Target Dollar Spot Valentine's Day 2017 Haul

Hold up.

Can you guys believe I haven't blogged since before Christmas? I'm just over here still catching up from Thanksgiving, honestly. But here we are! Christmas has been packed up and put away, most of it anyway. I still have to back up the porch and the tree in Savanna's room but I wanted to get the bulk of the un-decorating done quickly after Christmas. I was anxious to start the New Year on a fresh slate. It just makes me feel better. 

That being said, it's been basically just a little over a week without Holiday decor around here and well, I'm bored. Normally I like to tackle a project or do something to keep me busy, but we have two flip house on the market currently and we're trying to finish up some details in the game room before we go full blast on our master bathroom. So I'm trying not to do anything too crazy, while I catch up on everything around here. 

I normally decorate for Valentine's Day pretty early. Mostly because I need to keep busy during the freezing cold months of January and February. Winter is sort of, well, boring. Valentine's Day gets me through. I know a lot of you don't decorate for "hearts day" as Savanna calls it, but I love it so much. The pinks & reds are such a fun contrast from the typical "Rustic" farmhouse decor and I like to mix them in with our current decor for fun. Nick jokes with me that he wouldn't know what season or Holiday it was without my buffet table being decorated for it. It's sort of true. I love decorating that space for the Holidays! 

ANYWAY! That got off track quickly! I wanted to pop on and share with you all of the Target Dollar Spot cuteness they had out for LOVE Day! I Seriously DIED. So many cute things and I love the Dollar Spot because it's got tons of budget friendly & cute decor. I actually saw more I wanted for Valentine's Day than I did at Christmas. Crazy, I know! 

So here are some peeks at the selection my Target had, I've seen different things at different stores! But seriously, SO MANY CUTE THINGS.

Just take a peek and see for yourself. 
Mine was a little messy, but I love those chalkboards at the bottom and the cute string lights!
Sav was clearly as excited as I was about all the goodies! She picked out a few things to decorate her room and playroom with. She keeps asking me when "heart day" is. 
They had these cute table runners and cake stands that are perfect if you're planning to host a little Valentine's Day party. I wish the cake stands were glass but they're plastic. Still cute though! I couldn't find any stir sticks but I did grab some cute glitter straws that will serve the purpose I suppose. 

Overall, I snagged lots of goodies and we'll see where the stuff ends up. I always snag some banners for seasonal decor because they're always pretty awesome and add a fun festive touch to any space. I normally just decorate our living room, buffet table and coffee station for Valentine's Day but Sav has asked for a few things in her room as well. Holiday's are such much fun aren't they?! 

You can see some of last year's Valentine's Day decor here.

I'm also linking some of my absolute favorite Love Day decor below! Just scroll to shop and let me know what you guys think of my picks!

What do you guys think? Do you decorate for Valentine's Day or skip it? Let's chat! Drop me a message on Instagram or leave a comment below! Love to chat with you guys! 

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  1. Our dollar spot was so picked over! But they did have a bunch of fun storage options (not heart Day related) that I snagged. Galvanized buckets, woven baskets and canvas totes. So pumped about them not that I have a place for any of it. But if you find a good deal you run with it. Am I right?

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