Friday Favorites & Catch Up's

OH my gosh, it has been SO long since I've done a Friday Favorites post & I MISS THEM! AND all of you too! With the Holidays creepin' up super fast on us I figured now is a good time for me to get back into the swing of things with my blog, it's so easy to neglect in when things like Instagram & Facebook make it so easy to connect, but I do miss blogging and sharing all of the things with you.

This week was FULL of some super fun finds, in no particular order but, I can't rave ENOUGH about these mugs, I know we've all been Rae obsessed for a while and don't get me wrong, I still love it all, I'm just sort of keeping my mug options open, ya know? A girl needs variety, after all, they say it's the spice of life. And these are so darn fun! I seriously just want them all. They make such awesome gifts too! 
I am DROOLING over this welcome mat from West Elm.
ugh, don't tell Nick that. He'll be all "Really?! IT'S A WELCOME MAT." You know, men don't get that sort of stuff, but I really need this, like, reaaaaaalllly reallllly really NEED this. Christmas is coming soon, I mean, just in case any of you wanna get me something. Actually, Be right back...

Okay, just ordered it. OOOOOOOPS. #sorrynotsorry. I mean, it will look so darn cute on our super cozy porch, don't ya think? 

UPDATE: THIS MAT SOLD OUT ALREADY! You can find a duplicate here!

I shared this cute military vest I got earlier this week over on the gram and I'm basically obsessed, SO versatile for all the months, wear it with long sleeves in the winter, T-shirt's in the fall, and well, you get the idea. I've been looking for a vest like this for a while and all the ones I found were too long for me, since I'm on the shorter side. This was the perfect length and fit. I ordered an XS and it fits me perfectly. If you'll be layering with sweaters though, jump up a size.
And here is where I'm planning to change things up a bit for Friday Favorites and add in some questions I've been getting asked most often this week, either on Instagram, Facebook or right here on my blog! I absolutely LOVE chatting with all of you, and I adore you all for being able to talk to me like we're best friends, which, we basically are honestly, which is why I feel just so darn awful when one of your sweet messages or questions slips through the cracks. So hopefully this will be a great way for us to keep up with each other. 

1. Which foundation do you use?
I don't know why but this has been coming up a ton this week, I assure you, snapchat filters are my life. But I can't hide behind them all the time on Instagram, especially in stories. I use a mix of all foundations honestly, I try different ones all the time, I'm sort of a makeup junkie, but I'm not really special at it or anything. I just like to try new products. Currently I'm using Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and I love it, it's a little pricey so I don't use it everyday, but when I do use it, it gives me just enough coverage. I have some dark spots from acne in my younger years and it covers them all completely. Plus it stays on FOREVER and doesn't break up or sink into your pores immediately. I really think the key to great foundation though is the way you apply it, I use a Beauty Blender after applying Pores No More, I have acne prone skin to this DAY and this is the only primer that doesn't cause massive breakouts. 

2. Where are your kitchen cabinet drawer pulls from?
Totally one of the most asked questions this week after I shared on my stories where I bought them for so cheap. Both pulls are from Amazon. The upper cabinet pulls can be found here and the lower cabinet pulls can be found here. Both sets are under $25! If you're looking to freshen up your kitchen space on a budget and without painting cabinets, adding hardware is the best way to do it! It made SUCH a huge difference in our kitchen. 

3. What Pillow Inserts do you use?
Ya'll know I L.O.V.E me some pillows, all kinds. As long as they're extra fluffy and soft. I love buying covers from all sorts of different shops. And it can be tough to find inserts that are inexpensive and still super fluffy and soft. I ONLY buy these inserts. I honestly haven't found any I love as much, also, if I buy a 20 x 20 cover, I buy 20 x 20 inserts. Most of the time, I find makers and companies leave a little room for you to comfortably fit an insert inside.

and that's it for this week folks, I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Friday Fav's and hope you pop back in next week, if there is something you'd like to see here let me know! Also, next week I'll be doing a Target Lately haul post! Because duh, we love TARGET! Hope ya'll have a great weekend! 

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  1. The pillow insert can make or break it for sure! Now I’m excited to bring out my Christmas covers!!! Too soon!?!


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