The Easiest Way To Create A Pretty Functional Coffee Station

A couple of months ago I shared a little bit of my advice for creating a fun/functional hot cocoa bar for Christmas. Since then I've transformed our "hot cocoa" station into a "coffee bar" and it's been working out so good for us! It's a great pretty little place to make my coffee every morning, and I think everyone should have a cute little coffee spot of their own! Which is why I'm here today to give you some tips for creating a pretty, functional coffee station the EASY WAY.

It doesn't have to be complicated and doesn't take much time or effort. So we're gunna do this in baby steps. Are you with me?

Step 1: Pick a Spot for Your Coffee Bar-
I decided to use some empty counter space to start our coffee bar. If counter space is sparse in your home, you can make it work on a cute buffet/side table or even on a bar cart. Space can always be created if the right pieces are selected. An awkward little corner can be home to a cute functional bar cart that can also be used as a fun way to entertain when you have guests over.

Step 2: Select a Coffee Maker-
Now that we know where we're putting our goodies and the space has been determined, let's figure out first which coffee maker we want to purchase. Traditional coffee makers work just fine, but if you want to spoil yourself a bit then I really do suggest you purchase a Keurig, The color of mine is exclusive and can be found here. I really do love it and it's probably one of the best purchases I've ever made honestly. 

Step 3: Buy Some Mugs!
You're going to need some cute mugs to get you started. I blogged about my mugs and where and how to find them {in this post} you can also buy mugs similar to mine here and here. But I'm currently crushing on these here.

Step 4: And find A Place To Display Them-
Now that you have all of these suuuuuper cute mugs, you're going to need a space to display them all! A cute mug rack is the perfect way to display mugs and other goodies that you want to display at your coffee bar! You can find my mug rack here or find similar here

Step 5: Create Storage-
You're going to have to find a spot to store all of that coffee/tea and sugar! As you've probably learned by now, my specific Coffee/Tea & Sugar canisters can be hard to find. So I'm linking some fun alternatives herehere and here!

Step 6: Add A Personal Touch-
Cute signs, bamboo placemats and fun trays are all awesome ways to add some unique personal touches to your coffee bars. These are things that keep the space fun and special for us. While I'm going to encourage you to select things that speak to your personally, I'm sharing my "unique finds" that I've used at my coffee station in case you want to recreate a similar look. You can find my coffee sign here, and other fun signs here. My silver french country inspired silver tray can be found here, and you can find placemats similar to the woven mats here for a STEAL!! I love to use stir sticks when I can find seasonal ones, but haven't had much luck lately so I picked up these SUPER adorable tea spoons here. They add such a fun pop of color to this space and are so much fun for Spring!

Last but not least- pick your coffee! I've tried several and my personal favorites are this French Vanilla coffee, and recently I've discovered this vanilla cream puff coffee and am IN LOVE. 

It's so nice having a little spot to make my coffee in the mornings and it's fun decorating this space for the seasons! Do you have a coffee bar or station? I'd love to see it! Tag me on Instagram, leave a comment for me below or shoot me a message on facebook! I just looooove hearing from you guys! 

**This post contains affiliate links. But all opinions are my own! Thank you for making this little blog possible xoxo**

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  1. Really good tips and finds, thank you!!! Can't wait to buy my coffee/tea bar goodies!!!

  2. Coffee bars are the very best! I'm so bad like with company though bc I drink it black mostly so I don't have many options. I should get on that...