5 easy steps to creating a FESTIVE Christmas Coffee Bar!

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Hey babes! Let me start by saying that even if you don't love coffee you can still have a "coffee bar" some days we drink tea, other days we drink hot cocoa, but most days, we drink coffee. I love love love changing up this little space for the seasons. It is one of my favorite cozy tiny corners of our home. Why? Because every day I relax, and take 5-10 minutes to myself to gather my thoughts and make a cup of coffee. The older I get the more I realize how much I enjoy the little things. And as sad as this might sound, some days, making a cup of coffee is the excitement of my day. That's kind of what happens when you're a Mom. Therefore, I believe everyone should have their own "coffee space" in their home. You don't need a ton of space to create one either. I took this tiny un-used corner space and put it to use. We live in a smaller fixer upper so I make use of every single nook & cranny in this house. 

Today, I figured I'd share with you 5 easy steps to create a Christmas Coffee Bar of your own to enjoy for the Holiday season and beyond! 
1. Buy a Coffee Maker-

Any kind will do, you don't have to get a Keurig or have a special coffee maker. Although that does add to the sense of indulgence I have every day brewing a cup of coffee (man, is this really my life now?!) Once you have a coffee maker, I'm going to bring you to the next step..

{You can get my Keurig here & it comes in all sorts of fun colors!}

2. Snag some mugs-
Or maybe you have a giant mug collection already, like me. I mean seriously you guys. SO MANY MUGS. I can't help myself. I want all of them. I love picking out my mug in the morning. I realize this sounds so super cheesy but I can't help it. This is really my life now, and I love mugs. While my Rae Dunn mugs are super hard to find these days, I'm linking some of favorite mugs below if you want to snag some! 

3. Mug Storage-
Once you have some mugs, you'll need a place to store them. I'm starting to feel like I'm reading a "If you give a mouse a cookie," book. But mug storage is sort of a must. If you're cool with keeping them in a cabinet space that's awesome, just make sure you have a designated space for your mugs. That's sort of the fun of making coffee every day, isn't it? Picking out your mug? Or have I just gone completely crazy over here? Maybe I should get out of the house more? Meh. Sounds like too much work. I found the cutest little mug rack here and it's under $17 and comes in three awesome colors. 

{You can find my exact mug rack here}

4. Storage Canisters-
You'll wanna have some storage canisters to keep all your goodies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, sugar, whatever those goodies may be. If you can't snag any Rae Dunn canisters, here's another super cute alternative, but I'll link some more of my favorites below.

5. Make it festive-
I love adding cute signs to my decor! And this sign gets changed up with the seasons, and, well, sometimes even more than that. 

I use Command Strips to hang my signs to keep them easy to remove and so I don't damage our tile backsplash. 
They work great! My current "Santa Bar" sign is from a cute shop on Etsy called The American Farmhouse but I'll link some more of my favorite coffee signs below if you're looking to create your own coffee bar. 
So there ya have it friends! Super quick & easy tips on how to create a cute and festive coffee bar of your own! 

I hope it helps some of you if you're struggling or maybe it will inspire you to create your own! Thank you all so much for stopping by today! Seriously. It means so so much to me! I love hearing from you! Drop a comment below or message me on Instagram and let me know what you think! Do you guys put together a coffee bar for the Holidays or for everyday?! 

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  1. Every time I pass a home goods or whatever I check quick for a rae Dunn piece and never have I ever seen one! They sure are popular!


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  2. I went to my local TJ Maxx today and totally got lucky with Rae Dunn mugs! I was so excited I almost starting screaming in the middle of TJ Maxx lol. I even snagged a cute “doggie” canister. Love your coffee bar! I am coffee obsessed and totally get excited to pick out my mug every morning!!

  3. I don't see the extra links for the coffee signs.

  4. Totally ordered that mug rack!!! ❤️