The Best FALL Decor From Amazon!

Hey friends! My gosh I didn't realize just how much I missed blogging until I sat down to type this post. I needed to take a little break over the Summer just to sort of refresh and get the creative juices flowing again. I really wanted to focus on spending time with my babes who started PreK & High School this year, which is crazy unbelievable. It felt nice, and was much needed. BUT boy, I sure did miss ya guys! 

The time has come to be in our homes again, as much as I adore laying out by the pool, boat days on the bay, and lazy afternoons at the beach, life changes again when the cool mornings of fall set in. I find myself itchin' to break out the cozy sweaters, comfy slippers & cute mugs. I know most of you are shaking your head "yes" right now. Catchin' all the fall vibes I'm throwing out in this post! 

Recently, I started a new home decor group on Facebook and it's been TONS of fun! One of the questions I've been getting asked by people a ton via all means of social media? 

"What's your favorite fall decor from Amazon?" Some of ya'll might be like, well..that's kinda weird. I mean,  you can buy Home Decor on Amazon now? UM, yes. Yes you can! Even better? Is that it's CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! And still high quality. So just for fun, today I'm rounding up all my favorite fun farmhouse style fall decor from one of my favorite places to shop. I sure hope you find this post helpful if you've been looking to spruce up a space for the upcoming "cozy" season! 

Dough Bowls are pretty much an essential piece in ANY Farmhouse- but they're extra perfect for fall decor. Why you ask? Well because they look pretty as can be filled up with pumpkins and florals, books and candle sticks, blankets and mugs..pretty much anything you can think of, can be used to decorate a dough bowl for fall and the cooler months. Of course you can search your local antique shops for some vintage dough bowls, I must say though that you can't beat the price of the pretty dough bowls being offered on Amazon right now!

I seriously ADORE Amazon and their large selection of affordable pillow covers. I change our pillows pretty often here, especially our seasonal pillows, and those things can sure get pricey! Thankfully Amazon has a crazy awesome selection of adorable farmhouse pillows that work perfect for every season. TOTALLY crushing on this 'Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice  Pillow' and diggin the price even more! 

I'll be the first one to admit that I love real pumpkins, but the fakes that have been out in stores lately have been crazy on point. I love these little guys, they're perfect in lanterns, vignettes, on candle sticks, in dough bowls, pretty much anywhere you can think to shove some pumpkins! And even better? You can use them year after year. WINNING.

4. Fall Florals
I use lambs ear pretty much year round in my farmhouse decor, it's such a pretty light floral and fits in perfectly with the modern farmhouse style, I really love them in neutral fall decor. There is nothing more simple, or beautiful then a dough bowl with some lambs ear and white pumpkins. However, I know sometimes I crave the beauty of traditional fall decor, the reds, oranges and yellows are so warming. I didn't forget about ya'll! These gorgeous harvest florals are stunning quality and full of traditional fall farmhouse goodness, don't you agree!?

5. Hand Towels
If you've been around for a bit you know my love of hand towels, don't ask questions okay? I think I just love them so much because you can add some instant holiday spirit to your kitchen with them. This traditional fall favorite Pumpkin Pie Hand Towel, is perfect for fall. I love the washed grain sack look and the fact that if I ever wanna know how to make pumpkin pie, I can just read the towel. I'm only slightly kidding. Pretty darn convenient though, right? Ha!

I'm a sucker for signs, and I have them pretty much in every single corner of our house. They're just such a cute and fun way to add a personal touch to a space. I came across this sign and loved it so much! It would be so cute on a kitchen range, a pantry door, or on a kitchen counter for the season! Plus it's only $20! Just give me 4 of them. 

Who knew Amazon had so many goodies? Which one is your favorite? Have you purchased Home Decor from Amazon before? What did you think of it? 

Thank you all so much for stopping in! It means a TON to me and I'm so thankful for all of you. Happy Shopping and Decorating my friends!

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  1. Oh Amazon is right up there with Target taking all my money. It's crazy what can be found there!!

  2. The pillow cover is 18x18 will the inserts you recommend Work? They are 20x20


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