My Favorite Valentine's Decor Finds from 2018!

Happy Thursday beauties! I am definitely loving all the feedback I've been getting from you guys on the content you want to see here on The Glam Farmhouse! I'm so glad you guys want to see more of my "life" but at the same time, I also really do enjoy decorating so I'm glad you guys want to see that part of my life too. I've had tons of requests for a post on my favorite Valentine's Day decor and I'm so happy to share some of favorites with you guys! 

I do have some general tips for decorating for Holidays, easily, quickly and on a budget. The number one thing I do is decorate with neutrals through the year. I keep the basics neutral, so that I can easily mix in throw pillows, blankets, and accessories for the Holidays. Most of my decor is white, or cream. And that's because I love to decorate for all the seasons and Holidays and my style changes so much. But my roots are the same, but it helps to have the basic "neutrals". Think of your house like a wardrobe, and instead of accessorizing it with jewelry, like we usually do with outfits, accessorize your home with throw pillows, blankets, and accents. I'll be doing a room by room post soon on how to shop the best basics for your home. 

Since everything in my house is pretty neutral, there are a few spaces and things I do seasonally and every Holiday to add some cheer to a space. Let's face it you guys, every day decor can be, well, boring. I'm not scared to admit that. My house can feel drab and boring to me sometimes, so I keep changing things up so that I can love my home again. 

Here is a peek at some of my favorite Valentine's Day decor, currently! 

1.// Rose Gold Sequin Heart Pillow- I am drooling over this fluffy, extra soft and glam Rose Gold pillow I got from Target. It is the perfect rose gold shade and add's an instant touch of Holiday Cheer to any sofa, bed, entryway or bench! 2.//Hello Gorgeous, Mug- This mug is the perfect soft shade of pink. I love decorating with pink for Valentine's Day and this mug gives me all the LOVE day feels. Even better? It's under $6 bucks! 3.//Metallic Knit Heart Throw- It's no secret that I'm obsessed with throw blankets. I seriously need to purge some of them but I just love them so much! This one is the prettiest shade of soft pink and I love the gold heart accents! Perfect for "draping" or getting cozy with! 4.//Red Berry Wreath- This wreath is the perfect accent to any  entryway, or old window for love day! I also love it because it can be used for other Holidays and seasons, like The 4th of July, & Christmas! I love switching out the wreaths in my spaces for a quick and seasonal update. 5.//Velvet Blush Pillow Cover- crushing hard on these gorgeous velvet pillow covers! I love blush all year and through the Spring & Summer! They're gorgeous in a bedroom, entryway or sofa. They're currently on sale now too! 

What do you guys think about these finds? Do you decorate for Valentine's Day or skip it? I'd love to hear from you guys! Feel free to shoot me a message over on Instagram or leave a comment for me below! XOXO

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  1. That pillow is fantastic!! I always forget about Valentine’s Day until like... February 10th and then I’m like oops! Best get on that!

  2. Laurie, I absolutely LOVE the mug, throw, and wreath! The blush/rose gold pillows are super cute too! As a new homeowner, I’m still trying to find little ways to personalize the house and make it feel more cozy...and your decor ideas are awesome! I follow your stories on insta pretty much every day! I haven’t purchased anything for it but I’d love to put up some cute Vday decor soon xo Alanna