Friday Favorites- Beach Hair, Don't Care

It's raining. It's cold. But it's FRIDAY so none of this is going to stop us! It also means you should be excited because it's time for Friday FAVS! YAY!!! I seriously love Friday's for this reason. Well, and for a few others but..this is defiantly one of those reasons. It's fun to come here, hang out and chat about my favorite finds of the week, and the goodies I've found on our shopping (or amazon prime) adventures. 

So I'm just going to jump into this! Is your coffee (or green tea?) ready?! 

I think the highlight of my week BY FAR was picking up this life changing accessory for my {coffee station}. I've been eyeing up lazy susan's for a while but never really saw one that caught my eye and that didn't cost a fortune until I found 1.//this one! I loved that it had the appearance of marble, but keep in mind, it is a LOT more gray in person. I was cool with it, but someone else might not be. I was even more in love with the price. Just $14.99 you guys. YES. RUN. This 2.// LIP GLOSS by NYX gives me LIFE YOU GUYS. I struggle so much with finding the perfect nude lip glosses and these are so gorgeous with the perfect hint of color. I want ALL of them. I've been raving about these on Instagram for forever and for good reason. They just rock THAT MUCH. I know Matte lips are in right now but I really just still love a good lip gloss that makes my lips look all pretty and shiny. 

After sharing how I get my beachy waves in my Instagram stories, I wanted to let you guys know the two products I used to get the look. It's such a fun look as we creep up on Summer and beach days! I'm just a sucker for beachy hair, love the texture and the natural volume, but some days I just can't get to the beach IRL so I use 3.//this beach waver curling iron which is a steal in my opinion at $35 bucks! It works amazingly and is seriously the easiest thing ever to use, after I use the iron, I will spritz my hair all over with this AH-MAY-ZING 4.//Beach Hair, Don't Care Sea Salt Spray! I seriously HATE products that leave my hair feeling sticky and gross, and one of the things I love about this spray besides the packaging (oh my goodness, I DIE!) and the smell, is the fact that not only does it work and help decrease the frizziness from ACTUAL beachy hair, it doesn't leave it feeling crunchy or gross and sticky. MAJOR WIN. And you need it in your beach bag this season. TRUST ME. 

And last but not least, I've been asked a ton about my new 5.//Eat Pretty, Live Well Journal. I've been journaling my eating habits and self love goals everyday and it has been SO good for my well being! It's a guided book that helps you figure out what foods to eat to help with what (like how cucumber add's moisture to your skin) this is not a diet book, this is simply a journal to write down your goals and habits for a better all around lifestyle and it is literally worth EVERY single cent. If you want to snag the water bottle I've been sharing about you can check it out in last week's Friday Favorite's Post here. 

I had some not so nice things said to me on Social Media this week, and I just wanted to thank you all for the LOVE, support and kindness I received. It NEVER ceases to amaze me that so many of you take the time out of your lives and busy day to connect with me and check in with me. Thank you for continuing to cheer me on and for lifting my spirits. Also, I can't thank you enough for those of you that have helped support me on new business venture! It has been SO much fun talking and sharing about a product that I LOVE! I'm so glad that you guys love it too. 

I hope you have a great weekend, doing whatever it is you love to do! 

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Friday Favs- Pineapple Pick Me Ups

Yay!!! Friday's are my fav! Mostly because I get to sit down with all of you and share some of my favorite finds from the week. But also because it means I don't have to cook dinner until Monday. Don't judge me, okay? The weather isn't supposed to be great, it's supposed to be 73 degrees tomorrow but rainy, but that won't stop me from working on some projects! 

So this week is really FUN, packed full of some of my favorite Spring goodies, including my new bright and cheerful little mug that just puts a smile on my face every single time I see it. EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Also, can I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and acceptance you've given me for starting off my new little business venture. I hope you know I would never ever ever share products with you that I didn't absolutely LOVE!!! Friends don't do that to friends guys. So seriously. Thank you! If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'll chat for a minute below. 
So this week we picked up quite a few goodies on our weekly Target Trip! I mean, you guys. If you haven't been to Target you need to like, run there. Right now. RIGHT NOW. Check out this cute little 1.// Macrame Throw Pillow I picked up for $25? It's been moved already but I can't wait to put it in my master bedroom when it's all painted! Side note: weekend project. Moving on. This 2.//Rise & Shine Coffee Mug. It's super cute right? I know it's not Rae Dunn, but it just puts a smile on my face! What a sweet little gift this would make, right? And by gift, I mean, gift for yourself. 

I also shared this cute 3.//Pineapple Towel on my Instagram stories earlier this week! I just had to have it. The fun minty color reminds me of Summer. And duh, Give me all the Pineapple things! Like this AH-MAY-ZING 4.// Pineapple Pick Me Up Mask this was the mask I shared in my Face Mask and Wine Chat over on Instagram. The scent is SO AWESOME you guys, takes me right to the islands and I pretend I'm in a tropical paradise. And this life changing product right here. I shared this on last weeks weekly Target Haul video and you guys!!! GAME CHANGER. SO GOOD. I have these subtly hairs under my arms and on the bottoms of my ankles I can't seem to get rid of, THIS PRODUCT GETS RID OF THEM. It's worth every single scent. I swear to you. 5.// Cremo Shaving Creme can be found via the link! You need it. Trust me. 

And well, that's all I have for ya this week folks. I hope you enjoyed the goodies I found this week! It's always fun shopping and trying new things and sharing with you. Have a GREAT weekend my friends! xoxo

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My Favorite Farmhouse Style Easter Decor

I love me some Springtime. It inspires me to use fresh and fun colors in my decor. Typically a neutral girl, I've been drawn to the pretty colors of Spring this year. It's the time of renewal. We're all ready for a fresh start, fresh flowers, fresh fruits, fresh blooms and fresh decor. After a long Winter, it's so nice to feel LIFE agian.

I'm here today to share some of my absolute FAVORTIE Farmhouse Style Easter Decor with all of YOU! If you're like me and love decorating with cute bunnies and pretty pastels for the season then you should genuinely enjoy this post and my finds today! 

The Easiest Way To Create A Pretty Functional Coffee Station

A couple of months ago I shared a little bit of my advice for creating a fun/functional hot cocoa bar for Christmas. Since then I've transformed our "hot cocoa" station into a "coffee bar" and it's been working out so good for us! It's a great pretty little place to make my coffee every morning, and I think everyone should have a cute little coffee spot of their own! Which is why I'm here today to give you some tips for creating a pretty, functional coffee station the EASY WAY.

It doesn't have to be complicated and doesn't take much time or effort. So we're gunna do this in baby steps. Are you with me?

Friday Favorites

You know what I love so much about Friday Favorites? It gives me an excuse to try new things and share with you. I've discovered tons of new products recently that I can't rave enough about. It also gives me a spot to reflect on things I really love which helps me decluter from things I really DON'T. I rely soooo much on the internet and specifically girls I trust on Instagram, to give me good advice when I'm in the market to buy or try new things. So I really do love sharing my Friday Favorites with you guys! 
This week I'm really loving these 1.// face masks that I shared during my wine chat over on my Instagram Story. These masks are so awesome and they have different masks that target different problems in skin, which is super awesome! I love the ance one for breakouts, and the hyrdarting age defying masks when my skin is feeling super dry and in need of some love. It's like a mini trip to the spa everytime I put one on my face!

I really am obsessing over these pastel 2.//tea spoons I picked up the other week, and you guys have been asking me where they're from so I figured I would link them here for you! They add such a fun pop of color to my coffee bar for Spring.  These 3.//soft and comfy t-shirts are what I've been living in these days. I have an abundance of clothing and I have these super soft tees in every color! Perfect with leggings or dressed up with jeans and a cute jacket. And at this price, why not get one in every color? ;) 

I've recently started talking about some of my goals with getting healthier and getting in better shape. I'm really super bad about drinking as much water as I should so I was super excited to find this4.// water bottle with hydration tracker, it's motivational, and keeps me on track with drinking as much water as I should. I've also found that I drink more water when I drink it out of a straw! As weird as it sounds.I shared these 5.//Mud Cloth Pillow Covers on my instagram feed a few days ago and I'm obsessed with them, they're super soft and One Fine Nest selects the most gorgeous prints and patterns for her pillows! Now through the end of March you can use code TGF10 for 10% off ANY AND ALL of her pillows! I worked real hard to get a discount code for ya'll! 

I really hope you guys have the best weekend, and that you share your friday favorties with me! What are you loving lately? Feel free to leave a comment for me below, check in with me on Facebook or Catch me on Instagram

**This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. Thanks for making this little blog possbile!**

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The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Organization Finds

Spring is here! Or well, in my mind it is at least. Let's just ignore the fact that it's freezing cold and we're supposed to get snow this week. In my brain, it's Spring. The house is full of pretty flowers and yummy lightly scented Spring candles to prove it! Whenever Spring rolls around I get the sudden urge to deep clean and organize EVERYTHING. Every SINGLE THING. Even when I know there's a slim chance of actually keeping it organized. I love buying bins, tubs and baskets that at least conceal my love of things and help me hide them. So I wanted to start with some of my favorite organization finds for the Kitchen. 

The Kitchen is always a good place to start organizing if you're anything like me and basically spend all of your time there. It also seems like it gets the messiest even though we're constantly cleaning it? Uh, yeah..what's up with THAT? So annoying. 

This is why I love to have bins and baskets to stuff full of things. I mean, to help keep me organized. ;) I personally don't mind having decorations and things on my counters. It helps cozy up my space in my opinion. However, I do like to keep my clutter somewhat hidden and contained so here's some of my favorite things to keep my "clutter" looking pretty. 

SO let's organize some clutter!
I love using my 1.//Bread Bin to hide my cook books in, since I keep our bread in the pantry. The bread bin looks super cute on my kitchen counter and keeps my cookbooks easily accessible. Do people still even use cook books? I know I do! Obviously you can use the Bread Box for what it's intended for. Bread. But I love when things can be used in different ways that work best for us. 

I get asked about this adorably cute little 2.//Honey Pot, I love it's hobtail finish and how cute it looks displayed on my tray. Did you know that I actually keep honey in it though? I love honey in my hot tea when I'm feeling yucky and I sometimes put it in my oatmeal to help sweeten it up naturally. 

Oh hey, 3.//wooden tray. Like, every farmhouse kitchen needs them. Perfect for holding fruit or storing whatever your little heart desires! It's perfect for putting together a functional but cute kitchen vignette on your counter! Also doubles as a serving tray. See I told you I like functional things around here. And every farmhouse kitchen needs a tray, or I mean, every kitchen in general in my humble opinion. Mine is so super fun to decorate for the seasons, functional decor? Yup, I can dig it. You can snag my 4.//two tiered farmhouse tray here, if you want one for yourself! 

Of course I can't forget about the clutter that can easily accumulate around the kitchen sink if we aren't careful..I have clutter like the rest of you I promise. I'm just pretty good at disguising it with cute containers and on stands and trays. How adorable is this little 5.// Soap Dispenser for hiding those ugly big soap bottles? Something as simple as transferring to a pretty pump bottle will make the area around your sink instantly look better. The easiest and quickest kitchen "update" ever. BOOM. 

Keeping up with the theme of functional and pretty, I sure do love these mason jar measuring cups, I always get asked about them and yes! I use them! Almost every single day! I don't believe in having things in my home that I don't or can't use. I want everything I have to serve a purpose. Even if that purpose is just to look pretty, but even better when something looks pretty and serves a purpose too. 

What do you guys think about these finds for organizing all that kitchen clutter? Is the kitchen the heart of your home like it is here for us? I'd love to chat with you more! Leave a comment for me below, catch me on Instagram how bow dah? (did I really just quote the Dr. Phil girl?) Or on facebook! I just LOVE to hear from you guys! Thanks so much always for all the love and support. Can't tell you how much it means to me! 

Have a great day! If you enjoyed this post feel free to PIN IT on Pinterest to share the LOVE! 
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Friday Favorites- Floral Prints & Face Masks

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday! I missed sharing my favorites last week since we were away. But it probably just would have been 5 pictures of different drinks that I loved so much in Jamaica anyway so.. LOL. 

Speaking of Jamaica we had an amazing time, and cannot wait to return! Jamaica is seriously one of our favorite places to travel to. Mostly because the vibe there is just sooo laid back, chill and so ME. We absolutely can't wait to go back. Meanwhile, it's snowing here in March. YES SNOWING. Mind you we haven't had any snow all winter and now that Spring is almost here it wants to show its face. Go figure, right? 

Anyway, wanted to catch up with some of my favorites I've been lovin' over the past two weeks, as per usual it's a mix of all things Home Decor, Beauty Products and just other randoms that I'm currently obsessing over. 

Let's get started with this beauty, I was so excited to see my ABSOLUTE 1.//favorite clock on sale this week!
I get asked about this ALL the time so I wanted to be sure to share the good news with you guys when it went on sale! It makes such a statement and would be fantastic in so many different spaces! 

Remember how I did a face mask and wine chat about a week ago? A lot of you asked about the mask I was using and it was 2.//this one here the brand is AMAZING and they make so many types of specialized masks. 
I often use the acne one on vacations because I tend to break out. And these have legit saved MY LIFE so many times. I discovered that at a local beach boutique last Summer and am now totally addicted. It's like a little mini trip to the spa! 

Moving on, I realized I never shared my favorite new sign that I added to my coffee bar! This 3.//Coffee's Dunn Sign is suppppper adorable and is the perfect size for my little coffee station and you can check out how to create your own coffee station in this post here. I will do an updated post shortly with all coffee bar sources!
I also wanted to share my absolute favorite 4.//Floral Pillow Covers that I found last month when I was on the hunt to add some florals to my living room for Spring! Aren't they so fab? You totally NEED 2, or 4..or 10. I'll even take the blame for forcing you to buy them! 
I've also been asked how I'm liking my 5.//ilife robotic vacuum and ya'll I seriously CANNOT say enough amazing things!! I'll be doing a more detailed post shortly on taking care of hardwood flooring in your home, but for right now, you need this. That's it, you just need it. It makes my life SO much easier not having to worry about vacuuming and sweeping constantly. Doe's it REPLACE sweeping occasionally? NO. But it certainly helps me and I don't have to do it everyday, every hour, every second of my life anymore!

And that's a wrap folks, as you can see my mind is as random as my life. You still love me, right? I'd love to hear what ya'll are into currently, what products you're loving and any products I should try? We're all in this together! 

Hope you have the best weekend! Feel free to chat with me over on the gram (that's my cool way of saying Instagram) leave a message or comment for me below or shoot me some love on Facebook! 

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