Friday Favorites- Meet Fiddy!!!

I feel so bad that literally the only blog posts I've been able to find time to share are my Friday Favorites- but I wanted to be sure I shared my favorites every Friday this month. Because I think they're fun darn it. And because it keeps me semi- motivated to remember to blog. My mind is everywhere these days I swear. I've been in such a weird funk but I'm attributing it to the weather and my least favorite time of year- the stretch between Christmas and Valentine's Day. It just draggggs on and on. Now that March is getting closer (along with our trip to JAMAICA!) I'm feeling better! I've also been picking up some yummy decor goodies lately! And of course I wanted to share with you! 

So without anymore rambling- I bring to you this weeks Friday Favorite's post.

Let me start with probably the number one question I've been asked this week, and it was "Where is that Fiddle Leaf from?!" and well.. the answer might surprise you when I tell you that this is where I found this 1.// Fiddle Leaf Tree. It arrived in beautiful condition and has beautiful green leaves with new leaves forming! I'm so pleased and impressed with my purchase! I mean, who knew you could shop for plants online?!! 
Moving on but still staying with the theme of the living room updates, let's talk about 2.//My New Favorite Mop!! YOU GUYS! We have hardwood flooring throughout the whole house besides the bedrooms and playroom now, I love hardwood flooring! But it does need to be swept and mopped pretty often, I don't mind but it was hard for me to find a product I loved that didn't leave a nasty film and that still gave me a nice polished look that I wanted. 

I'm obsessing over the coffee I shared in my coffee chats on Instagram earlier this week and I have officially declared it the 3.// BEST COFFEE EVER. I'm excited for ya'll to try it if you're anything like me and love a little coffee in your cream. But with this coffee I honestly don't even need sugar. Just an excessive amount of creamer which basically balences everything out, right? HA! 

I've been talking about skincare a ton lately, I think because I've recently become obsesed with facials and peels and products that help my skin feel awesome. I'm almost 29 you guys! I KNOW!!! I'm scared too. HA! and while skincare has always been a huge issue to me I never really wanted to spend a ton of money on my skin before, bu this 4.// Peter Thomas Thomas Roth Stem Cell Moisturizer has changed my life! It smells like ROSES! Hydrates my super dry (but oily T-zone) and helps my skin feel hydrated and plump all day. I AM SO OBSESSED. 

annnnd I just realized how much I say "I'M SO OBSESSED!!!" ha! Please forgive me for that. 

Moving on to my last Friday Fav this week, is the new lamp I picked up on SALE this week. I've been eyeing up these lamps forever but didn't want to spend a ton of money on one and wanted something super specific, so when I seen this 5.//Black Floor Lamp I knew it was perfect and that I had to have it! I'm working on some updates here at TGF and I'm loving all of them so far and I'm excited to share them all with you! 

I hope ya'll have a great weekend! Is there anything you just can't get enough of this week? Feel free to shoot me a message on instagram, facebook or leave a comment for me below! I just love hearing from ya'll! 

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  1. I got my fiddle lead online too! It's crazy! I am a huge online shopper so such a fan! I do love your new floors!! Happy Friday! Yay weekend!!

  2. Hi Laurie!
    I just had to drop you a quick comment. I am not quite sure how I came across your coffee chats. However, I am so happy I did! I have been listening to your coffee chats on Instagram for a couple months and this is my first time checking out your blog. You are so honest and real during your coffee chats (I think that is what makes them addicting to watch). I have enjoyed learning about you and your family and the journey you took to fix up your home. My husband and I recently purchased our second home and it is quite the fixer upper (a 1920s brick colonial in need of a ton of love). We are hoping over the next couple of years to truly turn it into our forever home. Anyway, I will continue to enjoy watching your coffee chats and thanks for all your inspiration on home décor and just life in general!

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