Where and HOW to find Rae Dunn Mugs!

If you're here and reading today's post then you probably already know what mugs I'm talking about. 

(PS. Maybe one day I'll actually add an outlet cover here, we just installed a new backsplash;))

They are all over Instagram, and social media. Which also makes them super hard to find these days! I used to walk into Marshalls or Home Goods on any typical day and be able to find a ton. But thanks to their rising popularity they are becoming harder and harder to find. Which is understandable, because they're super cute. 

But today I wanted to tell you there's a secret to snagging these mugs, okay, so maybe not so much a secret, more like a strategy. A strategy for mugs you say? 

Yes- yes a strategy for mugs. And today I'm going to share some of my Rae Dunn secrets with you. To help you maybe find some of these cute and fun mugs on your own. 

First things first.

The name of the mugs are Rae Dunn or Magenta Mugs. You'll be able to tell if it's a Rae Dunn mug by the logo on the bottom of them. She also makes canisters, containers, spoon rests etc. All of them are hard to find if you don't know when to shop for them. 

The mugs are sold at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods. At least those are the only places I've ever seen them. 

You probably won't have much luck searching for these mugs on a Saturday afternoon. If you want them bad enough you'll have to follow some of these "tips" for getting them. 


I get that some people aren't able to do this, but I have seriously found THE best mugs on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning at both my local Home Goods and Marshalls stores. I asked the girl that worked there one time when they usually stocked up and she told me usually midweek. You're going to have the best luck in the early morning before people have time to hit up the store and snag them. 

I like to think that I make friends with everyone, haha! but I especially love my Home Goods girls. Several times I've asked if they could go back and check to see if they had any in the back and viola! This is how I managed to snag my Halloween mugs! Sometimes they don't bring out inventory until the shelves are bare, so don't be afraid to ask what they have "in the back."

3. EBAY-

With their increasing popularity, you are seeing more and more of these mugs show up on Ebay. You'll pay more, but if you aren't having any luck with options 1 or 2, this is your next best bet. Typically a short search of a specific mug you want will yield hundreds of results, Holiday Mugs are always more money, as they are more popular and it seems like less are made. 


A quick visit to the "Rae Dunn" fan page on Facebook and you'll see what I mean when I'm telling you these mugs are supppppper popular. But this site is a great way to snag some Rae Dunn mugs or canisters. People are often willing to trade or sell mugs for not much of an upgrade, usually cheaper then Ebay. But often times you won't have much luck with super popular items. As with everything else, it's totally hit or miss, but worth a try! 

5. Amazon
You might get lucky! Sometimes I see some listed on Amazon, but it's never for long and it's never many. Currently they have these adorable sets up for grabs:

That's all I have today for ya folks!! I'd love to hear if any of you have any "tips" or tricks for snagging these mugs and canisters? Leave me a comment below or let's chat on Instagram! You can also find me The Glam Farmhouse Blog on Facebook. I sometimes share things I don't share on any of my other social media there.



  1. I bought 2 cute christmas mugs a few weeks ago at our local Home Goods and didn't even realize what I had until I took the label off to wash! Imagine my surprise! I just loved the simplistic nature of them!

  2. I see these mugs everywhere on social media and shockingly don't have any! But they are so fun! Great tips! I love when I stumble upon a store after a restocking day!!

  3. I have one of these and I'm in LOVE with it. Every time I go to TJM or Marshall's I always look to see if they have any and I've never found anymore since I got my original one. I'll have to try a Tuesday morning!

  4. They have quite a bit on Amazon today. :-)

  5. Love these tips!! It sure is a thrill when you find some!

  6. You'll only find them at Home Goods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. She meant try going to those stores on a Tuesday or wednesday morning to find after shelves have been stocked. ��

  7. As an employee of Marshalls, who happens to work in the Backroom, we get four to five trucks a week, we may or may Not have Rae Dunn items on any given truck. The truck gets in at 7am and the products don't usually go on the floor until around 9:30, 10:00am. We can get anywhere from four to 16 pieces in. Today we received 20; four canisters, eight mugs and eight bowls. This was the first time I've seen the bowls, mostly we get the mugs and pet bowls. We have ladies calling every hour asking if we got some in, it is annoying and we wish that if people want them, just come to the store and look. We've even had women send their husbands in to get what we have. We really don't understand the sudden Craze over these things and hope it dies out soon, I'm sorry to say. Please respect the fact that the employees have a lot to do without running around the store every hour looking for these things. When we put our stock out, it's All the stock, we do not back stock except for pre Christmas time when we have so much inventory and no place to put it. I hope this gives you a better idea of when to find these things, thank you.

    1. which state are you working in?

    2. I go in, look for Rae Dunn goods, if there isn't any, I go home. That's the way it should be.

    3. Yes this is so true. I work at a tjmaxx and we've had customers fighting over it and frankly it's annoying. Pretending to be nice to us employees is wrong! We've had many customers who at first are nice to us but show thier true colors when we can't do them favors. We are not allowed to go to the back to get yall some mugs, it's policy and it's not fair for us to get in trouble for customers that don't even bother to take surveys or anything. Please don't play nice with us because you want us to make you favors. We no longer hold rae dunn items over the phone and there's nothing we can do about the hustlers out there. All you can do is know each stores days when they put things out and come early. Don't be rude to the employees if they can't go to the back for your collection, or find a certain clay mug. We gain nothing from this except getting yelled at by customers. And if your going to play friends with a cashier so you can get your stuff easier AT LEAST take a survey or something (since your already online)

    4. Thank you for the insights,some people can be jerks, unfortunately. NOT to hijack the post, but can you tell us if employees get rewarded, or points, or whatever, for good surveys? I try to complete the surveys when I can, but sometimes the receipts get stashed somewhere and I forget. Thanks!

  8. Speedmom which home goods are you at? like what state? I've not seen this in texas where I am

  9. Rae dunn is near to impossible to find in a store and most homegoods will no longer hold rae dunn for anyone. It's best if you want to buy it for the cheapest to call your local tj maxx, homegoods, marshalls and ask if they have any first thing in the morning and then call back around 4 or so hours later once truck is opened. However resellers sell them online also at a higher cost due to the gas and shop costs. If you are unable to find it in your local shop, I sell it online at www.tallpinesranch.com. Feel free to check out what I have for sale.

  10. I've had luck finding Rae Dunn items for a reasonable price at the website listed below.


  11. I totally understand you . Everything you said is absolutely correct . People call every single hour looking for them . Then they want all of them on hold, it's not fair for the people who actually go to look for them . My stor manager started telling us to say that we don't have them anymore , also we hide them ... sorry not sorry

  12. I worked in retail long enough to know not to call a store and bother the employees. I have each of the stores mentioned within fifteen miles of my home, so I get up and take a ride. As it should be. I would never pay over $10 for a mug so that is pretty much the only way to get them, for me. ~Beth~