The BEST Farmhouse Style Christmas Pillows

Can you believe it's Thanksgiving week? I'm so confused right now. Like How is this possible? Sure I'm decorating for Christmas but, I still can't even believe that is SO close!

Today though, I wanted to talk about pillows. 
Oh Pillows, how I love them.
 I get asked about all of my pillows pretty often, especially the ones currently on our sofa in the living room. I admit,I have a throw pillow obsession. I can never ever pass up on a cute pillow. Especially not it's super soft and fluffy. There isn't much I hate more then a stiff pillow. 
Remember years ago when people used to just use the pillows that came with their sofa sets? I was guilty of that with our first ever sofa. It was  red microfiber and came with these super awful geographic patterns on them. GONE are those days my friends! Now pillows can totally transform a whole space! And there are so many to choose from! I feel like every store has a throw pillow section lately. The options are endless. Large knit, soft knit, oversized, mini sized, pattern or no pattern, creams and browns and navy and pinks. Seriously. What's not to love?

I often get asked 
"How do you have so many pillows? Where do you sit?"

Well, it's super easy really, we sit ON them, we move them to the floor, we pick them up, sit down and snuggle them, We lay on them. It's really not that complicated really. We have three dogs, and a toddler running around. Not to mention a messy 13 year old. I've never been strict with them either when it comes to our pillows or sofa. Everything is white and mostly washable so- no big deal. 

They make our life a little more cozy and snuggly. I'm not sure what's not to love about that! 

Today, I wanted to share some of my absolute FAVORITE throw pillows for Christmas! In case you're looking for something to add some coziness to your spaces for the Holidays. Pillows are a great way to do that and I think you'll find that out soon enough. 

1. Sweater Knit Throw Pillow
2. Linen Stripe Pillow
3. Oversized Sweater Pillow
4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Pillow
5. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Pillow
6. Cable Knit Pillow
{Affiliate links used above to make it easier for you to shop my style! As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Thanks for making this little blog possible!} 
Pillow have told me "Wow, you have too many pillows." My response is always the same. "What does that even mean?" I'm so glad everyone has different styles and tastes, it's what makes the world so fun, unique and different. 

Do you guys love throw pillows? Do you use them in your spaces? I'd love to hear from you guys! Let's chat on Instagram or Facebook. You can also leave a comment for me below, I read each and every single one! 
Have fun pillow shopping! :)



  1. There is no such thing as to many throw pillows!!! Lol. I love how cozy your space looks. It makes me want to plop right in the middle of them and snuggle one. I did just that the other night with my oversized cable knit pillow from Target. If it weren't for you posting them on Instagram I would have missed thank you 😙 . This is momtobirds(Marji). Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I love pillows and I could never have enough of them! Brian, however, thinks they're annoying (typical man - haha) so I limit myself to two on the couch and two on the loveseat. Your couch just looks so inviting when it's loaded up with pillows! I just want to dive in and snuggle!

  3. Thank you for the links! I need to add in some red pillows. I have quite a few neutrals, now I need to add pops of red! I agree with Lindsay...your couch looks so cozy!

  4. I would love more and more pillows but matt would probably kill me. Probably because whenever he sits down I want them put back into my perfect spot and fluffed. And it's a lot for him to handle. Haha

  5. Why can we confidently say that the trusty old down pillow that you've had for years is not the best pillow for snoring?