Friday Favorites- Floral Prints & Face Masks

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday! I missed sharing my favorites last week since we were away. But it probably just would have been 5 pictures of different drinks that I loved so much in Jamaica anyway so.. LOL. 

Speaking of Jamaica we had an amazing time, and cannot wait to return! Jamaica is seriously one of our favorite places to travel to. Mostly because the vibe there is just sooo laid back, chill and so ME. We absolutely can't wait to go back. Meanwhile, it's snowing here in March. YES SNOWING. Mind you we haven't had any snow all winter and now that Spring is almost here it wants to show its face. Go figure, right? 

Anyway, wanted to catch up with some of my favorites I've been lovin' over the past two weeks, as per usual it's a mix of all things Home Decor, Beauty Products and just other randoms that I'm currently obsessing over. 

Let's get started with this beauty, I was so excited to see my ABSOLUTE 1.//favorite clock on sale this week!
I get asked about this ALL the time so I wanted to be sure to share the good news with you guys when it went on sale! It makes such a statement and would be fantastic in so many different spaces! 

Remember how I did a face mask and wine chat about a week ago? A lot of you asked about the mask I was using and it was 2.//this one here the brand is AMAZING and they make so many types of specialized masks. 
I often use the acne one on vacations because I tend to break out. And these have legit saved MY LIFE so many times. I discovered that at a local beach boutique last Summer and am now totally addicted. It's like a little mini trip to the spa! 

Moving on, I realized I never shared my favorite new sign that I added to my coffee bar! This 3.//Coffee's Dunn Sign is suppppper adorable and is the perfect size for my little coffee station and you can check out how to create your own coffee station in this post here. I will do an updated post shortly with all coffee bar sources!
I also wanted to share my absolute favorite 4.//Floral Pillow Covers that I found last month when I was on the hunt to add some florals to my living room for Spring! Aren't they so fab? You totally NEED 2, or 4..or 10. I'll even take the blame for forcing you to buy them! 
I've also been asked how I'm liking my 5.//ilife robotic vacuum and ya'll I seriously CANNOT say enough amazing things!! I'll be doing a more detailed post shortly on taking care of hardwood flooring in your home, but for right now, you need this. That's it, you just need it. It makes my life SO much easier not having to worry about vacuuming and sweeping constantly. Doe's it REPLACE sweeping occasionally? NO. But it certainly helps me and I don't have to do it everyday, every hour, every second of my life anymore!

And that's a wrap folks, as you can see my mind is as random as my life. You still love me, right? I'd love to hear what ya'll are into currently, what products you're loving and any products I should try? We're all in this together! 

Hope you have the best weekend! Feel free to chat with me over on the gram (that's my cool way of saying Instagram) leave a message or comment for me below or shoot me some love on Facebook! 

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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing that drink post! I love love love your floral pillows! Such a fan. And I was just thinking the other day how I need a robotic vacuum. Kids are like animals!!


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