The Easiest Way To Create A Hot Cocoa Station

If you follow along on Instagram then you know my love runs deep for a really good cup of hot chocolate. I absolutely LOVE it in the winter time, and well, really- all the time. I love it so much, I have TWO, yes TWO hot cocoa "stations" in our home. For the sake of overwhelming you, I'm just going to share one of them with you today.  This is the one that gets the most use. Thanks to my new Keurig! {Which just so happens to  be on SALE BY THE WAY!}

This whole space sort of happened by accident, one little addition at a time, for functionality. So I'm going to share with you some ways that you can create your own little Hot Cocoa or Coffee Stations for the Holidays and beyond! The really great thing about this space, is that it will work with any season just by making a few small changes and I'm going to tell you HOW in today's post.

This whole entire space was inspired by this adorable mint colored Keurig. You guys, I never wanted a Keurig. But I walked past this baby at Target one afternoon and it spoke to me. Okay, so not really- but just roll with me here, okay?

I brought her- I mean it. Home and sat it right here in this little corner. I've had the Mug Tree for a couple of months, and decided to move that over to this corner because it just made more sense. I found the Coffee Canister at Home Goods and the 'Merry Christmas' sign at Target and well, that was all she wrote my friends.

Want to know how to re-create your own hot cocoa station in Five easy steps? Let the fun begin! You'll be enjoying that Hot Cocoa in no time! Trust me.

Step One: 
Start with a coffee maker, and some empty counter space. It doesn't have to be a Keurig. It can be a coffee maker you have on hand currently! Seriously, anything works. It can be a large space or a big space! Anything you choose, just make sure it's in an area that makes sense for your routine.

Buy my Keurig Here.

Step Two: 
Buy a Mug Rack or find a way to display your mugs. An old crate maybe? A Tiered Tray? The ideas and options are endless! Get creative and have fun with it! 

Buy a Similar Mug Tree here.

Step Three:
A 'COFFEE' or storage canister for storing PODS. They actually make actual storage trays that the sell with the PODS if you want to keep things super simple. I found my Coffee canister at Home Goods and it can be hard to find, so anything cute will do. I currently adore this one here.

Step Four:
Find some cute mugs! As mentioned before, mine are from Home Goods and Marshalls mostly. But these mugs are super cute and an awesome way to start your own collection!
Step Five: 
Accessorize! This is your time to shine my friend! 

A cute sign that shows off your signature style? I used a seasonal sign here and will probably switch it out as the seasons change, just for fun. I love Holidays and decorating for ALL OF THEM. But you can find an adorable Coffee Sign Here if you want to keep things simple and easy. 
TIP: Use Command Strips to hang signs on Tile!

I also added some yummy snowflake marshmallows that you can get here.
Some festive stir sticks from the Target Dollar Spot really added some Holiday fun to this space. For the different seasons you can often find festive straws or other seasonal stir sticks, in the Dollar Spot at Target. If you don't have a Dollar Spot- check your local party stores. They have awesome selections as well. 

You guys- THAT IS IT!!! Now you have a super festive and fun Hot Cocoa Station! 

Such a great space for entertaining and it makes my heart happy every time I look at it. We have so much fun with this little area and I know you're just going to love your space as well. 

I would absolutely love to hear from you. What do you guys think about my Hot Cocoa Station? Will you be creating one, or do you have one already? Let's chat on Instagram, Facebook or shoot me a message below. I just LOVE to hear from you guys! XO

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  1. LOVE! I want everything pictured!

  2. I love the color of that keurig! Such a fan. Except of coffee of course. All the coffee. Haha