Friday Favorites- The COZIEST top & Chunkiest Stockings

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Hey babes! Happy Friday! Freaking out because there is apparently only 3 more Fridays until Christmas! WHAT? Why am I freaking out? #1 because I'm not finished my shopping, and #2. because I'm so NOT ready to think about putting all my Christmas stuff away when I haven't even finished decorating yet. Isn't it crazy how fast the Holiday season flies? It's my favorite time of the year and I try to soak up every second! I love all the cheesy Christmas movies, all the treats & goodies, baking, and slipping Bailey's into my hot cocoa when nobody is looking. 

This week sort of flew by and I'm not even sure why or how? The weeks have a funny way of doing that lately. 

This weekend is going to be a busy one. We're hosting our first Ugly Christmas Sweater party & I'm excited but also stressed because well, planning parties is stressful. It doesn't help that we decided to take on a major renovating project at the beginning of this week in hopes of having it done THIS WEEKEND. Nick is crazy like that, but we work better under pressure anyway. Ha! So today, I'll be going out shopping for food & decor like a crazy person trying to get everything ready and done. Have I mentioned we still don't have our Ugly Sweaters. So yeah, that's where we are with that. 

Anyway, lots of goodies to share with you this week that I think you'll L O V E. 

I've been buying fresh garland from Lynch Creek Farms a few years now and I just love it so much. I always get the same style, because I'm always like, if something ain't broke, don't fix it, right? It smells SO good when it arrives, literally, my house smells like a Christmas Tree Farm and that's NOT a bad thing. ;) I linked my exact one here. 

I also snagged these super cute knit stockings on Black Friday on MAJOR sale from Crate & Barrel. I was a little surprised by how big they are but it's not a bad thing. Don't worry, Santa doesn't fill these up on Christmas Eve, hey just sort of puts a few goodies in there for everyone. 
I've also been asked a TON about the flocked garland. I found it at Wal-Mart for $13 but it's sold out now online, I got mine in store though so check out your local stores if you're looking because this garland is AHMAYZING for the price! I added some Glimmer String lights and they're super bright. They're also great for wreath's also! You can also use them inside lanterns and in vignettes to add some fun Christmas cheer to any space.

Just yesterday I shared this super cozy & comfy Henley Top on my Instagram stories and I love it so much I knew I had to share with you guys here, because I know ya'll can relate to me and the fact that I have an "at home" wardrobe, that's bigger than my actual wardrobe. Seriously. Leggings & Cardi's for LIFE. 

I'm linking all of the goodies above & all of my Friday Favs here below! 

Can't wait to hear from you guys! What are ya'll loving this week? 

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  1. The stockings are fabulous but the whole Christmas in three weeks thing is giving me such anxiety right now. I was sick for like... awhile this week and it’s killing me. I lost too much time!!

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