For the Love of Christmas! [Why I decorate so early]

Before I start whipping out the Christmas posts,  I really want to share a little insight into just why I'm decorating for Christmas so early. I get that some people aren't into it yet, or they feel like people are just completely forgetting Thanksgiving. I get why some people might feel that way. But in my eyes, Just because I'm decorating for Christmas, doesn't mean I'm forgetting about Thanksgiving. We still eat a turkey. I still set a fancy table. We still all sit around it and say grace before we eat. Except we do it surrounded by the soft glow of Christmas lights. I mean, I just don't get why that's so darn offensive to people. 

For me personally, I feel like the two sort of go together in a few ways. While obviously we celebrate both for different reasons, they are both Holidays that revolve around being together, and being thankful. They both promote kindness and remind us to be giving and caring to others. While it's super easy to get wrapped up, I never ever forget the real reason for the season. Ever.

When I was a kid, my Dad was HUGE into Holidays. Like, huge. We always had the brightest house in the neighborhood. If there was a place to hang a string of Christmas lights, he would hang them. I think I get my love of Christmas from him. I remember baking cookies with my Mom, and how cozy and warm our home felt during the season. Even though my childhood was far from perfect. My parents divorced when I was 8, my Dad struggled and still does, with alcohol addiction. But during Christmas? Oh during Christmas, we had a normal family. I was a normal girl who's parent's didn't fight, I was a normal girl who didn't worry about getting the electric shut off, I was a normal girl, with a normal life. Baking cookies with her Mom and hanging Christmas lights and reading The Night Before Christmas with her Dad. It's like, at Christmas, my parent's put everything aside and made things special for me. 

I always got the best gifts, the newest dolls and barbies. It was always bigger then that for me though, even at such a young age. None of that really mattered. I was just happy Mom and Dad were getting along. 

I think because I have nothing but good memories of Christmas, I crave it's comfort so much.

Even though, Nick and I rarely argue or even bicker, I'm still reminded of my childhood sometimes. And how things were never really normal for me. I love snuggling up with my babies, reading stories, watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn. I want to create the most magical memories for them. So they know how much Momma loved Christmas and then hopefully they take that love with them when they leave. 

Another reason I decorate so early, besides the whole comfort thing, is because 4 years ago we moved into this house a week before Christmas. I was also 6 months pregnant and was stressed to the max about everything. Even though rooms weren't painted and we still had so much work to do, Nick set up our bedroom furniture and we slept in our own home for the very first time. 

We rushed and rushed around to get a tree that year. A real one, because my parents always did. 

We found the biggest tree we could find and even though nothing was hung and we didn't even have a sofa, we had a Christmas Tree and I managed to hang stockings. I was so proud! And so happy in that moment.

 I knew that we would celebrate several Christmases here and this is where we would build our family. This is where we would watch our babies grow up and rip open their Christmas presents. 

Since that year I've always started to decorate as soon as Halloween is over. It gives me time to prepare, plan things out and play around with different things for the Holiday Season. I love to go all out- just like my Daddy did when I was a little girl. And for me, I need more then 3 weeks to enjoy all of it. I don't know about you, but I have bins and bins of stuff and it literally takes me DAYS to get everything out and the way I like it. I like to enjoy it as much as possible.

In the end, you should decorate for Christmas whenever you want, there is no right or wrong time. If you want to start in September, you go right ahead! You do what makes you happy in your home! I know several people that have trees up all year long. More power to you! I don't understand why people get down on people for doing something that makes them happy. 

You never know the reasons people do what they do, so it's best not to judge them. If you wait until after Thanksgiving, that's so great! You should decorate whenever you feel ready. You shouldn't be rushed by the stores, or social media, or your family or friends. When the mood strikes, it strikes!

I really hope at the end of the day it's just about doing what makes you happy. Not anyone else. And honestly, if you think it's too early, then maybe it is. FOR YOU. You shouldn't go around making other people feel bad or make them feel like they aren't thankful just because they put up a Christmas tree. Maybe they recently lost a parent or a family member and want a little extra holiday cheer, maybe it's their first year in their new home and they're excited about spending their first Christmas together, or maybe. JUST MAYBE, they really like Christmas. (HI!!!!) so, just do what makes YOU happy and don't let other people try to make you feel bad for doing it. Whatever your reasons are for decorating early or waiting until after Thanksgiving just remember the real reason we celebrate both of these holidays. And none of those reasons involve judging someone because they do something different then you.

How do you feel about decorating for Christmas? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving?
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  1. OH I love this and what Christmas means to you! I share in so many of those sweet feelings and memories. Christmas just brings about a sense of peace that is overwhelming and joy that fills every crevice of our home! And now I am going to find a way to convince Nate to climb into the attic for me!

  2. Laurie I LOVE this post so much and I feel the exact same way! Christmas and Thanksgiving have always gone hand in hand in our family as well, and even though I decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, it doesn't mean that I forget the meaning of Thanksgiving. I have nothing but AMAZING memories from Christmases past, and it is without a doubt, my favorite time of year so that's why I decorate early. Not to mention it takes me forever to get it all put up, so WHY NOT put it up earlier so we can enjoy it longer! Your decor is just perfect, friend!

  3. Thank you SO much for being transparent and sharing, what could be for some, a very personal memory. It actually was quite convicting, in a good way (and brought tears to my eyes).

    This is the first year in almost 20 years that I will be decorating my very own home (after my husband left in '97, my kids and I always shared a place with a family member). I'm still trying to get my Wee Abode settled, but I am enjoying that the 'settling' is MY settling! :-) My heart is to have a wonderful, cozy home that will make wonderful memories for my adult children and my grandchildren (one so far!). Your story is very inspiring... and my family, too, will NEVER forget the Reason for CHRISTmas!

  4. I cannot fathom why anyone would be mean about decorating! It is what it is! Your fond childhood memories make my heart happy! That's what I want for my kids, for them to remember the lovely season and all the cheer and family time! And yeah! I've been working at it for a week now and I feel like I maybe just finally am done decorating!

  5. My tree stays up way past Christmas too but only because I'm lazy. And a procrastinator.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

  6. I start planning, visualizing and cleaning to prepare for my holiday decorations after Halloween but wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start putting things out. I'm usually up around 5am on black friday but to decorate, not shop! Haha :) I leave my decorations up through New Years day and then everything comes down to get ready for my daughter's early January birthday. That's just what I do, to each their own :)

  7. To me Christmas decorations are Thanksgiving decorations. I don't have or put up autumn decorations, Halloween yes...but Halloween is not something I want around for Thanksgiving. We put up the Christmas stuff on black friday as a kid, but since having my own babies we've put it up soon after Halloween. I'm hoping my pregnant butt can drag out the box tomorrow actually. I just really enjoy watching the Macy's Parade with a tree =)

  8. Well said! I love enjoying the tree...3 weeks is way too short in my book.

  9. Thank you for sharing from your heart. This is beautiful and you decorate for Christmas whenever you want. May you experience all the peace, joy and love of that first Christmas long ago.

  10. Love your words Laurie. Christmas or thanksgiving (we don't celebrate that date here in Portugal - but I think is so great to) they are all for the same as you say. Give thansk for all we have, thanks to the Person that allows that and whom we thank to! I'm glad you have good memories of Christmas that allow you to decorate as soon as you like. Enjoy and thanks for sharing with us. I usually decorate first week of December, but if I think too much on your words I will decorate rights this week end. XOXO

  11. I hear you Laurie, and my husband has finally come to understand that I have to decorate early too. It's for different reasons but still valid. Your decor is beautiful!

  12. I just love your heart. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of it with us! We are decorating this week! I can't wait!

  13. As a Canadian we celebrate Thanksgiving in October but I always felt that for Americans Thanksgiving and Christmas go hand in hand, certainly seems so when I visit. I could,t agree more, it takes time to sort through all the decorations and get them just the way you like, its the coziest, snuggliest season, enjoy it as long as you like. Christmas involves ALOT of preparation, I say get started early and be embraced in the atmosphere. I'm so happy it is such a beautiful memory for you :) I start the day after Halloween and I'm usually biting at the bit to get going !

  14. I could relate to so much in this post! My parents divorced when I was 10, but I have the fondest memories of Christmas!! My grandmother always decorated so lavishly and for me, “the more the better!”. I couldn’t agree more that 3 weeks isn’t enough to enjoy all the hard work! So for me, I will be decorating as soon as Halloween is over! Bring on the holidays!! ��������

  15. You express yourself so well! ❤️ All the things you write about Christmas bring back so many memories of my own Christmases as a child and adult. I once left our tree up until March. My grandmother was dying and I was flying back and forth to where she lived. I just could not bring myself to take it down. Three or four weeks to enjoy the decorations just isn’t long enough, you are right! I’ve always thought more like you. Do what works for you. ❤️

  16. I love everything about the message you're sending!!! I love Christmas and the feeling it gives me, my husband and my kids!! I'm so ready to put up my tree and decor but my husband wants to wait but I'm working on that. God bless you for always being real and one of the sweetest people on instagram. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤