My favorite finds from Hearth & Home at Target!

Happy Sunday beauties! So I know that I don't typically blog on the weekends but I feel like when Chip & Jojo drop a new home decor line at Target it needs to be blogged about, don't you agree? 

Okay so here's the thing, I know that some of this stuff isn't my personal style, but it's still really cute and I sort of like the modern twist on farmhouse decor. In my opinion it is very modern farmhouse, which is totally fine for some people, just not my personal style. That being said there were some things that caught my eye and a few (okay, a lot!) of things I put in my cart this morning from the new line. I've been asked a few times if I was planning to hit up our Target for the new release today, and the answer is no, I'm not going to Target on football Sunday, but I did of course, snag a few things online. Because online shopping is life. 

So here are some of the things that made their way into my cart from the new Hearth & Hand line at Target! 

Over the next few days I'll be sharing some peeks at some of the new stuff I've received from the new line and how I've used it in our home so be sure to come hang out on Instagram! I'm really excited about my new goodies and can't wait to see how they fit in in our home. I'll be doing a post with some of my favorite Christmas decor items from the line! Because Christmas is life. Right?

Are you excited for the new line? Which items are your favorites?

I'd love to hear from you! Drop a comment below or let's chat on Instagram
Happy weekend friends!
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  1. I was the crazy lady who went to the store on a Sunday with three kids in tow. A woman literally tore apart a Christmas tree display for the galvanized thing and broke ornaments and everything! They even had them in stock she didn’t need to touch the display!!! Rude. I didn’t see the scale though how fun! Love me some chip and Joanna!!

    1. That is so awful! For a tree collar? Insanity.

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  2. I agree there’s some super cute stuff but some a little too modern style for me. Love the things you chose!

  3. I ended up ordering a candle, wood nested houses, the wreath dish towels and I went to our store and got the ceramic sugar container. The Christmas stockings and table runners were cute but I kept to my budget...!

  4. Hey Laurie! I know you've posted before where you got your tall wooden looking candle holders but I can't seem to find the post... If you could tell me where to look for them I'd greatly appreciate it!

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