Late Spring Buffet Decor

EEKK! Can you believe we're entering Late Spring already? I'm so excited for Summer, but trying to soak up as much Springtime as I can, I decided to give my favorite buffet some little Spring Lovin'  and I hope you love it!
I love when the best decorated spaces happen on "accident". I literally threw this whole thing together in a few quick minutes. I wanted to move the peony garland off the dining room table but it was so pretty I hated the thought of packing it away. We were having company over for dinner one evening so I just quickly draped the garland over my favorite old window mirror and left it at that. 

I got the Milk & Cream sign from Kristy from @thepaintednest she is truly one of the BEST sign makers. I have so many signs from her in my home, like the cow print one I have in my kitchen and the latitude sign in our living room gallery wall. But Kristy only does flash sales and I know some of you want things RIGHT NOW, so I'm linking this cute sign here. 
The lantern is a favorite purchase from Home Goods but I'm linking some similar ones below for you to check out if you're wanting to create a similar look in your own spaces, I love lanterns SO much in my home, they're so versatile and I blogged about all the ways you can decorate with lanterns in this post here

The big demijohn bottle is from Decor Steals which is a daily deal site so you have to snag things quickly when you see them! They have so many Farmhouse Style Home Decor items and they're definitely worth checking out. My dough bowl is vintage but you can check out your local antique shops for them or snag a similar one here
I get asked about this cute buffet a ton. I was having NO luck finding a buffet at a reasonable cost to repaint or refinish so I had to buy one and then repaint it myself to completely customize it and make it what I wanted it to be. I painted and distressed it and then added the crystal knobs to add a little touch of GLAM to the table itself. I am still as obsessed as ever with it! Which is weird because I tend to get tired of things really quickly around here! You can get my exact buffet by clicking this link here
The dough bowl is antique and I found it at a local antique shop but I'm pleased to tell ya'll that you can get your very own dough bowl, right here!

I'm such a sucker for THINGS. I love THINGS in my home. I know it's a style not meant for everyone but that's the cool thing about Home Decor, it can be whatever we want it to be. And that's what make our homes uniquely ours! 
What do you guys think about the floral garland and my favorite space decorated for late Spring? I think it will stay like this for a little while! It just makes me smile looking at it everyday! 

Be sure to follow the fun on Instagram and Facebook! I love chatting with you and hearing your thoughts! 

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  1. I would love to find a dough bowl that doesn't cost my first born. Antique of course! And a tobacco basket!! Sigh. Ah spring!!


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  2. That garland is GORGEOUS!!!! I need to put one of those in Olivia's room.

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