Easy DIY 'Joy' Sign

This might be the easiest DIY ever- okay, so maybe not EVER, BUT it's super close to being the easiest DIY ever. I am just so in love with this adorable (and EASY!) little festive DIY 'JOY' sign!
I was randomly strolling through Micheal's one afternoon with Savanna- and I came across these cute little wooden signs. I thought to myself "Wow, this is super cute!" I originally thought I would try to write something on it related to Christmas- but let's be real. My handwriting sucks and it would never turn out even remotely cute. So we continued to browse and stroll through the aisles and then I remembered my galvanized 'S' That I used on one of my wreaths a few months ago in the Spring and thought to myself how cute they would be to make a little sign with. Also, easy. And I like easy. Come on guys, who doesn't? I ended up seeing this super cute little wreath on one of the end aisles and I just about died, I had figured out just what I would do with that little wooden sign! 

My first idea was to use the stain leftover from our DIY Holiday Ornament Display Tree but I instead figured I would give the chalk paint spray paint I had leftover from another project on this little DIY. I'm really glad I decided to paint instead of stain, the overall look ended up being a little more clean. At least I think so.

This sign is super easy to make ya'll. 

I started with my little wooden sign, you could use pieces of wood if you can't find this sign or if you have some handy! 

Just nail them together. Honestly, pallets would work pretty awesome too. And I gave it a good sanding with my palm sander. You could obviously use a piece of sandpaper but I just like using this sander. HAHA #TRUTH. 
(somebody needs a manicure..not saying any names.)

After it was all sanded and smooth- I gave it a light coat of Spray Paint Chalk Paint and this stuff is AWESOME you guys. 
I let it dry for about 30 minutes and then gave it another coat. 

In the end I was really happy with the super smooth finish! 

I attached the galvanized letters with some nails by nailing them in by hand and did the same for the mini wreath. 
Easy Peasy, right? You could totally do this one afternoon during nap time. ;) If you don't have that luxury (I don't! Savanna doesn't nap, haha!) then this is also a manageable project to do while littles are running around as it doesn't require too much time or attention. 

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear what you think of this? I'm pretty happy with it..might even give a few as gifts;) Speaking of gifts I still have SO much Christmas shopping to do. Every single year I say I'm going to be done early and I never ever am. Ugh. Anyway. 

Feel free to leave a comment below or let me know what you think on Instagram. You can also find The Glam Farmhouse Blog on Facebook. I share things there that I don't share on my other social media channels pretty often. ;) I hope you all have a great day! XO


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  1. Absolutely love this project! I love the simplicity. It is adorable! As always, another great share from the decorating guru ❤️

  2. This is darling! I just adore the wreath as the O! So perfect as always, Laurie!

  3. This turned out so great! Well done you!

  4. What is the color of the desk in this picture?