Getting Started with Essential Oils

If you're anything like I was a few months ago, oils confuse the you know WHAT out of you. I mean, at least they did me. I guess just because I knew so little about them. I had always had some friends reach out to me pitching their miracle oils, I was always hesitant to try because I just couldn't understand the benefit. Or the price. 

I know all Essential oil's are different and I'm not hating on any one company or brand, I'm just trying to be honest when I say, it's pretty confusing starting out. 

I had always loved the idea of oils. But could never quite understand how to use them or what the benefits of using them in place of candles was exactly. I had read comments about how people used them to aid in their anxiety, help their kids sleep better, and to avoid getting sick. I'm admitting to ya'll right now that I'm still learning about that part. 
I started using oils about 2 months ago. I've been pretty much hooked since. Everyday I learn something new about them, and about the benefits. Everyday I find new ways to use them to help with the day to day "issues". I rub lavender on Savanna's heels before bed and she always sleeps so peacefully. She is normally pretty restless so it's been a lifesaver for us. I also use it when I'm feeling a little stressed and just need to chill for a minute. Just taking 5 quick seconds to rub some on my inner wrists and breathe is enough to help me chill out for a second. If you're a Mom, you know those 5 seconds are rare sooo, it's a pretty big deal to me, ha!

I've also found Peppermint oil to me amazing at aiding in my endometriosis pain when I'm having a flare. Just rubbing a little bit on sore muscles after a workout works amazingly well too. Who knew?! 

I stumbled upon Eden's Garden a few months ago, I honestly loved the diffuser and thought I'd give oil's a try. We have already been attempting to be a "healthier" household, when it comes to eating, cleaning supplies, etc. so oil's just sort of made sense.  I started with the basic {starter} pack and diffused Aroma Fresh like it was my job. I was impressed with the strong scent, & how it made my whole house feel super clean & fresh. I'm a big scent person. Because I feel like if it smells clean, it IS clean, even if it's not. ;) (don't judge me, okay!)

I quickly became obsessed and started mixing together more "blends" for different things. 

Today I wanted to share 5 of my favorite blends with you guys to try, I hope this is especially helpful to you just starting out! 

1. Beat The Sniffles-
My sinuses are forever acting up this time of year. It's such a bummer because it's the one thing about Spring that I hate. ALLERGIES. I love diffusing this blend because it truly helps "clear me up" plus it smells super great. 

3 drops of Lavender 
3 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Rosemary

2. When I miss the beach-
I call this the "mermaid" blend because it reminds me of the sea. & because of the pretty colors of the oil bottles. Am I weird? Is it weird that I notice that? Don't say I'm weird. 

4 drops of Lavender 
4 drops of Lime 
2 drops of Spearmint 

You can always adjust the oils to your liking but always try to keep it to a minimum of 10 drops depending on the size of your diffuser. I find much more than that can be a bit overpowering. 

3. Deep Clean-
I've talked about my super secret cleaning "solution" before. Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed to tell ya'll just what it is. I use this as a general cleaning solution that works on pretty much any surface. Lemon is a natural disinfectant so you can use that alone on a damp sponge on countertops and cutting boards. 

20 drops Lemon
20 drops Eucalyptus 
1 oz white vinegar 

Mix in a 2 oz bottle (or bigger if you'd prefer just adjust the oils and vinegar to size.) Solution can be used pretty much anywhere, including bathrooms. 

4. To cure nausea-
I have really bad vertigo and it's always super gross when I fly and travel. It's so bad for my sometimes I get sick just driving in the car. I discovered this "trick" and I used it recently on our recent flight to Jamaica when we hit some turbulence. Just soak some lavender & peppermint oils in a cotton pad and take it with you in a plastic baggie when you travel. Or keep them in your purse in case you start to feel queasy when you're out somewhere. 

2 drops Lavender 
2 drops Eucalyptus 
Soak in two cotton balls

You can place them behind your ears or simple just inhale the scent from a plastic baggie. It instantly helps with any nausea. 

5. When you want a clean smelling house-
You ever have those days when you don't want to clean but you don't want anyone to know you sat in your yoga pants watching murder documentaries all day? No? Just me?

Okay then. 

Either way this combination is amazing to diffuse when you want to encourage yourself to clean! I love diffusing this when the windows are up, music is blasting and I have my cleaning tee on. It smells so clean and fresh and instantly boosts my mood! 

4 drops Lemon
4 drops Lavender 
2 drops Eucalyptus 
1 drop Peppermint

I'm still discovering oils and learning as I go, but I find a great place to start is with the Eden's Garden basics kit which includes all the oils you need to get started exploring! 

I can't wait to continue sharing all of my tips & tricks with you! Be sure to check out Instagram stories to keep up with all my cleaning tips & tricks! I usually share something "new" each week and I love when we can clean together! As always, I love to hear from you guys! Drop a comment below for me or send me a message on Instagram! 


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  1. There really are soooo many oils out there it can be incredibly overwhelming. I’m a fan though!

  2. Does your family approve of all the scents you diffuse? I have been sitting on the fence with essential oils as well and totally appreciate your post about them. But you know how husbands can be (maybe just mine! LOL) about scents and OMG what is that horrible stink!?! Meanwhile I'm thinking this smells amazing! LOL~~~ Thanks, Laurie :)


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