The BEST Flocked Christmas Trees Under $300

Ever since I shared some sneak peeks at last years Christmas tree, I've been getting tons of questions about it. Last year was actually our very first year with a faux Christmas tree. We've always been a real tree family. I grew up with a real tree and sort of just kept that tradition going with my own kids.  Today I wanted to share with you some of the BEST flocked trees. 

Real trees can be messy, hard to take care of, and a real pain in the butt to be honest. While I totally enjoy the whole experience of going to cut down a tree, the rest of the process sort of just stresses me out, not to mention that with blogging you need to start decorating a little earlier and can't even get your hands on a real tree until at least the week of Thanksgiving. 

So last year, I stumbled upon a pretty little flocked tree from Wal-Mart and I fell in love with it. It made things so much easier with decorating and also with the clean up after the holidays are over. I don't miss the real tree, like, at all. I might miss the smell a tiny bit, but I can easily make up for that with these scented ornaments. They are my favorite thing ever! I hang one or two at a time and one pack usually lasts for an entire season. 

I did recently get a new flocked tree different from the Walmart one and I'll be doing a full comparison soon! However, today I wanted to give some of you guys a place to start while shopping for a faux flocked Christmas tree. I put together a list of my favorites- all under $300. There is one to fit every style!

Number 2 is actually the Walmart Tree I purchased last year, and it comes in at under $200! You can't beat the price! Number three is the one I currently have and the one I shared on my Instagram stories over the weekend. This one is unlit but you can order a prelit one like mine, via the same link above. Number 5 is really awesome if you like the look of real trees, but still want flocked stems. 

Do you decorate with a real or fake tree? I'd love to hear what you guys think of this roundup and if you'll be purchasing a flocked tree this year! Feel free to chat with me on Instagram, Facebook or leave a comment below. I just love hearing from you all! 
Happy Tuesday!

Disclaimer: This Post Contains Affiliate links. All opinions expressed are authentic, and mine. Thank you for making this little blog possible friends!

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  1. #3 is my absolute favorite! We are going to need a new one for our master bedroom soon, so I'll have to look into that one!

  2. So many good options! Wenhot ours from BJs years ago and have never looked back! Although I wish that mine wasn't prelit because the lights died and we can't take them off which is a bummer. So I just added strands. But still.

  3. And now I am convinced that I need one! :)

  4. This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed myself.. Best Flocked Trees in 2018