Vintage Glam Vanity

Vintage Glam is kinda my jam. I mean.. The GLAM FARMHOUSE being my name and all. When it comes to decor styles, I never try to be too much of ONE THING. Sometimes this can make things really hard, other times it can spark some creative vibes. 

When I painted our Master Bedroom Plum Purple over 5 years ago, I did it because Nate Berkus told me too. No really, he did. Ya'll remember Nate, right? He had a show for a short time and I watched religiously every single day. Even before we owned our home. He was like, the highlight of my day and he could have told me to paint our bedroom baby puke yellow and I would have done it. Okay, maybe not but, you get where I'm coming from, right? 

Purple was always my favorite color and while I still love the rich deep shade in our bedroom, it's time for a change. 

And what does any of this have to do with this post sharing my new Vanity? Well, nothing, really. But I just wanted to ramble a little bit because everyone always comments on the color of our bedroom. And since it's currently undergoing a bit of a makeover, I wanted to give you some insight into where my brain is currently. And that's pretty much everywhere. 

I searched and searched and searched AND SEARCHED for a vanity I loved, I looked for a desk to repaint, I looked at Home Goods religiously, I stalked my goodwill and swap and sell sights but every single time I walked into the store and saw this beauty my heart skipped a beat.

After years of debating and dreaming about it, I finally caved and forked over the dough. At almost 30 years old, I'm really needing to up my game when it comes to buying better things, and not always the "cheapest" and then it falls apart after a year or two. 

I don't regret this purchase, Nope. Not a single itty bitty bit. 

So how about painting this room a rich pretty navy? Or going in a completely different direction, going white and adding all sorts of fun accents and elements for the perfect mix of boho farmhouse? Stay up to date on this makeover by subscribing to OR checking out my stories over on Instagram

And don't worry, because I love ya guys I listed all the sources I could dig up for this vanity below! 


Vanity & Mirror Can be Purchased here
Chair Can Be Purchased here
White Fur Rug: Home Goods
Silver Tiered Tray: HERE

 photo glam-sig_zpszarat6ml.png


  1. It's soooo beautiful!! I have loved the vanity for so long! I wish I had a place to put one in our house!

  2. I love the vanity and the chair is perfect! I can't wait to see what colors you come up with!