little Vintage Nest,  and my beautiful friend Summer from She Leaves A Little Sparkle and Home Depot for a fun DIH workshop! What is DIH you ask? Well- DO IT HERSELF, of course. ;)

But seriously, how amazing is this group of ladies above? I mean, I definitely do not belong in such a group of beautiful, talented women and I absolutely cannot wait to see their spin on this awesome project we're all creating! 

Speaking of projects..

Did you know that The Home Depot  offers Workshops at ALL of their locations, for Do It yourselfers of all ages and skill levels? Customers can learn how to build decor projects, how to make easy home repairs, and how to operate tools through demonstration and step by step instruction! There are three different types of workshops currently offered. 

-Do It Yourself (DIY)
-Do It Herself (DIH)
and kids

Pretty cool stuff right? I think so. 

And because I love ya'll OH SO MUCH, I'm giving you a sneak peek at the core project that we're all going to be working on and adding our own twist too!


100,000 Followers on Instagram? THANK YOU!

I don't typically blog on Saturdays, I don't want you guys to get sick of me! Haha.
 So I try to keep this a Monday to Friday kinda thing. 

However, I wanted to write a quick post to say Thank you. 

Over the last few days I've received several messages and comments congratulating me on almost reaching and then actually reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram. 

You guys. I can't even wrap my head around this.


Farmhouse Style Christmas Tour- 2015 Recap

Hey friends! You might notice things are a little different around these parts! I sure hope you like the changes. I really put thought into this design and making it a little easier for you to be able to navigate around. 

You guys it's November now, which means it's officially okay to talk about Christmas. At least for me. I know some of you feel differently about when it's okay to decorate for Christmas, some say now. And some wait until after Thanksgiving. Whenever you decide to decorate is okay. 

As a blogger, I feel like we have to get a head start on these types of things, to hopefully encourage and inspire others when it comes to decorating. I don't know about you, but I think decorating for Christmas, while fun, can for sure be lots of work. I like to start sooner rather rather then later so I'm not stressing about deadlines and things like that. I really like a solid 2 months to enjoy the season and all of it's beauty. Just because you decorate for Christmas, doesn't mean you're forgetting about Thanksgiving.

I for one, love Thanksgiving! It's actually my favorite Holiday because there's no fluff, presents or candy. It's simply just about being thankful and being together and that is for sure a beautiful thing. 

All that being said, earlier this week before I started decorating I took some time to check out some of my old Christmas posts and decor, and figured it would be fun to look back on some of the ones ya'll loved the most! I really love a good Farmhouse Style Christmas, don't you?!

A Glass Of Wine

November is the month that we remind ourselves to be thankful, and while we shouldn't need the reminder, sometimes, we just do. 

I'm currently sitting here at my dining room table with my glass of wine just thinking, and for a split second, I was feeling sorry for myself. Scrolling through some blogs, Pinterest and Instagram today, I kept seeing all of these insanely gorgeous homes. I call them, Mc-Mansions, and I was just like- "OMG. WHY would anyone want to read my blog, or follow me on social media." I was almost embarrassed. 
My house isn't huge, or actually, even finished. We have plywood flooring in our "master bedroom"- Un-stained wood in our upstairs hallway, a half painted laundry room, a crack in the ceiling from where our washer leaked, I mean really. ENDLESS AMOUNTS of projects and things that need to be fixed. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes and find myself wishing for things I don't have.


Where To Buy Chalk Paint!

Most of you know I love chalk paint. I've refinished quite a few pieces of furniture and while I'm not a professional, I do have a preference when it comes to paint. I've tried several different kinds of milk paints and spray paint and still prefer Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint and color selection over everything else. 

You could say that I'm pretty plain jane when it comes to most things because I really hate change and once I find something I like I really hate to switch it up.  

That being said, I decided to share some of my best resources and best places to buy Chalk Paint here on the blog today.

I get asked pretty often about where I buy my chalk paint and I never realized that there aren't extremely great resources online when it comes to that. So I decided to share with you today where I buy most of my chalk paint and where you can find it too!

1. My number one resource is Robyn Story Designs she is located in Tampa, Fl but has a great item selection online without a huge upcharge on her stuff. My order always comes in a fair amount of time and it's always packaged nicely. 

2. I've also purchased paint from Perfectly Imperfect Shop and had a great experience. My order came in a timely manner and they had great prices on paint! 

3. I've used This Paint on smaller projects and it worked out pretty well, the texture is similar to Annie Sloan but still doesn't give me the full coverage that Annie Sloan does, however, it is a cheaper alternative, with lots of color options! It held up well on the stool I used it on a year ago!
4. Reviews on Amazon for this spray paint aren't very good and I'm not quite sure why. I loved it when I used it! Like the paint I shared above it's awesome for smaller projects, and much easier to use. Although you can get runs if you're not careful. I used it on my twiggy wreath and it worked out awesome! Maybe the easiest DIY ever? I've actually done this with tons of wreaths and I've always used the chalk paint spray paint for it! 
5. This paint is a cheaper alternative to Annie Sloan, and is right up there in quality. You do have to mix it yourself but it's a great alternative to Annie Sloan if you don't want to spend as much money. Mixing it yourself is really easy and this kit comes with a card and directions for mixing. 

I do realize that some of you don't want to shop online for paint, so you can check the Annie Sloan website to find a retailer near you. If you want to see colors in person, You can head to Micheal's to check out Martha Stewart's Chalk Paint line. The bottles are smaller though and I've found myself needing about 4 bottles for a small nightstand to give me the coverage I needed.

I really love the rustic chippy look that chalk paint gives me and I'm determined to continue trying new paints so I can keep you up to date on the best ones! For now though I hope this helps some of you in the market for chalk paint or looking to buy some for a project. I'll be sharing more tips and tricks for Chalk Paint in the future so feel free to drop any questions below or message me on Instagram or Facebook! 

I really do love hearing from you guys! 

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Vintage Kids Table and Chairs Makeover with Chalk Paint

Oh my gosh- Serious Halloween Hangover over here friends! I love it, but it's exhausting, and secretly I'm over it by the time it gets here. But shh, don't actually tell anyone that! Today I wanted to share a fun little quick chalk paint furniture makeover with you! 

Last week in my Instagram videos I shared a little vintage kids table set I got for Savanna. While the bones of the set were super adorable and just what I was looking for, I didn't like the color. I mean, I didn't hate it, it just wasn't my style. 

So what's a girl to do under such circumstances? 
Chalk paint it of course! 

I know, I shocked you all with that, didn't I? 

And while I was bored one rainy afternoon last week, I went out to the garage to search out what paint colors I had on hand so I wouldn't have to wait for another order to come, and because rainy days make me anxious to knock of projects;) I was excited to see I had Annie Sloan 'OLD WHITE' chalk paint on hand, you can just never go wrong with it, amiright? Of course I AM! People make jokes with me that I paint and buy everything white, which is so NOT true. I love color, sometimes I like black, sometimes gray..and even beige! Trust me, I'm really adventurous! HA! 

Enough Chit-Chat, I know ya'll just came for the pictures. 
Chalk Paint Old White Kids Table
Savanna has two play tables, one in her playroom which is more for tea parties and then one in the living room where she colors and eats her snacks. 

This one was going to be in the living room so I really wanted it to blend in with the rest of the living room decor. 
White was the perfect choice if you ask me. 

(PS. maybe one day this century I'll get around to actually ripping up this carpet and laying hardwood!) 

I kept things simple and just sanded down some of the edges to stick with the vintage feel the table originally had. 
Savanna says she "loves it so much!" Hehe, she is totally me. Just a little shorter. 
Only a little. 
The originally finish was a bit bumpy, and even with a sander I wasn't able to get rid of all of the texture, but that's okay. I just think it adds to the vintage chippy vibes. Don't you?
So what do you guys think? I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and think it looks just adorable in the living room.

 I'm sure one day I'll miss all the miniature furniture all around! 

I completely forgot to take a picture of the entire table before I started painting. Go figure. I need to get better about that but I'm just so "in the moment, ya know?" haha!
Here's a before of the chairs, you can see the original chippy green color which for some reason looks more blue on camera. I swear it's green.
and the after!

I'd love to hear from you guys, you can chat with me on Instagram or Facebook. I always just LOVE hearing from you!! It makes my little heart so so happy! Seriously! Hope you all had a great day! Are any of you working on any projects currently? 

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