Girls Shabby Chic Christmas Bedroom Tour

The Christmas Vibes are strong over here at TGF!! I sure hope you love Christmas because if you don't my blog has probably been boring you to death lately. I would say sorry, but I'm not.;) 

Savanna loves Christmas, just like her momma. So of course she wanted a Christmas Tree in her room. But momma wanted to take things a little further and add some little bit of Christmas Cheer in her Vintage Farmhouse Chic bedroom that we gave a makeover too back in February of last year. 

It was kind of hard adding decor to her room because everything I have is so..well. RED. At least when it comes to Christmas. But thankfully, Target came to the rescue and we were able to find a few little bits of Christmas cheer at reasonable prices. 

I didn't want to go overboard in here, simply because I went so overboard everywhere else and the thought of putting it all away in a few weeks is giving me a complex. LOL #truestory. So I just added a few simple Christmas touches to keep her happy. Now I bring you- the Girls Shabby Chic Christmas Bedroom Tour!:)
The garland, blanket and little tree pillow are both from Target and super cute, right? They blend well with the pinks in her room. I loved this pom throw soo so much from the moment I laid my eyes on it but it didn't fit in with any of the Christmas decor anywhere else in the house so I was excited it worked in here. Savi loves it too. ;) 
This GORGEOUS tee-pee is from @benderbeecompany on Instagram and Etsy. Seriously. This tee-pee is SO amazing and just so well made. I'm basically obsessed with it! Savi loves it too. She sits in her and plays so much! She reads to her babies, gives them "check ups" with her doctor kit and tells me it's "her house".

 I was so in love with the gorgeous and dainty lace detail of this too. It's just so cute and girly. 
But don't worry- she makes adorable tee-pees for girls AND boys and I mean, I think this would just make the perfect Christmas gift! You can use code 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' for 10% off from now until December 25th. 

Originally I wanted a white tree for Savs room but then Savanna saw this gold tree at Target and well- the rest is history. Good thing it turned out to be the perfect size for her room. Tall enough to make an impact but still skinny enough not to take up a ton of space in her already super small bedroom. I kept things simple with the ornaments and let Savanna decorate it. I could have made things fancy but she probably would have just moved things around so I wanted to keep things minimal. Plus the tree itself is adorable and I didn't really want to cover it up. 

What do you think of Savi's little Shabby Chic bedroom? 

Are ya'll ready for Christmas? We're SO excited!! 

I'd love to know what you think of this post! We had so much fun with this and Savanna just loves it. I'd love to chat with you. Come find me on Instagram, Facebook,or leave a comment below. It just makes my heart so happy hearing from you my friends! 



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  1. What a precious room for your little princess!! It's perfection!!

  2. I love the Babe Cave sign!!! Etsy?

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  4. Babe Cave!!! I love that. The whole room is just precious!

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