Rustic Valentine's Day Buffet

It is absolutely not secret that I LOVE Holidays. No, I mean I LOOOOOOVE them. Okay, so I'm obsessed with them. All of them. But especially Valentine's Day. But I think that's partially because I feel like I live in the arctic this depressing time of year. You know that super loooong stretch that goes from New Years Eve to Valentine's Day? Ugh. It's super awful. I need to find something to do to fill my time. So decorating for Valentine's Day is obviously how you do that, right? Right.

Obviously you guys know I adore this little buffet that sits between my dining room and kitchen. Well, in my dining room and beside the kitchen. Whatever. Either way I love it. It's one of my absolute FAVORITE spaces to decorate. It always gets decked out for the seasons and Holidays and I always have so much fun with it!  This little stand is from {wayfair} but I did DIY some of it, I gave it a fresh coat of Old White Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and switched out the knobs I got at Home Goods for something a little more Glam Farmhouse friendly. ;) 

Switching it up from Christmas to Valentine's Day is always pretty easy- because I keep the coke crate out. Which is by far one of my favorite vintage pieces. I searched soo long for this beauty and I love her so much! She's so awesome for so many seasons and holidays. Don't you agree? 

Anyway, I know you all just came here for the good stuff. And not to hear me ramble for 765 minutes, so hear ya go! 

PS. I sort of hate Winter because there are so many rainy, snowy, cloudy, dreary days that I can never take good pictures for the blog. I don't like to edit my photos a ton and like to take pictures in as much natural light as possible. So the one day we got sunshine this week, of course I knew I had to snap some decent shots of this space for you!

 The Pom Garland and Tissue Paper garland can both be found at here

The fluffy heart is from Target last year. It's just the cutest, isn't it? I feel like this could be a super easy DIY though, because this year Target doesn't have them anymore. 

You can find my Buffet here but keep in mind, I painted mine and switched out the hardware to make it what I wanted. :)

What do you guys think of one of my favorite spaces decked out for Valentine's Day!? Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? I feel like it's something to do to keep me sane during these looooong winter months. Let's chat on Instagram or leave a comment for me below. I love hearing from you! 

Hope you have a great day my friends! 


  1. Looking fun and festive as usual!!

  2. Everything is just perfect as it always is! I just decorated our house for VDay last night and I'm loving it!

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