Friday Favorites & Catch Up's

HOW IS TIME GOING SO FAST? I feel like I just wrote last weeks Friday Favorites post like, 5 minutes ago. This is such a busy time of year for us, with the kids back in school I honestly feel like the days are over before they even start. I absolutely love these Friday Favorites posts though because I love sharing things I love with all of you, For the record, I don't share anything I don't stand 110% behind. I also love getting the chance to catch-up. 

This week I'm really obsessing over these super yummy candles from Cozy Home Candle 
but more specifically, this coffee house scented one. I have had such a hard time finding a candle that actually smells like coffee, is that weird I want a candle that smells like coffee? Ha. I feel like this one burns so nicely and the scent is so yummy and authentic! WIN. You can pop over to the Cozy Home site and use code GLAM15 for 15% off any candle order. Autumn Harvest is another great one to try out if you're wanting another recommendation!
The buffalo check dish towel is from Magnolia but last season.. wahhhh! I can't even find a dupe ANYWHERE, BUT I do love these adorable hand towels from @PCB Home, they're super adorable and I have several of them, they also have the cutest pillow covers, so if you're in the market, check em out and let me know what you think!

Speaking of coffee I've been obsessed with making my own PSL'S this season! I love the Starbucks Cafe Blend for my Keurig and I've been drinking it all week. I picked mine up at Target but you can click the link if you can't find it in stores. I know some of you guys said you didn't have local stores that sold out. 

I shared my new favorite denim jeans on my insta feed earlier in the week and I totally stand behind saying that they're my new favorite denim jeans. 
Honestly, they fit so well. I'm a shortie, and have the worst time finding jeans with stretch that don't bag out by the end of the day. It totally helps that these are under $50 bucks. They're the perfect amount of distressed and are SO comfortable. I seriously LIVE in them. 

Now some catch ups!

1. Do you and Nick share photos of your flip houses?
Nick is reallllllly super private, he hates social media, I'm not kidding when I tell you he hates it. He is understanding of me and my love of it though and he leaves doesn't ask questions when I'm asking to repaint yet another room, We're very thankful that we've been able to flip house so successfully these past few years. It's something we enjoy very much. However, we don't currently have a page dedicated to our house flips. I'm not really sure why? It's just not something I've ever thought about doing. Maybe we'll make a page for pictures of all of our flips in the future but for now, the answer is, Nope! We currently don't share pictures of our flips, except for occasionally on Facebook. 

2. Where is the stand you have your flowers on by your sink from?
I've had the stand for a pretty long time and love it, it's actually cake stand and I love it so much I have two of them. I'm not sure why but I had tons of questions about it this week. Thankfully even though I've had it forever it's still available. 

3. What are your favorite NYX lip gloss colors?
I've shared these so much so often that I forget I might have new people watching my stories every time I share. It's not a secret I'm OBSESSED with NYX and the entire brand actually (some products are better than others but that's another post for another time..) I have every color possible, I swear, but my favorites are Fortune CookieMaple Blondie & Creme Brulee

This week I shared two dinner recipes that are my absolute favorites! We loved this easy Baked Ziti (please don't judge the dirty pans and mess..I alas am not a food blogger, but I tried, like..really hard.) 

I usually jot down the questions I get asked but this week I didn't and now my mind is BLANK hahahahaha I'M SORRY. 

I feel like it's been a fairly low key week social media wise, which isn't a bad thing! Next week I'll be doing a Halloween Themed Friday Favorites post and I'm so excited to share my favorite Halloween finds of the season with you guys! Who's excited for all the bloody candle sticks and fake bat wings? Well...when I put it like that. 

Happy Friday, make sure you drink a glass or two (of water, or wine..but preferably wine!) for me this weekend! Cheers!
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  1. See and I feel like the week just dragged on! We have a four day weekend and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Enjoy yours!!

  2. Hi first time reader. But glad I found you. Where did you get your coffee,sugar containers. Sooo adorable

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