Friday Favorites- February Edition!

It's been forever since I've done a Friday Favorites post! I forgot how fun they were. I depend so much on social media and my friends to inform me which products and things are worth my time and which ones aren't. Here I share a mix of all my favorite things, it could be food, it could be makeup, it could be home decor. Basically it's just a mix of whatever I'm lovin and crushin on that week! It's a fun way to end the week and start the weekend. I mean, at least I think so! ;) 

So, let's get this party started! 

If you watch my Instagram stories ya'll know how much I RAVE about this mug, and for good reason, it's the perfect size for my awakrdly small hands and holds just the right amount of tea or coffee, plus, that color? UH. It's perfection, especially for February. Best part? It's under $5! 
Ya'll I can't say enough about this foundation! I have been on the hunt for "the one" for a few years, I've tried several and well, they never live up to the hype. This one is legit amazing and probably my most favorite product ever. My holy grail for sure, it's pricey. But a lot goes along way and ya'll when they say 24 hours, they MEAN 24 HOURS. I have large pores and semi-oily but still dry (does that make any sort of sense?) skin and most foundations settle into my pores, but this one? Nope! It's the BEST. 
This time of year my lips are chaped, my skin is dry and I basically just wanna be tan and pretty agian. I discovered this lip exfoliator the other day, and I'm pretty much IN LOVE with it! E.L.F products are actually all super awesome (and I'm kind of a makeup snob..) but I seriously love them, and if you have dry, chaped, chipped lips- you're gunna wanna pick this up and add it to your beauty routine for winter! It's basically a scrub you put on your lips and then just remove with warm water and VIOLA! Pretty, soft lips agian. And we can all just go back to pretending it's Summer. 
Agian with the dry skin.. my hands are like sandpaper, I literally could probably sandpaper a piece of furniture right now with them. They are just insanely dry and annoying. I love this hand cream and keep it by our kitchen sink! It kinda helps that it smells aweesome and has the cutest little cow on it too. If you have dry hands, this is the best cream I've used, hands down. 
I shared this warmer in my stories last week and I still love it! It's super cute in my kitchen. I love the pretty blue color. 
Lots of you asked about the Cow hand towel I picked up last week. So I linked it for you to snag one of your own! Isn't it super cute? I'm kinda crushing on all the cow things right now (maybe cause I feel like one as much as I've been eating?) and you should tooooootally check out all the towels in this line, they seriously ROCK!! 

I'm going to be going into detail about most of these items over the weekend on Instagram in my stories so be sure to stop over and say "Hey!"

And that's it my friends, Here's to projects and shopping and the weekend! I hope you have a great one! If you're not following me already, I'd love to have you over on Instagram and Facebook! Any products you guys are loving right now? Leave a comment for me below! 

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  1. I have been loving that warmer since you first shared it on Instagram! Happy Friday!

  2. Great list! The mugs at target are dangerous! And the towels are so stinking cute!!


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