The Best Farmhouse Decor on Amazon

Before I kick out the Christmas decor, I wanted to knock out a few posts I've been asked to do now for a little while! Let me start by saying that If Amazon Prime had a wife, it would be me. Not kidding. It's basically the best thing ever. You can literally buy ANYTHING and everything on Amazon, and 2 day shipping has set my life standards really high you guys. LIKE, REALLY HIGH.

It started with Diapers, yep, Diapers. Once I discovered you could buy diapers on Amazon, it pretty much transformed my life. I don't even remember at one point in my life I realized you could buy home decor on Amazon, but I just know that when I did, it changed my life. Am I being dramatic? Well, maybe a little. 

Now I have SO many things in our home from Amazon. It is truly an awesome place to shop for home decor, great selection, pretty much anything and everything you could ever want and the prices are usually pretty great too. I decided it was time to round up a post with all of, what I think, is some of The Best Farmhouse Decor on Amazon right now!

What do you guys think? Have you purchased decor from Amazon before? 
Will you in the future? 

Also, I've been bad and have started taking out the Christmas Decor. I can't wait to start sharing with all of you! Are you excited for Christmas? Or do you wish you had a little more time? 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Love it when you guys come to hang out with me!

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. But all opinions are mine alone. I'd never suggest anything to you guys that I didn't absolutely love! Thank you so much for making my little blog possible! 

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Friday Favorite's-Cozy Throw Blankets

Uh, wait. How is this the LAST Friday in October. What? I'm so confused how October flew by so fast. We have lots of fun things planned this weekend, including a Halloween party and a Mexican date night. I seriously look forward to our Mexican date nights all week. Is that bad I get so excited about food? HA!

Today I wanted to switch things up and share my FAVORITE Cozy throw blankets with you. Ya'll know I love blankets, and throw pillows and well..stuff. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my must have cozy throws with you guys. Especially to cozy up and prepare you for the winter months ahead. One of my absolute favorite things to do is grab a throw blanket, snuggle up with some Hot Chocolate (or wine, okay, so usually wine) and watch my favorite, sometimes cheesy, Holiday movies on repeat. Literally that's pretty much my whole life from November-March. The Holiday's are my jam, what can I say. I basically live for them. 

So let's get to it! 

I'm a neutral lover, so I hope you don't hate me for not being super ambitious with the colors in this post. 

My Buffalo Check throw blanket was from Target, but last season, I was able to find a duplicate and was so excited! I've been looking for a dupe for a few months!

This one below is from Target, and it's extra soft and fuzzy. The pattern makes a huge statement wherever it ends up, don't you think? I wish I could find this exact one but like I said, it's been discontinued but the one above is super similar and will give you the same impact in a space.
I use throw blankets SO so much in our decor..

They're the perfect way to add the perfect finishing "touch" to a space. 

You can shop ALL of these yummy throws and MORE by scrolling below! If you wanna snag this cozy cuddle weather throw pillow you can shop it here it's only $20! If you're looking for some pillow inserts I love these! 

Let me know your favs guys! I'm anxious to hear from you! Do you guys love blankets and throw pillows as much as me or am I completely crazy? 
Drop a comment below or shoot me a message on instagram!

Have an awesome Halloween weekend guys!

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Easy Skinny Shrimp Alfredo Recipe

So I know I shared a recipe yesterday, but that was because I was behind on getting that one posted. LIFE you guys. LIFE. It can be s chaotic and crazy sometimes! I know you can relate. I also feel like now is a good time to thank you guys for always dealing with me. 

Today I'm sharing a Skinny Shrimp Alfredo Recipe that has been highly requested. What makes it a Skinny recipe? Well, we'll use Greek Yogurt as a base VS. Alfredo sauce. We're not on a diet or anything but I actually prefer the less heavy taste of using Greek Yogurt as a base for the sauce. I think you will too. 

Every Wednesday here on the blog I'm going to share a recipe with you guys that our super picky family is enjoying. I'll make it the following night (Thursday) on my Instagram for ya'll to see and maybe even follow along! 
So here's the deal for Skinny Shrimp Alfredo it's fairly easy, and a nice yummy pasta dish, pair it with garlic bread and a salad for a yummy meal!

What you need: 
16oz uncooked linguine 
1lb shrimp (cooked, tail off)
1 medium onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 teaspoons cornstarch 
3/4 cup chicken broth
3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
3/4 cup parmigiano-reggiano 
1 tablespoon EVOO 
Salt & Peppa

Red Pepper Flakes 

This recipe is fairly easy and doesn't require a ton of prep which I LOVE. First things first.

Bring a pot of water to a boil & then cook noodles for 8-10 minutes. Don't overcook! (Not saying that from experience or anything..)

While the water is getting hot- start prepping and mixing your sauce. Begin by mixing up your EVOO, garlic, salt & pepper & onions in a medium saucepan over medium heat, be careful not to burn the garlic. Because we all know that's gross. (Not but seriously, the garlic will become biter and ruin the whole dish!)

While the onions and garlic are becoming one, MY FAVORITE! whisk together cornstarch, nutmeg, and chicken broth in a small bowl. Set this aside for future use.

Once the onions are shiny and not all the way see-through add the shrimp, you can use uncooked shrimp but I always used cooked just because I'm weird about seafood. Cooking time is about the same but with the cooked shrimp I've found it cooks a little faster (good for those nights when I just wanna put dinner on the table and enjoy my wine!) Remove Shrimp to a holding area (like the microwave) so they don't overcook. 
Crank up the heat on the onions + garlic left in the pan and add your cornstarch mixture to the pan. Whisk occasionally, and bring to a simmer. Slowly, add the parm, whisking as you go. Once the cheese has melted, remove from heat and whisk in the Greek yogurt until the sauce is creamy and smooth!
Drain and rinse your pasta. Add shrimp back to the “finished” sauce pan. Toss pasta with sauce in large bowl or directly in the pan, like me! Plate it up, sprinkle with parsley, and eat up!


What do you think? Will you be trying this? Do you like pasta? Let me know your thoughts below! I love to hear from you guys! Want more recipe posts in the future? 

Happy Wednesday babes!

What do you want to see next week?
3 ingredient Chicken Pot Pie 
Mexican Alfredo

Let me know!

Shop my Favorite Kitchen Goodies here:

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The BEST and Easiest Pot Roast Recipe EVER!

IT'S HERE! It's finally here! I cooked a meal and I figured it needed to be documented. 
Let me start this post by saying, I am not a chef. I actually don't really even like to cook, I mean, I do it because I sort of have too. 

I'm always looking for easy recipes that are still yummy for our super busy lifestyle. Nick Jr. is 14 and honestly one of the pickiest eaters I know. Honestly, the kid would eat frozen bagel bites for EVERY SINGLE MEAL. And, well, sometimes I let him because well, I don't have time to argue with a 14 year old. HA!

So anytime I find a recipe he actually likes and enjoys? It gets put into the dinner rotation. It's super easy to get into a dinner funk, Don't you think? And I've spent so many hours making recipes from sites like Pinterest that our family ended up hating and we spent the night eating cereal instead. 

I get it, I get the want and need for NORMAL, simple, quick and easy recipes for busy families like ours. So every week I wanted to start sharing super simple, easy and yummy recipes that everyone in your family is sure to love. 

Today I'm sharing this yummy pot roast because well, it was one of the very first recipes I shared on Instagram that everyone seemed to love so much! For good reason! It's flavorful, while not being overwhelming for those bland eaters out there, and the meat is tender. Nick, who never ever eats potatoes, eats them when they're mixed in with this yummy quick and easy Pot Roast Recipe! 

I managed to snap some pictures real quick as I was throwing this together on one our busiest days of the week, typically Thursday, because Nick has late football practice and Savanna has dance class. So don't mind the crappy pictures. Maybe one day I'll be able to take better pictures of food, but today, is not that day. 

Let me start by saying I got our Hamilton Beach Crock Pot as a wedding gift and I'm still loving it! It's lasted us 5 years and gets so much use! I'll drop the links below for some of the products I get asked about during my video stories on Instagram at the end of this post! 

This recipe is awesome because it only requires a few ingredients, most of which are a staple in our house anyway. 

What you need: 
1 Boneless Chuck Roast ( I always buy the biggest one I can find.)
1 Cup of A1 or more to taste
1/2 Cup Water
1 Packet Onion Mushroom Mix 
1 bag of baby red potatoes (cut in quarters and washed)
1 bag of carrots (washed & diced)
1 Red Onion 

Step 1: 
Season your roast with salt & pepper. I love to use Sea Salt. Place it in your crock pot on Low. 

Step 2: Mix the A1, 1/2 Cup Water and Onion Mushroom Packet together. 

Step 3: Pour Veggies (Onion, Carrots & Red Potatoes over Roast.)

Step 4: Pour A1 mixture over meat- add more salt & pepper to taste. Cook on LOW 6-8 Hours or on HIGH 4-6 hours. I suggest cooking on LOW if possible, the meat will be even MORE tender, not as chewy, but if you're like me and completely forget to do this in the morning, you CAN still cook this on high. You can add more A1 if you wish to the pot roast as it cooks! 

By now, your kitchen should smell pretty amazing! This is absolutely one of our favorite family recipes, probably because we love A1! If you're having trouble finding the Onion Mushroom packets you can get them on amazon, I've had trouble finding them recently, and I'm wondering if they've been discontinued. I've used just the onion packet before but it wasn't quite as flavorful as adding the onion/mushroom packets together. 

That's it guys! I really hope you enjoy it! If you've tried it already I'd love love love to hear what you think below!! 

TUNE IN tomorrow for a BRAND new recipe that we'll cook together on Thursday! 

In the meantime here are some if the kitchen goodies I get asked about pretty often
 on my stories! Just scroll and click if something interests you, seriously! SUPER easy, right? 

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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Friday Favorites & Catch Up's

Okay, seriously. How are we halfway through October. LIKE, JUST NO. 

If I'm being honest though, I'm sort of excited because well, Christmas. I'm sorry guys. Can't help it. 

We still haven't even been on a hay ride, to a pumpkin patch or through a scary haunted house yet this fall season, I really need to get with it. We're going to try to cram all of it in this weekend. I'm excited! It's finally starting to feel like fall here in Maryland and I can't wait to get out and enjoy it. 

I'm just going to hop right into some of my favorite finds and things this week. I was super excited to see the tray I have under my Rae Dunn canisters at my coffee station is available again! I get asked about it pretty often so I was excited to see that it was back in stock. I love this tray because it has a vintage feel and is the perfect size for the canisters grouped together, it props them up a little more so that the space feels more put together. You can check it out here. 

I shared some of my favorite clothing finds of the week in my Instagram Stories, and I'm excited because the sweater I raved so much about is on SALE. I'm not a fashion blogger guys, and I typically just wear whatever is comfortable, but I still like cute stuff. This sweater is perfect because it's soft and long enough enough to be worn with leggings (or jeggings) but also cute enough that you can throw it on with some jeans.
Speaking of jeans, these are my new favorites by far! I'm not a fan of spending this much money on jeans but you guys, SO WORTH IT! I'm short so, it's tough to find high rise jeans that come up just the right amount on my without making me feel shorter than I already am. These are super soft, stretchy and have perfect "knee hole" placement!  I ordered in two more colors just because I'm worried they'll sell out or stop selling them. 

I feel like everyone needs these booties for only $30! Not only are they cute, they're comfortable too! A great dupe for some similar pairs I've seen and tried out and ahem, much more expensive places! 

Also get asked a few times a week about this mirror, I love it! And it's under $50. I like that it's easy and light I that I can easily move it, but also like that it fits in with the farmhouse style theme I have going on here. You can check it out here!

I'm obsessing over campfire mugs and have been asked a ton this week about this one I got from Pretty Collected. 
I can't wait to get my hands on a few Christmas ones, how cute is this witches brew? I NEED all of them! 

I know lots of you have been asking about this yummy chunky knit throw blanket I got from Artizen Home, but I get that it is expensive, and while I 100% Believe it's gorgeous and worth the money I wanted to find an alternative more budget friendly option for those of you looking to get a similar look. this one is only $30, and has a similar knit pattern, and this one here is super similar and less than $100! 
If you're looking for a GREAT Halloween read- this book is for you! How To Hang A Witch is one of my favorite books and I read it every year around this time. It's such a great quick read and it's for sure a page turner, so snuggle up with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and DIVE IN! I think you'll love it! Also, wanted to let you guys know that my favorite tray is back in stock and ready to ship! It comes and goes periodically but I wanted to share for those that have been asking but haven't had a chance to get their hands on one yet! 

Whew, I didn't realize I had so much to share this week! Who knew! I'm working like heck to get the master bedroom at least presentable, this weekend was busy with running the kiddos around, but I can't wait to show you guys the completed space! 

I sure hope you all have a great weekend!
Thanks for always sticking around and being so supportive of me and all of my adventures, It really does mean so much to me and I am so thankful everyday!

PS. this post contains affiliate links, as always all opinions are my mine and mine alone. Thank you for making this little blog possible.

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Cute Camo & My Picks from the American Eagle Sale!

Okay ya'll so I'm not a fashion blogger, I don't want to be a fashion blogger (I mean gosh, those girls put in SO much work!!!) however, I do wear clothes. Sometimes, I get into my basic leggings, t-shirt, ripped jeans funk and need some new cute clothes to pull me out of it. I'm also honestly always raving about American Eagle, Honestly, I've overlooked it for years but after a back to school shopping trip with Nick I was like, okay, wow. They actually have pretty cute stuff for affordable prices! Although I'm not fancy and my sense of style is basically just me putting on some ripped jeans and converse, I know some of you can appreciate affordable leggings, sweatshirts and tees. So I thought I would put a post together with some of my favorites and share with you babes!

Instead of sharing and rambling for 3 hours over on my instagram, I figured I'd pop in real fast and drop some of my favorites from today's sale at American Eagle! Seriously, you guys. Don't knock it til you try it. 

If you've been obsessing over camo like I have lately, I know ya'll can appreciate this cute camo sweatshirt

I have this one and am absolutely obsessed with how soft & cozy it is! It's long enough to wear with leggings, or short enough to pull off with jeans without looking super frumpy, pair it with some black skinnies and some cute booties and you're all set! 

I also just picked up these camo skinnies :
..and am dying to get them! I think they'll look cute with a basic white tee like this one
Speaking of skinnies, I have talked about these so much your ears are probably bleeding. But I mean, I LOVE them and I basically feel like I'm wearing pajamas when I have them on, seriously, soft as butter and super stretchy, perfect to wear on Mexican & Margs have one of those too, right? 
this pair is super distressed and yummy! Again, stretchy, cute & fashionable jeans that don't cost $100. Winning. 
tons of cute sweaters too that you NEED. I live in this  I picked up on sale for $27! Perfect shade of pink, great with leggings or jeans and super soft, lived in and COMFORTABLE! It's fully stocked in all sizes so snag it while ya can!

Slipper boots, because duh, everyone needs a good comfy pair of slipper boots! Do you think anyone would notice if I wore these to the grocery store?

So what do you guys think? What are your favorites? Have you purchased any of these goodies previously? I'm dying to know alllll the dets! Shoot me a message or drop a comment below!


USE CODE OCTOBER for up to $50 off your order! 
Can be used with current sale items! 
You can also shop this handy dandy scroll below! 

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Friday Favorites & Catch Ups!

Hey beauties! Every week I'm all, "I can't believe it's time for Friday Favorites again, already." and this week is no different, seriously, before we know it Christmas will be here. GASP. Did I just say the word Christmas? I so did, I can't help it. I was up late last night pinning Christmas decor and cussing myself the whole time. I knew what I was doing was totally wrong but I couldn't stop myself. HA! I totally believe we rush things but Christmas is just THE best and I like to enjoy it for as long as possible, ya know? That being said, I do love Halloween so, I'm taking a breather and reminding myself to enjoy the moment that I'm in right now instead of worrying and stressing about what's ahead. I really struggle with that sometimes and need to take a step back and take note of my current surroundings. 

This week was a good week, it got away from me before I was even able to blink, but I did finally get the house sort of spooky for Halloween. I also had a few extra minutes to throw a tablescape together, and I was really in love with how it turned out. It was raining almost everyday so Nick didn't have football and my motivation wasn't on high but I still managed to knock some stuff off the to do list. 

So many goodies to share with you guys today! I always try to do a little research on the weeks stats and most liked posts to share the things that you guys either ask about the most, or things that are purchased the most. That way I don't end up sharing random things that you guys care NOTHING about. Ha! 

Okay so let's get started, I shared this space on Instagram and got asked a ton about the bats, I found mine here and we used them everywhere here at our "Haunted Farmhouse" Sav had so much fun pretty much plastering them any and everywhere she could. 

I've been using clothing in my home decor for awhile, and some of you are probably like, "Laurie, what on earth are you talking about, have you just completely lost your mind?" and the answer is yes, yes I have..BUT Scarves make awesome home decor! I've used them to add some pattern and color to buffet table displays, porch decor and even, most recently as a table runner on our dining room table. I used this one and I love the colors for fall, but they'd also work really week if you're planning to do a neutral theme for Christmas! Or you could even do something crazier, like you know, WEAR IT. 
I also managed to snag some fresh eucalyptus from my gramma, we don't have any grocery stores or flower shops really that sell it around here, unfortunately, and if you're like me, then fake is the next best thing, these stems are the next best thing and the good thing about the faux is that it never dies and you can use it forever! Honestly, it's a win win! 

I wasn't able to find my exact black & white check hand towel but I did find something similar here and here.
Moving on to this weeks style deals, I just have to share every time I find a good deal on T-Shirts, and this gray one is now a basic staple in my wardrobe. I have soooo many tee's it's disturbing but I'm really picky about them, I don't like them to be too baggy, or too tight, and I don't like the sleeves to be too long or too short and I don't like when they're scratchy or not soft. See, I'm not kidding when I told you I'm picky. But I found this cute washed v-neck shirt and it is absolutely perfect! I also snagged it in pink. Even better is that it's on sale through the weekend for $15!

I am obsessing so hard over these bralettes

They are SO pretty and actually give ya a little lift, ya know what I'm saying? I just bought it in black and maroon and can't wait to wear them! They're so cute under sweaters and the perfect layering piece. Maybe one day soon it'll be cool enough to actually wear sweaters here? Until then I just layer them under my t-shirts and I love that they aren't bumpy even with the cute lace pattern. 

And because ya'll know I live in black leggings I just have to share every time my favorite leggings go on sale! You guys, these are $12!!! 
The quality is amazing, they're super comfy and NOT see through and the best part is that they suck you in in all the right places. I'm not ashamed to admit, mama needs a little bit of that. There are several colors available, not just black! So pop over and check em out- here. YOU SERIOUSLY WILL LOVE THEM and you can't beat the price, if you buy them you HAVE to let me know what you think! 

I LIVE in this gray hoodie with thumb holes! Even though its sold out in gray (bummer) they still have several colors available, the black & white striped one is super cute! It's so soft and comfy without being hot. I have it in pink, gray and black. A must if you love comfies! 

Last week I shared my absolute favorite booties, like ever. I have a hard time finding booties that aren't stiff and that move with me, these are literally like walking on a cloud and so amazing! I absolutely love them! They're a little pricier than what I typically spend on shoes, but SO worth it and the fact that they're on sale helps! 

You can check them out, and see all the colors here. 

Now I have to go finish up painting the master bedroom so that hopefully I can have the big reveal for you here on the blog sometime next week! I can't wait to share it with you! I've been working with so many little shops that I think you guys will just LOVE! 

Whew, that was a lot. I told you it was a busy week. But seriously, so many good deals and finds, right? I'm so excited to share all sorts of my life with you and just want to thank you all so much for being so accepting of the changes I've brought to the blog and Instagram the past few weeks. I honestly can't thank you all enough for your support, always! 

Happy Weekend!

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