My Current Morning Skincare Routine

Happy Monday Friends! I have to admit, some Mondays I'm totally not prepared to start the new week and I just need one more day between Saturday and Sunday to get me through. Other weeks, I'm like, ohhhhkay, can Monday get here? Because I need a routine back in my life ASAP. Anyone else relate to that serious love/hate relationship? Or am I just crazy? 

Either way, Monday is here! And I wanted to chat a little bit about my current skincare favs.. I get asked a ton about my favorite skincare products on Instagram and I actually have to admit I'm a bit of a skincare junkie. I grew up watching my Mom religiously use Avon products on her face and my grandma even sold it for year, even though my Mom never really wore a ton of makeup, she totally takes care of her skin. I took after my Dad in the skin department though, I struggled with mild acne through most of my teenage years and now, even at 30, I'm still struggling with the occasional breakout and massive pimple that just WON'T go away. I've tried so many products over the years to try to get rid of my acne, and also balance my skin and prevent aging. It's tough to find products that are great for both and I add and eliminate new products from my skincare routine all the time. I enjoy trying new things, but do have some tired and true favorites! 

I'm going to share my current MORNING skincare routine with you guys and also give you a heads up and a little information about some of my favorite products, how I use them, and just what they've done for my skin! 

Let's start with Step 1: 
I always start with a mild cleanser in the AM and this Anthony Algae Cleanser is my new favorite! I can't rave enough about it! The smell is AMAZING. The texture is almost a gel like consistency and a little goes a long way. My skin feels SO hydrated afterwards, but never oily. Since using this cleanser I've had no new breakouts, my skin feels hydrated, and my skin feels SO CLEAN. I use this every morning with my Foreo Play. 

Step 2: 
I always like to address any blemishes, or pimples immediately after cleansing my skin. I use a variety of different products to treat my acne,but currently I wipe my face with a Clearasil Rapid Rescue Deep Treatment Pad, after that, I'll spot treat any active blemishes or bumps with this acne clearing gel. Just a heads up, this stuff is DRYING! BUT it will literally clear up ANY acne or blemish OVERNIGHT. I put this on before I go to bed sometimes and I wake up and my blemishes are either completely gone, or at very least, decreased significantly in size when I wake up in the morning. I always ALWAYS have this on hand. ESPECIALLY on vacation, because you just never know. 

Step 3: 
I love my Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner but I have recently introduced this Glow Tonic into my routine and YOU GUYS! It's a game changer. Especially if you have acne. My complexion can get really dull from all of the acne treatments and some tonic's can break me out worse. I was honestly expecting a skin purge from using this product and was so surprised when I didn't have one! Instead, my dry skin is exfoliated away and my skin feels brighter, I have also noticed a significant reduction in dark spots and my skin tone is overall more even. I use this every OTHER day in the AM only. 

Step 4: 
I really struggle with moisturizers, most of them are super heavy for my oily skin. I've raved about this one before though and even over so many other (much pricier!) options, this one is still my favorite. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin but moisturizes so well. It doesn't break me out either. It hydrates, but still lets my skin breathe if that makes any sort of sense. I apply this MORNING AND NIGHT. Under my eyes, I have been using this eye brightening cream from Saturday Skin and I'm really diggin' it so far. It has a really light base, no scent and feels super hydrating under my eyes. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and can already see a significant improvement in my under eye area. plus  the packaging is super cute! 

Another game changer skincare tool I've added to my routine is this Sonic Eraser Pro! IT HAS CHANGED my life. NOT EVEN KIDDING. I use it after I apply my moisturizer and under my eyes, it heats up to allow the serums and moisturizers to enter your skin and help your skincare products do their job more efficiently. I have already seen a significant decrease in the small lines around my eyes and between my brows! It also helps depuff the under-eye area and my skin feels brighter after I use it. I'm not normally into these kind of tools because I don't find them to work, but this one is completely different, not to mention, it's super relaxing!

So that's it! My current morning skincare routine! If you've tried any of these products, I would love to hear from you! I'll update with a new post every month of current products I've tried, what I've added to my skincare routine, and what I have eliminated from it. Thanks for stopping by today! You can shop everything from this post below!


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