Friday Favorites

Hey beauties! Happy Friday! So I'm sort of bummed I'm not in Mexico still but it's all good because it's always nice to come home. I'll be blogging about our trip soon and can't wait to share all the details with you! We had such a great time and can't wait to go back next year! 

Anyway, It's been a few weeks since I've shared some goodies for Friday Favorites and this week especially was packed full with lots of my favorite things, products I've been loving for a while and some new goodies that have really helped me in the "getting healthier" department. To be clear. I'm never giving up chicken nuggets, but me not drinking 8 glasses of sweet tea a day is a start at getting healthier. Don't judge me, okay. ha!

I found the perfect "Mom Jeans" a few months ago and can't believe I never shared. I mean, seriously. They're the BEST. The suck you in in all the right places and the fit is amazing. I have them in 4 colors I love them so much! They can easily be dressed up or down. They're a little pricier then what I normally spend on jeans but you guys. SO WORTH IT. NOT KIDDING. You will LOVE THEM. You can find them here

I also linked the shoes below for you in the scroll tab! They're super comfy and come in 4 different colors. I went a half size down in mine, just because my foot was sliding around a bit in my normal size 8 shoe. 

I've shared a water bottle similar to this one before but I lost it somewhere along the line and had to purchase another. I'm really terrible about drinking enough water so I love this bottle because it has time stamps on it that remind me, "Hey Laurie! drink yo water girlfriend!" also, it has a straw...does anyone drink more water when it's through a straw? I know I do! It comes in different colors and some of the bottles have different sayings which is cool. It's under $20 and I think that's a steal because it saves me from buying bottles of infused water at the store which can get pretty pricey in a hurry. 

also, these flawless complexion vitamins have been a game changer for me! I hate taking pills so I love the fact that these are chewable gummies, that actually don't taste like death. You can get them for less than $14 if you order via this link and clip the coupon code! 

I also found this GORGEOUS rug for $10 YOU GUYS! Yes, $10! I've been asked about it a lot after sharing on my Instagram stories and after washing it, I love it even more. I'm going to order a bigger size for our kitchen, but if you're looking for a rug, this one is super cute and perfect for kitchens, living rooms, or entryways. 
I ordered the ivory and it has a touch of mint blue accents which matches the stool, and my Keurig. I'm loving Mint & Navy lately and plan to add more blush tones to my home over the next few months. 

Currently Listening To: Dustin Lynch's Current Mood Album
Currently Working On: Getting Organized & Master Bathroom Design Plans
Currently Reading: The Black Witch- which I LOVE!
Current Confession: My house is a complete mess and I have laundry piled up to my eyeballs. What's even worse is that I have ZERO desire to clean it up, and usually I'm the exact opposite.
Currently Drinking: Pineapple Infused Water but craving a Caramel Brulee Frapp from Starbucks.
Current Excitement: Settling on our latest flip house today and getting started on our master bathroom remodel! 
Current Mood: ALL THE GOOD VIBES! Happy Friday!

What do you guys think about the goodies this week? Do you want me to continue doing Friday Favorites? I hope you all had a GREAT week! And I hope you have an even better weekend! 

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My Favorite Valentine's Decor Finds from 2018!

Happy Thursday beauties! I am definitely loving all the feedback I've been getting from you guys on the content you want to see here on The Glam Farmhouse! I'm so glad you guys want to see more of my "life" but at the same time, I also really do enjoy decorating so I'm glad you guys want to see that part of my life too. I've had tons of requests for a post on my favorite Valentine's Day decor and I'm so happy to share some of favorites with you guys! 

I do have some general tips for decorating for Holidays, easily, quickly and on a budget. The number one thing I do is decorate with neutrals through the year. I keep the basics neutral, so that I can easily mix in throw pillows, blankets, and accessories for the Holidays. Most of my decor is white, or cream. And that's because I love to decorate for all the seasons and Holidays and my style changes so much. But my roots are the same, but it helps to have the basic "neutrals". Think of your house like a wardrobe, and instead of accessorizing it with jewelry, like we usually do with outfits, accessorize your home with throw pillows, blankets, and accents. I'll be doing a room by room post soon on how to shop the best basics for your home. 

Since everything in my house is pretty neutral, there are a few spaces and things I do seasonally and every Holiday to add some cheer to a space. Let's face it you guys, every day decor can be, well, boring. I'm not scared to admit that. My house can feel drab and boring to me sometimes, so I keep changing things up so that I can love my home again. 

Here is a peek at some of my favorite Valentine's Day decor, currently! 

1.// Rose Gold Sequin Heart Pillow- I am drooling over this fluffy, extra soft and glam Rose Gold pillow I got from Target. It is the perfect rose gold shade and add's an instant touch of Holiday Cheer to any sofa, bed, entryway or bench! 2.//Hello Gorgeous, Mug- This mug is the perfect soft shade of pink. I love decorating with pink for Valentine's Day and this mug gives me all the LOVE day feels. Even better? It's under $6 bucks! 3.//Metallic Knit Heart Throw- It's no secret that I'm obsessed with throw blankets. I seriously need to purge some of them but I just love them so much! This one is the prettiest shade of soft pink and I love the gold heart accents! Perfect for "draping" or getting cozy with! 4.//Red Berry Wreath- This wreath is the perfect accent to any  entryway, or old window for love day! I also love it because it can be used for other Holidays and seasons, like The 4th of July, & Christmas! I love switching out the wreaths in my spaces for a quick and seasonal update. 5.//Velvet Blush Pillow Cover- crushing hard on these gorgeous velvet pillow covers! I love blush all year and through the Spring & Summer! They're gorgeous in a bedroom, entryway or sofa. They're currently on sale now too! 

What do you guys think about these finds? Do you decorate for Valentine's Day or skip it? I'd love to hear from you guys! Feel free to shoot me a message over on Instagram or leave a comment for me below! XOXO

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Top 10 Favorite Things from 2017!

Hey you guys! I've missed you all! Am I the only one that has the worst time catching up after Christmas & all the holidays? With the weather, Nick has been home from school so much. I enjoy when he's home but I also start to miss my routine. & I'm just continuously asking myself "What day is it, again?" But I know soon enough I'll miss the craziness so I'm trying not to complain, and embrace the chaos that is my life currently. 


So I was doing some "work" lol and tried to gather some information on what posts you guys loved the most in 2017 so that I could bring you guys more posts that you enjoy! I was actually sort of surprised by my top posts, most of them weren't decor related. My recipe posts always do really well, this surprised me because I can't cook. But I do like easy recipes that everyone in my family enjoys. We have a wide range of "tastes" and I know sometimes it's super hard to find recipes that everyone actually eats. That's why I like to keep things simple when it comes to sharing recipes with you guys. Other posts you guys enjoyed included my quick "how to's" and cleaning posts. I really actually enjoy the cleaning posts so I was happy about that. What surprised me the most is how many of you guys enjoy the Friday Favorites posts.

I absolutely love doing these with you guys so I was excited you enjoyed them as much as I do! I was thinking about doing a Monthly favorites post but the thing with those is that things are often sold out by the time I get around to sharing my favorites of the month. Doing it weekly keeps me trying new things, and it also keeps things from selling out super quickly. I will continue to do them in 2018! 

This week though, I wanted to share my favorite things from 2018! ALL OF THEM. I tried to limit myself to just 10 things though, because well, these posts can get super long. 

I've shared lots of these items on my Instagram numerous times but they are worth talking about again. I promise!

1. THIS MUG from Sweet Mint Handmade.
You guys loved this mug as much as I did. Actually, you guys just love fall in general. Which, who doesn't? Sweet Mint Handmade is a small shop located near me in Maryland and she makes THE CUTEST mugs! For all seasons and for everyday. 

2. The BEST basic black leggings under $15!

I love these black leggings because they're stretchy, great at hiding the "mom pouch" and the price is AH-MAY-ZING. Especially compared to other high end brands. You can still snag them if you missed out. They're currently on sale for $12. YES YOU GUYS. $12.

3. Cozy Pom Pom Throw.
This super soft & plush cozy pom pom throw was one of my favorite finds from last year! It's under $30 and still available if you love cozy throw blankets as much as me!

4. These Super Stretchy perfectly distressed denim jeans.
I freaking LOVE these jeans! I love that they're distressed but still keep you covered up. They're super stretchy, and fit true to size! 

I am so obsessed with this bedding. It is just so gorgeous and worth every single cent I paid for it. It's super soft, and really snuggly & warm! I debated on this for a year before pulling the trigger and just buying it. I regret not doing it sooner. I'm all about budget friendly decor but I'm also learning that sometimes you have to splurge on certain things. And let's face it, I spend a lot of time in my bed. hahahahahaha.

Not surprised this beauty is on the list honestly, because I need coffee to get me through life. And I know lots of you can relate. My Keurig is a year in a half old and still going strong! I'm excited to tell you guys that it's ON SALE right now for $90 and if you purchase through the link you can get a $20 Target gift card! So that takes this baby down to $70. AND IT IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. If Mint isn't your jam, it comes in pretty much any other color you can think of! I'm waiting for them to release a pink one. I might have to upgrade! 

you guys. I know I've talked about these pants SO MUCH. I just can't put into words how much I freaking LOVE them. They are so amazingly soft I bought them in every color. If you didn't snag these comfies yet, you're missing out! They're on sale right now for less than $24.

Is it bad when you're comfy "at home" wardrobe is bigger than your going out wardrobe? Asking for a friend. No but seriously. For the price, these are BY far the coziest and prettiest slippers I've ever owned. The fact that they're this cute makes me feel not so bad about hardly ever putting on real shoes. They're still available if for some reason you don't already own them;) They're under $25 bucks! 

SO. Basically, if you own mugs, you need this mug rack. It is THE BEST hands down and it comes in white & copper! I've been debating the copper one just because I love it so much and it's so cheap. It's under $15 and it's small size is great if you don't have a ton of extra space and want extra visual storage. 

This last name pillow is simply stunning in person and pictures don't do it justice! It's such a great way to add a personal touch to any space, and I love how pretty it looks in our master bedroom. It would also make an amazing wedding gift, don't you think? I love supporting small shops when I can and I'm so glad you guys do too!

As I near the end of this list, I love the mix of decor and real life stuff that you guys enjoyed seeing this year. My account sort of shifted from just home decor to more lifestyle and I can't thank you guys enough for accepting that with open arms. You  guys embraced my crazy and my love of ALL things and I'm so thankful for all of you!
I can't wait to continue sharing ALL OF THE THINGS in 2018! 

Thank you so much for popping in today! What was your favorite find of 2018? I'll be doing an Amazon Favorites post soon! Come hang out with me on Instagram or leave a comment for me below. It means so much to me to have you guys here! 


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Target Dollar Spot Valentine's Day 2017 Haul

Hold up.

Can you guys believe I haven't blogged since before Christmas? I'm just over here still catching up from Thanksgiving, honestly. But here we are! Christmas has been packed up and put away, most of it anyway. I still have to back up the porch and the tree in Savanna's room but I wanted to get the bulk of the un-decorating done quickly after Christmas. I was anxious to start the New Year on a fresh slate. It just makes me feel better. 

That being said, it's been basically just a little over a week without Holiday decor around here and well, I'm bored. Normally I like to tackle a project or do something to keep me busy, but we have two flip house on the market currently and we're trying to finish up some details in the game room before we go full blast on our master bathroom. So I'm trying not to do anything too crazy, while I catch up on everything around here. 

I normally decorate for Valentine's Day pretty early. Mostly because I need to keep busy during the freezing cold months of January and February. Winter is sort of, well, boring. Valentine's Day gets me through. I know a lot of you don't decorate for "hearts day" as Savanna calls it, but I love it so much. The pinks & reds are such a fun contrast from the typical "Rustic" farmhouse decor and I like to mix them in with our current decor for fun. Nick jokes with me that he wouldn't know what season or Holiday it was without my buffet table being decorated for it. It's sort of true. I love decorating that space for the Holidays! 

ANYWAY! That got off track quickly! I wanted to pop on and share with you all of the Target Dollar Spot cuteness they had out for LOVE Day! I Seriously DIED. So many cute things and I love the Dollar Spot because it's got tons of budget friendly & cute decor. I actually saw more I wanted for Valentine's Day than I did at Christmas. Crazy, I know! 

So here are some peeks at the selection my Target had, I've seen different things at different stores! But seriously, SO MANY CUTE THINGS.

Just take a peek and see for yourself. 
Mine was a little messy, but I love those chalkboards at the bottom and the cute string lights!
Sav was clearly as excited as I was about all the goodies! She picked out a few things to decorate her room and playroom with. She keeps asking me when "heart day" is. 
They had these cute table runners and cake stands that are perfect if you're planning to host a little Valentine's Day party. I wish the cake stands were glass but they're plastic. Still cute though! I couldn't find any stir sticks but I did grab some cute glitter straws that will serve the purpose I suppose. 

Overall, I snagged lots of goodies and we'll see where the stuff ends up. I always snag some banners for seasonal decor because they're always pretty awesome and add a fun festive touch to any space. I normally just decorate our living room, buffet table and coffee station for Valentine's Day but Sav has asked for a few things in her room as well. Holiday's are such much fun aren't they?! 

You can see some of last year's Valentine's Day decor here.

I'm also linking some of my absolute favorite Love Day decor below! Just scroll to shop and let me know what you guys think of my picks!

What do you guys think? Do you decorate for Valentine's Day or skip it? Let's chat! Drop me a message on Instagram or leave a comment below! Love to chat with you guys! 

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