The Best Spring Decor Finds for UNDER $25!

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Hey babes! It's a rainy, cloudy, dreary Monday and I'm just wondering if Spring will ever be here to stay. We did have a gorgeous weekend though, temps were in the 80's and trust me, Sav and I were enjoying EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT. We basically live outside in the Summer so I'm ready. Also, Nick randomly decided to rip off the siding on the bottom of our house because he "didn't like the color" anymore, which also turned into us FINALLY re-doing our front porch, I'm excited, but I really would have appreciated some time to prepare myself. You know what I'm Sayin'? So I literally feel like my house is complete chaos right now. Better to get it done now though while the weather isn't great so by the time it gets warm again I can full enjoy it, right?! 

Meanwhile I still have some small things to finish up in the master bathroom to share with you guys but for the most part that's finished. I'm hoping to get the full reveal up for you guys this week! I am totally thrilled with how this turned out and it's quickly become my favorite room in the whole house. 

We clearly have a ton going on, but this is what our life is always like, what can I say? 

I've been meaning to put this post together for you guys for the past few weeks, I've been getting lots of questions about Spring/Summer decor and how to decorate on a budget so I wanted to share with you, some of my recent favorite finds for Spring for the home for UNDER $25! I'll be doing a similar post soon with my favorite Spring finds under $25 for the CLOSET but I figured it would be best to separate the two into different posts.

First let's start with what might perhaps be my favorite find from the new {opalhouse line at Target.} My Macrame Table Runner. It's literally a third of the cost of the one at anthropologie and still super pretty. I snagged one for the buffet table in the dining room and I'm pretty happy with the quality for the $25 I paid! 

You also can't go wrong with a bundle of pretty faux flowers! The key is to find ones that LOOK real, Nick is always mind blown when I tell him our faux flowers aren't real. I snagged these tulips recently and he insisted they weren't fake until he touched them! Seriously, the quality is THAT GOOD. I also shared this bundle of peonies and they're perfect! I want about 8 more. HA! 

I searched high and low at some of my favorite places to shop for home decor for what I think are the best deals on decor for Spring. I like to switch things up so it's important to me when buying seasonal decor that it's on the cheaper side and budget friendly. I know a lot of you can relate!

I'm going to share some of my other favorites below for you guys and I won't ramble about everything for 10 hours! But if you have any questions about anything shoot me a message! You guys know I love to answer your questions and love to hear from you and help when I can! 

Happy Monday! Here's to a great week! 

You can shop easily by just clicking an image:

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  1. This weather is bananas. How exciting about the deck though! All good things!!

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  3. Lots of work and happening! I haven't seen the bathroom vanity yet?
    I've just started following you so interested in your outside space/deck!