Easy ways to add Boho vibes into your Farmhouse!

Let's chat bohemian vibes. I've always sort of been into the whole wanderlust, free spirit vibes. I've always loved the look of bright colors mixed with fun quirky patterns and funky textures. But let's be real, we live in a farmhouse. A farmhouse that FEELS like a farmhouse. With lots of farmhouse bones. I always thought some of the bohemian style I loved so much just wouldn't mix well with my current home decor situation. 

Boy was I wrong.

I started adding some fun, low key, bohemian elements into our farmhouse last Spring. Honestly, it was easier then I thought to add subtle elements in that didn't scream in your face or look too out of place among my farmhouse basics. It's always fun to keep things fresh, and I always get bored when things are the same for too long. However, since we do have lots of work still left to do here at our casa, re-doing entire rooms isn't exactly on my high priority list considering we still have so much left to do. 

So I like to add fun little elements in subtle ways. So today I'm going to share a few quick & easy ways you can add some low key vibes into your farmhouse decor. You might be surprised at how easily the two styles blend together. 

1. Throw Pillows//-
I mean, okay, duh. Obviously. Throw pillows are probably the easiest, most cost effective way to add some fun vibes into a space to make it feel fresh & new again. Thinking in terms of bohemian style, think thick & chunky textures with fun accents and elements. I'm absolutely drooling over pom-poms and chunky knit EVERYTHING, right now. One of the things I love to do is keep my "basics" neutral, so that I can easily add in different colors and textures that will blend well with anything. Having white furniture totally helps with this.  I'm obsessing over this one.  and this one!

2. Layers//-
When I think of bohemian style I personally think of fun textures incorporated in fun ways. I've always been huge into layering everything, this is a trend that plays very well in farmhouse decor & style as well. Adding a simple textured, table runner in a macrame texture adds so much character to a space with such minimal effort. Trust me, try it! You'll see! It can add immediate warmth to a space! I add a table runner EVERYWHERE when a space feels too boring or bland for me. I have this gorgeous knit runner {here}.

3. Become a crazy plant lady//- 
confession, you guys I have a black thumb. My Dad is like a plant GOD and I can't even keep a faux plant alive, WHAT? I HAVE TO DUST IT? No thanks. It's dead to me. But when you think of Bohemian style you think of plants right? At least I do. Plants bring a space to life, literally. And I love adding them in a space that needs some fresh vibes. I love my {fiddle fig} and some of my other favorite boho style plants include {creeping jenny} and {creeping charlie}, both fit in easily with farmhouse style and decor, also. 

4. Add Color & Patterns//-
While the basis of farmhouse decor is keeping things neutral, I love to add low key boho vibes by bringing in some fun colors and patterns. You can do this is subtle ways, with a fun textured rug, like {this one}, or with something as simple as a few mugs. I'm currently crushing on {this one.}  You'll be surprised how just sitting these out on your counter can instantly cheer you up. 
You can also add something subtle like a fun printed rug {like this one} which has lots of funky textures & colors. 

It's all the rage right now. I mean, who knew that 80's brass would come back in style? While it might look similar to what your parents had in their homes back in the 80's (hey! 80's babies unite!) it's not the same. The new modern twist is lots of fun and a great way to instantly spruce up your space. You can do something super minor like spray paint your current hardware bronze {with my favorite brass spray paint} or even just paint some switch plate covers or your bathroom faucets. Adding little elements will add instant warmth and character to a space. 

In the end- DON'T be afraid to branch out and try new things. It's just paint, it's just a pillow, it's just a rug. Decorating our homes should be fun, and we should think of it as dressing ourselves. It's great to stick to the basics, but you can easily bring a space together by adding small touches of character which sets things apart and makes your home uniquely YOU!

What do you guys think? Would you add any of these elements into your homes? I'd love to chat and hear from you! Drop a comment for me below or come say, "hey!" on instagram.

You can shop some of my boho farmhouse favorites below! 

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