The Best Farmhouse Kitchen Organization Finds

Spring is here! Or well, in my mind it is at least. Let's just ignore the fact that it's freezing cold and we're supposed to get snow this week. In my brain, it's Spring. The house is full of pretty flowers and yummy lightly scented Spring candles to prove it! Whenever Spring rolls around I get the sudden urge to deep clean and organize EVERYTHING. Every SINGLE THING. Even when I know there's a slim chance of actually keeping it organized. I love buying bins, tubs and baskets that at least conceal my love of things and help me hide them. So I wanted to start with some of my favorite organization finds for the Kitchen. 

The Kitchen is always a good place to start organizing if you're anything like me and basically spend all of your time there. It also seems like it gets the messiest even though we're constantly cleaning it? Uh, yeah..what's up with THAT? So annoying. 

This is why I love to have bins and baskets to stuff full of things. I mean, to help keep me organized. ;) I personally don't mind having decorations and things on my counters. It helps cozy up my space in my opinion. However, I do like to keep my clutter somewhat hidden and contained so here's some of my favorite things to keep my "clutter" looking pretty. 

SO let's organize some clutter!
I love using my 1.//Bread Bin to hide my cook books in, since I keep our bread in the pantry. The bread bin looks super cute on my kitchen counter and keeps my cookbooks easily accessible. Do people still even use cook books? I know I do! Obviously you can use the Bread Box for what it's intended for. Bread. But I love when things can be used in different ways that work best for us. 

I get asked about this adorably cute little 2.//Honey Pot, I love it's hobtail finish and how cute it looks displayed on my tray. Did you know that I actually keep honey in it though? I love honey in my hot tea when I'm feeling yucky and I sometimes put it in my oatmeal to help sweeten it up naturally. 

Oh hey, 3.//wooden tray. Like, every farmhouse kitchen needs them. Perfect for holding fruit or storing whatever your little heart desires! It's perfect for putting together a functional but cute kitchen vignette on your counter! Also doubles as a serving tray. See I told you I like functional things around here. And every farmhouse kitchen needs a tray, or I mean, every kitchen in general in my humble opinion. Mine is so super fun to decorate for the seasons, functional decor? Yup, I can dig it. You can snag my 4.//two tiered farmhouse tray here, if you want one for yourself! 

Of course I can't forget about the clutter that can easily accumulate around the kitchen sink if we aren't careful..I have clutter like the rest of you I promise. I'm just pretty good at disguising it with cute containers and on stands and trays. How adorable is this little 5.// Soap Dispenser for hiding those ugly big soap bottles? Something as simple as transferring to a pretty pump bottle will make the area around your sink instantly look better. The easiest and quickest kitchen "update" ever. BOOM. 

Keeping up with the theme of functional and pretty, I sure do love these mason jar measuring cups, I always get asked about them and yes! I use them! Almost every single day! I don't believe in having things in my home that I don't or can't use. I want everything I have to serve a purpose. Even if that purpose is just to look pretty, but even better when something looks pretty and serves a purpose too. 

What do you guys think about these finds for organizing all that kitchen clutter? Is the kitchen the heart of your home like it is here for us? I'd love to chat with you more! Leave a comment for me below, catch me on Instagram how bow dah? (did I really just quote the Dr. Phil girl?) Or on facebook! I just LOVE to hear from you guys! Thanks so much always for all the love and support. Can't tell you how much it means to me! 

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  1. Cash me ousside! Haha! Love hiding things inside pretty things. Very wise, you are. Stay safe with all this impending doom coming! We could get over 16 inches!!

  2. Is this the same tray as yours?

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