Friday Favorites- The BEST candles & All Knit Everything!

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Another week, another Friday favorites post. I know I ALWAYS say this but seriously, time is FLYING and I'm still not done decorating or shopping. I know, it's only December 1st, but for me, I always feel BEHIND. Even if I'm really not, because see, what I tend to do every single year is forget to buy for 2 or 3 people and then end up having to pay $50 to ship something overnight and then it either doesn't come in time, or I remember that I already bought that person a gift. Seriously. THAT is just the kinda person I am. Little known facts. 

However, I am happy to say I did the bulk of my Christmas shopping fairly early this year, and I did manage to get a lot of it done last week on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. I have a feeling though, that sales are just going to get better & better as we inch closer & closer to Christmas. 

While I'm still waiting on lots of goodies to come in the mail from my sale shopping last week, I am sharing a few things I got already that I snagged on sale!

I am absolutely swooning over this yarn tree garland I got from Crate & Barrel I wanted something neutral for the tree but didn't want to do burlap since we did that last year. 

The yarn garland  ended up being the perfect option and it also adds some fun texture to the tree, don't you think? Unfortunately, it sold out pretty quickly, but you can still pick it up locally at a store if you have one close to you!

I also got these knit stockings on sale, and I was thrilled. They didn't come in the mail just yet but I'm hoping to get them shortly! I can't wait to hang them. Since we don't have a mantle I have to hang out stockings on the tv stand using command hooks. I have also hung them on our blanket ladder before and both options turned out okay for us. If you don't have a mantel stockings also look super cute hanging from a staircase with some festive garland. These knit stockings come in cream & red! I got all cream but I'm sort of wishing now that I did a mix of both. 

I posted a few weeks ago about some of my recent goodies from Grove Collaborative. I love Grove! It's a subscription box site that delivers cleaning supplies and other goodies to your doorstep as often as you'd like! I love picking and choosing my products from their awesome collections every month. 
This month I stocked up on all the IOWA Pine goodies from Mrs. Meyers and I think you guys would just LOVE it if you haven't tried yet. You can sign up to get your own box here and save $10 if you shop via this link. How cool is that? 

I'm dying over this yummy White Pine candle from my absolute favorite candle shop over on Instagram! YOU GUYS, I rave about these candles all the time because they are JUST THAT GOOD. I swear you are going to love it. If you love light fresh smelling scents you NEED THIS candle in your home this holiday season. I was thrilled when Brittany gave me a discount code to share with all of you! USE CODE "glamfarmhouse" for 20% off ANY ORDER! Perfect time to stock up on gifts! 

& last but not least, I've been asked a few questions about Savi's bedroom all decked out for the Holidays, I'll have a full tour post on the blog next week with all details but her rose gold tree is ON SALE today so I wanted to share it with you so you can snag it for a deal. 
I hope ya'll have a GREAT weekend! Thank you so much for coming over to hang out for a few minutes. It means so much to me that you take time out of your day to send me sweet comments and messages! So thankful for ALL OF YOU this holiday season. Thank you so much! 

You can shop all my favorites this week by scrolling below! 

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