Friday Favorites- French Country Florals

Happy Friday babes and beauties! Are you excited? I'd probably be a bit more excited if the forecast wasn't calling for rain ALL WEEKEND, but such is life and it can't rain forever, right? Right. I love the weekends because I try to put my phone down and disconnect from social media a bit so I can focus on my family. This weekend we're heading to our local beach. Ocean City, Maryland. I've been going since I was a kid and spent pretty much every Summer there so it gives me all sorts of feels, we go often in the Summer, but this trip, it kicks off the start of the Summer season for us. Even if it IS cold and rainy right now, it reminds me that warmer and sunnier days are ahead. 

Have I mentioned I haven't even started packing? The good thing about having a beach place to go too is that you can sort of just throw clothes in a bag and go, most of the stuff we need is already there. I'm excited to basically just stuff my face all weekend and drink some Mimosas. Even if I can't get some beach time in, there's still lots to look forward to and do! I'll be sharing our adventure and some of my favorite shops and places to eat over on my Insta Stories all weekend! 

But duh, let's get started, because we all know the real reason you're here. Friday Favs! 

I've been crushing on these French Country Market Totes forever.
Image Source: Pinterest
I just love them stuffed with flowers, hanging on hooks or being toted around to Farmers Markets or the beach. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the one I linked below. I am SO excited to get it! 

Most of ya'll know that we love Disney right? We're going in 14 days and I'm so excited for our trip! I came across these tee's when someone tagged me in a giveaway on Instagram and I just had to have them! I'm obsessed with cute Disney clothes, what can I say? I'm a kid at heart;) But I mean..seriously. Check these out guys at Once Upon A Mickey Tee! i wish I had a discount code of some sort for you guys but they don't even know I'm sharing them today! 
I'm so so excited, I literally can't wait! I could go a thousand times and it just never gets old. We're also doing Universal too and I'm still on the hunt for a Harry Potter Tee or three so if you know of anyone that makes shirts or where I can snag some, hook a sista up!

I've been asked a few times about my gold necklace I wear in my Insta Stories, I got it from The Silver Wren, She makes gorgeous necklaces and I highly recommend her shop! I've bought three already! She also makes adorable bracelets. 

I shared this Vintage Floral Doormat on the gram and was asked about it, oh, 845,308 times. For obvious reasons, it's freaking gorgeous and you need it. Especially if you're loving all the floral things like me! 

You can also pick up my favorite sandals here, I've been on the hunt for the perfect comfy neutral sandal and this is IT. I was genuinely surprised by how comfy these are! I've been wearing them basically every day. Oh, and PS. I wish I was pleased with cute dainty feet but I wasn't haha ;) 

Last but not least, I've been using this lip scrub and ya'll my lips are as smooth as butta!! I'm obsessed! Plus the scent is amazing. It's only $14 and you need it in your makeup bag..truuuust me! 

Okay so enough rambling for today! I hope ya'll have an awesome weekend!!! What are you loving this week? I love to hear from you guys! Drop a comment below or leave send me a message on Instagram

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  1. Oh how I love those totes!!! I wanted one for years and matt was like oh Letty picked it out for you and she got me like one with a Barbie pink bottom. I was like awh thanks sweetie.... but so not what I was going for. Oh well. New beach bag! Have fun I OCMD! And Disney so soon! Jealous!!


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  2. Gorgeous picks! You always have the prettiest things! I love that necklace, those shoes and that door mat! Enjoy your beach weekend.

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  4. I love the bags! The sandals...and Disney. has been too long. I grew up on Disney. Have a fun time! These days it is hard to get away from our little urban farm for too long.

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