5 Things you NEED for Summer & Your Vacation NOW!

Ahh, you guys, can you feel it? even though it's super rainy, cloudy, cold and dreary here in Maryland I can FEEL Spring in the air, my hostas have already started to break ground and things are in full SPRING CLEANING MODE around here. I'm SO crazy excited for Spring, Summer & all of the fun things that come with it! Cute clothes being one of them. Our recent trip got me dreaming about long sunny summer days, cute low key summer outfits, Spring trips and mini getaways to the beach! It also got me thinking about how mama has to get back in shape after eating way to many chicken nuggets this winter & downing dirty bananas for the past week like it's my job. But that post is for another day! 

I wanted to share a quick post with 5 staple things I bought this (almost) Spring to incorporate into my wardrobe this season to prepare for all the fun we're about to have! 

1. A cute Summer-y (is that a word?) hand bag-
I got SO many compliments on this cutie during our trip to Jamaica (which I'll be blogging about tomorrow!) It's the perfect size, so cute and I can tell It's going to be my go to bag this Spring/Summer. Perfect for travel too! Mine is from Clarie V but this one is almost identical and under $40!! I have a feeling it will sell out;) 
I've never met a colored wall I didn't like. PS. this cover up was from the resort gift shop.

 2. A cute & casual dress that can be dressed up or down!
I absolutely LOVE packing and wearing dresses when the weather allows, I do struggle finding cute ones though that aren't too long or too form fitting, for casual days. I picked this t-shirt dress up from Target  and I love it, it's a tiny bit long but I tie up the corner and it's good to go! Pair it with a cute Fedora and it's serious summer casual vibes. I also love this universally flattering, super soft ruched body dress I love it so much in fact, I snagged it in 3 colors because it always seems to sell out. I feel like this is the perfect "travel" day dress, paired with a cute denim jacket, baseball hat and converse. 

3. A comfy denim jacket-
EVERYONE, needs a cozy comfy denim jacket for Spring/Summer. Actually, all year round. I wear mine way more than I'd like to admit, especially when we hit that weird time of year when the weather shifts. It's cute dressed up with blank denim and nude heels or dressed down in a cozy comfy t-shirt dress. this one is a steal for under $30. I sized down for a tighter fit across my shoulders! 

4. A flattering bikini-

I have a terrible time finding one pieces that don't make me feel, well, frumpy? At the same time I love the classic look of them. I snagged this one for under $30 in olive but it comes in 3 colors and is in my opinion universally flattering with the lace up back, you can tighten for as much or little lift as you like. I also feel like my boobs are supported a bit in this one. I also tagged another suit I have (the black and white one!) listed here below which is another great alternative to a bikini, with the cutout stomach area it's flattering for everyone who's still rockin' those sexy mama curves. 

5. A cute cover up & hat-
If you're anything like me, I pretty much live in suits and cover up's over the Summer, We're beach people and go as often as we can, we live about 2 1/2 hours away from our local beach so we're there a ton in the Summer. Which means I have my share of cover up's. This lace fringe kimono is super cute! You probably wouldn't believe where I got it or for the price I paid! Under $25! Snag this cutie up before it sells out! Also, I love this fedora , because it's more rounded than most, it's a cute basic fit and can be paired with a cute summer dress or your adorable bikini! 

I got so many questions about outfits and goodies featured in my Instagram stories this past week from our most recent trip, I put together this page and "mini boutique" of sorts for you to easily shop & scroll my favorites for upcoming beach trips, tropical getaways, and pool days! I wanted to do this post for you guys before I share some packing tips & tricks so you have an idea of what to buy to prepare! Shopping for Summer and vacation is so fun, isn't it? As always, shoot me a message or comment with questions about fit and sizing! I'll fill you in on the dets! XOXO

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  1. Oh yes yes yes! My denim jacket is such a staple!!

    1. I agree girlfriend! Not sure what I'd do without it! HAHA!


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