Friday Favorites- Pillows & Mugs, Oh MY!

HOLY WOW. Talk about the season creeping up. I'm sitting here like, where did the whole month of December go, and then I start thinking, actually, WHERE DID THE WHOLE YEAR OF 2017 GO?! I swear the older I get the quicker the time flies. Especially with kids. 

This week was pretty hectic, we had some family things going on that I had to deal with and it put a few things in perspective for me, this whole blogging/social media thing, as much as I love it, it's not my number one priority. It never will be. My number one priority will always be my family. No matter what. Sometimes that means putting things like blogging and social media on the back burner while I focus on my family. I love you guys so much and I'm so thankful that so many of you take time out of your busy days to come hang out with me for a few. I will always be thankful for you, and blogging will always be something fun I am blessed to do. 

Anywho, thanks for listening to me ramble for a minute and get off course. That's something else I love about you guys. You don't judge my crazy. So for that, I thank you.

This week was full of goodies that I can't wait to share with you, even though if you follow me over on Instagram, you've probably seen some of these goodies before. 

A sweet friend sent me the cutest little stir sticks! She had heard about my little problem back in the beginning of the season & not being able to find stir sticks. I found the cutest little tree stick stirrers last year at Target Dollar Spot but didn't have luck this year. I was so bummed, but then these came and they're even cuter so, all is right with the world! 

Ya'll know how I am with my mugs & my coffee goodies. I'll always stand behind my obsession by saying, it's truly the little things. As mama's I think we ALL can relate to that. HA! 

I got the most amazing home decor box from Finishing Touches, it came with so many goodies and everything you need to put together cute spaces in your home. I got the 'Warm & Cozy" box which includes a cozy blanket, yummy throw pillows, mugs, candles and SO MUCH MORE! They even have one that includes everything you need to decorate your bathroom. I love this idea and think you will too. I couldn't help thinking that it would make such an AH-MAY-ZING gift! I was so excited when they offered all of you babes a DISCOUNT CODE! Yep, use code SNUGGLE17 for 15 off% any order! It's not too late to get those Christmas orders in, friends! 

Max was super excited about our "Warm & Cozy" space too!

I got some yummy new pillow covers from @withlavenderandgrace on Instagram & OH MY GOODNESS! These pillows are so awesome! I love that they're soft & "karate choppable" because that's a thing, right? And ya'll know I don't do pillows in my house that aren't super fluffy & soft. You can check them out here! She sells inserts too and they're perfect! I also love these inserts from Amazon, here
The cute tray is from a sweet friend of mine, @therustedpig on Instagram! And you should totally check her out. She makes the cutest trays and makes custom orders so she'll hook ya up with anything you want!

I'm also burning this White Pine candle NON-STOP from Antique Candle Works! Use code "glamfarmhouse" for 20% off any order!

We've been getting a lot of snow this week here in Maryland, it's snowed three times and I'm not mad about it. I love the snow this time of year! I finally invested in a comfy pair of snow boots and am obsessed with these! I'll link them in the scroll box below! They're super comfy, true to size and keep your feet nice & toasty. Because I can be sort of bitchy when my feet are cold. I mean, isn't everyone?! 

and just in case you're still searching for some last minute gifts? Ya'll need to snag one (or ten!) of these super cute mugs. Because, MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL. ;) 

Last but not least, I never thought I'd see the day where I got excited about a trash can ya'll but seriously! I'm loving this one I got from Simple Human, and I'm pretty much obsessed. Things are coming along in the game room, slowly but surely. 2018 is sure to be full of BIG projects. After the game room is finished and decorated I'd love to start tackling the bathroom. But, baby steps, right? If you wanna snag any of the goodies from Simple Human, I managed to get a discount code JUST FOR YOU! 

Use code FARMHOUSE15 for 15% off ANY ORDER! Pretty awesome, right?! 

I hope ya'll have a super snuggly & cozy weekend doing whatever it is you love to do! 

Thank you so much for stopping by to hang out today! 

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