Our Favorite Holiday Tradition- A Cozy & Rustic Hot Cocoa Station

Hey besties! I haven't been feeling all that great the past few days, we came home from Florida and it was like a shock to my system with it being so cold and I ended up catching a cold. I've been pretty darn lazy, honestly. Good thing I had the bulk of our Christmas decorating done by mid November, and you all thought I was crazy, huh? Okay, well maybe I still am- a little. But we're not here to talk about that today. Ha!

Although I've been on the lazier side this week, I did put together our Hot Cocoa Bar/Station, call it whatever suits your fancy, for the season and I totally love it. We've been doing a Hot Cocoa set-up here for a few years & it always gets TONS of use. Especially in the Winter months and on snow days. 

It's sort of a tradition now, and even my super "I'm too cool for everything" 14 year old seems to think so. 

Our buffet is one of those spaces that gets decked out for EVERY Holiday & season, and it's so fun to have a neutral space to decorate for the Holidays. Nick jokes that he wouldn't know what season it was if I didn't have this space decked out for whatever season we're in. Obviously, I respond with a quick eye roll, but he's sort of right. When the seasons change, so does this space. For that reason, I feel like everyone needs a cute buffet or table to decorate as the seasons change. It's a great spot for "trendy" decor too, and can spice up the room and cure the decorating itch even when you don't feel like changing up any of your other spaces. 

This year's hot cocoa bar set up is super similar to the rustic display I had going last year. 

I used some vintage copper mugs I picked up last year at a local antique shop but I did find similar ones here and a budget friendly option here if you've been searching for the perfect copper mugs!

That's because this year I really wanted to avoid buying tons of new things if I didn't really HAVE to. I did switch up the banners, the sign from (Harper Grayce Signs) and added some fun & festive garland which can be found here, to the top of our old vintage window mirror. Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference.  I've always been into the whole "ski lodge" Christmas thing because this time of year I'm dreaming about cozy winter cabins snuggled up by a fire surrounded by lots of deer heads & cozy plaid things. Although I went super neutral in our living room this year (which I'll be sharing with you soon!) It's nice to have one space in our house that still screams, COZY CABIN SKI LODGE. Or I mean, at least it does to me. HA!

So, what do ya'll think of this years hot cocoa station? Do any of you put together a Hot Cocoa station for the season, Holiday? It' is by far one of my favorite "Traditions" I'll be sharing a few of our other favorite traditions on the blog next week! 

You can shop some of the goodies in this post to create your own festive hot cocoa station by scrolling below!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, it means so much to me that you stop by and hang out. So thankful for all of you! Don't forget to come say Hi over on Instagram!

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