Friday Favorite's-Cozy Throw Blankets

Uh, wait. How is this the LAST Friday in October. What? I'm so confused how October flew by so fast. We have lots of fun things planned this weekend, including a Halloween party and a Mexican date night. I seriously look forward to our Mexican date nights all week. Is that bad I get so excited about food? HA!

Today I wanted to switch things up and share my FAVORITE Cozy throw blankets with you. Ya'll know I love blankets, and throw pillows and well..stuff. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my must have cozy throws with you guys. Especially to cozy up and prepare you for the winter months ahead. One of my absolute favorite things to do is grab a throw blanket, snuggle up with some Hot Chocolate (or wine, okay, so usually wine) and watch my favorite, sometimes cheesy, Holiday movies on repeat. Literally that's pretty much my whole life from November-March. The Holiday's are my jam, what can I say. I basically live for them. 

So let's get to it! 

I'm a neutral lover, so I hope you don't hate me for not being super ambitious with the colors in this post. 

My Buffalo Check throw blanket was from Target, but last season, I was able to find a duplicate and was so excited! I've been looking for a dupe for a few months!

This one below is from Target, and it's extra soft and fuzzy. The pattern makes a huge statement wherever it ends up, don't you think? I wish I could find this exact one but like I said, it's been discontinued but the one above is super similar and will give you the same impact in a space.
I use throw blankets SO so much in our decor..

They're the perfect way to add the perfect finishing "touch" to a space. 

You can shop ALL of these yummy throws and MORE by scrolling below! If you wanna snag this cozy cuddle weather throw pillow you can shop it here it's only $20! If you're looking for some pillow inserts I love these! 

Let me know your favs guys! I'm anxious to hear from you! Do you guys love blankets and throw pillows as much as me or am I completely crazy? 
Drop a comment below or shoot me a message on instagram!

Have an awesome Halloween weekend guys!

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  1. I am going to order those inserts. I have been on the hunt for some good ones and your pillows always look so cozy! ❤❤❤

    1. They're my favorite honestly! Nothing ruins a cute pillow cover like a crappy insert!

  2. Blankets and pillows make everything better if you ask me!!

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