Friday Favorites- All the Floral Things

Can you believe it's Easter weekend already? And that we're halfway through April? I'm not complaining but I honestly feel like it was just Christmas! I'm so ready for the Spring Vibes though. We have so many projects planned, big and small, and I can't wait to dive into them! As you know, Friday's are my favorite day, because well, I get to share some of my favorite things with you! This Friday I'm going to do things a little bit different and share with you some of my absolute FAVORITE Floral Decor that I've been crushing on lately. 

I've always been a super neutral kinda gal so I was surprised when I found myself being really DRAWN to color after Christmas. You guys, I'm here to tell you NOT TO BE AFRAID OF COLOR. You can have a neutral home and still add your personal spin to things by adding pretty prints and colors in subtle ways. Don't be afraid to decorate with colors that aren't white, tan, or gray! 

Don't be afraid to put your own twist on things and make your home uniquely your own. Your home doesn't have to look exactly like everyone else's to be beautiful. 

That being said! Floral prints are where it's at right now in my opinion. They're very "country shabby chic" if you ask me, but I honestly feel like floral prints can be incorporated into ANY sort of Home Decor style. 

I just ordered this gorgeous 1.//Vintage Floral Rug for our front porch and I'm so excited about this little makeover that's currently taking place! I can't wait to share it with you. I think you'll really enjoy it;) I mean, isn't this outdoor mat GORGEOUS?! I'm also hardcore crushing on this 2.//Peony Wreath I love wreaths because you can easily use them ANYWHERE and can switch them out for the seasons. The right wreath will change a space completely. I love them hanging over doors, over old windows, displayed over mirrors and pretty much any and everywhere.

I still can't get over how much I absolutely love these 3.//floral print pillows, I know I keep posting about them but I just love them THAT MUCH. They are so pretty, without being overpowering or overwhelming. And such a great way to add some spring vibes into your home. Ya'll know throw pillows are my weakness. And these cuties inspired my most recent living room refresh. It's like a chain of events! One thing always leads to another. Like buying a new lazy susan for your coffee station always leads to browsing other things and stumbling upon other things that you HAVE TO HAVE. Seriously. Hate when that happens. (not really.) I just about died when I saw this adorable subtle 4.//Floral Print Tea Kettle I have to have it! Speaking of have to have things, ya'll know I love candles and I'm dying over these 5.//floral cuties and the little colorful jars they come in. I mean, seriously. How cute for Spring right?! 

So my question for you now is, do you dig floral prints and patterns or no? I'd love to hear what you guys think of this weeks finds! Drop a comment below or leave a message for me and let's chat! You can also follow the fun over on Instagram

I hope ya'll have an AMAZING Easter weekend spending time with your loved ones!
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  1. I think they are gorgeous! I don't really see a spot for them in my home per se but in everyone else's yes! Haha!