Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe

I don't typically blog on Saturday's but I've been getting a TON of requests for the Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe and wanted to share it here so you have somewhere to reference, just sometimes makes things easier then having to repeat the recipe to everyone who asks, ya know?

I made this Mule and shared the process on my Intsa Story the day before Thanksgiving, and I guess you guys loved it too because you were all OVER IT. I mean, it is SUPER good;) 

The Main ingredients are the same in most Moscow Mule recipes- Ginger Beer, Lime and Vodka. The cool thing about them is that the options are LITERALLY endless. And I've decided I'm just going to give everyone Moscow Mules this year for Christmas;) 

You can and should adjust this recipe according to tastes and cup sizes.

I'm not a heavy drinker (contrary to popular belief.. lol) and actually don't like the taste of most liquor, beer or alcohol in general. These Mules are super light, refreshing and very much enjoyable. The perfect Date Night, or entertaining drink. This will probably be my go to for the rest of the season, straight up through New Years and beyond!

The recipe is super easy- and I've found tweaking things to my taste and adding a small ingredient upped the tastiness for me.

To make TWO of these I used the following ingredients-
2 SHOTS of Vodka (I prefer Smirnoff)
1-Ginger Beer (Usually found in a green container near the wine coolers)
1/4 Cup of Cranberry Juice
Splash of Orange Juice (optional)
1 Lime

Since I shared the process on my Insta Stories, I forgot to take pictures! So hopefully you can test your reading skills in today's post! Sorry to have to do this to ya guys, I know I prefer visuals but this post wasn't planned so.. ya get what you get. Take it or leave it, UMK? :-D

Start with two Moscow Mule cups- I'll share my favs and some other options at the bottom of this post. 

Step One:
Add a Handful of Ice to your cups. Cubed ice is best for this particular drink.

Step Two:
I use my mini mason jar shot glasses- and did one shot each of vodka in each individual cup.

Step Three:
Empty HALF the contents of the ginger beer into each cup. I have little Moscow Mules (need bigger ones!) If you're cups are bigger you can use ONE ginger beer PER individual cup. 

Step Four: 
Add the Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray is my favorite, but you can use your preference.)

Step Five: 
Add A Splash of Orange Juice

Step Six:
Squeeze the juice of HALF a lime into each individual cup, using the whole lime. 

Step Seven (Optional):
Top with Orange Slices, Cranberries, Lime or all of the above!

And there ya have it- I present to you, your new FAVORITE drink my friends. 

You can hug and thank me later. Just go enjoy! 

Happy Saturday! 

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Do you drink Moscow Mules? Will you be trying this? What would you add? I'd love to hear from you! Let's chat on Instagram, Facebook or you can leave me a comment below! I just love hearing from you guys! XO


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  1. Contrary to popular belief? Lol what do people think you're a lush? Haha! I've only ever had one mule and loved it! This looks delicious! And I am a lush! ;)

  2. I watched your Instastory and this sounds soooo yummy! I'm so glad that you posted the recipe here! We will definitely be making these soon!