WEEKEND SALES & ways to give back this season!

Hey friends! Happy weekend! Can you believe it's freaking December this weekend? I AM MIND BLOWN BY THIS. But also very excited! It's the best time of the year after all. 

Before I share a list of weekend sales with you guys, I wanted to chat a minute about why I love this season so much! For me, it's always been better to give, than to receive. I love giving back this time of year, growing up we didn't have a ton of money, my Mom was a single Mom and many years, we relied on others and the kindness of peoples hearts to get through the season. My Mom worked HARD. EVERY SINGLE DAY. But we still struggled, and many years we would go to local churches to gather money to pay our electric bill, or to put food on the table. I was always amazed at how kind people can be, and being a teen parent, there were plenty of times where Nick and I needed help as well. This is why, even when I was younger, I promised myself if I ever had the means to give back when I was older, I would do so. 

I understand this time of year is hard for a lot of people. That's why it makes my heart so full to give back when I can. I love hearing all of your ideas on how to give back this holiday season! a few of my favorite things to do to give back? I love to pay off student lunch loans at local schools, my life goal is honestly to be able to pay off every single one in full. I'm not there yet, but if I ever win the lottery you can bet that's what I'm doing with the funds! 

So while putting this list together, I went on a hunt for retailers that are giving back this season. Here is the list: 

American Eagle is donating one hat to someone in need for every winter accessory purchase, so if you're in need of some cozy warm accessories, you know where to shop! 

Mostly all of their winter accessories are on sale! 

TOMS  has always been amazing about giving back! They donate one pair of shoes to someone in need when you buy a pair. 

I'm always looking to share stores that give back! So if you ever come across any, please let me know so I can share and we can spread the love! 

Moving on to sales, I know lots of you guys are shopped out from last weekend, but December is a great month to snag some of the best deals of the year, stores are preparing for Spring arrivals (I know, crazy to think about!) and dropping new collections, so some of the seasons favorites are on major discount! 

So today I'm sharing a few weekend deals that are almost too good to pass up! No matter who you're shopping for! 

ABERCROMBIE - Is offering an additional 30% off sale items using code 11750. I snagged some of my favorite flannels for less than $20! and a few pairs of the low rise denim jeans that i've been loving lately for less than $40. Linking some of my faves and what I snagged below! 

OLD NAVY - GIFTS FOR EVERYONE STARTING AT $5! 20% OFF ENTIRE SITE USING CODE SWEET and it's time to use that OLD NAVY CASH! My rose gold slippers have also been restocked! 

AMERICAN EAGLE- is offering 20-50% off everything including new arrivals! 

ULTA- 50% OFF MY FAVORITE urban decay palette! 

NORDSTROM- markdowns on UGGS and my favorite over the knee boots! 

DSW- extra 30% off UGGS, also crushing on these booties!

TARGET- is offering 40% off bed & bath through Saturday! fuzzy blankets make great gifts and this one is under $25! 

WAL-MART- is still having great sales for cyber week! My copper tasty pans were a top seller on black friday and are back in stock in copper! Great set that includes a google home mini for under $100. Snag the set here.

MACY'S- extra 30% off already discounted items including my favorite FREE PEOPLE jeans on sale for $54.60 with code FRIEND! and I snagged this scarf I have had on my wish list forever on major sale using the same code.

I will keep this post updated throughout the weekend as new sales pop up! You can also follow me on Instagram to snag some of the best deals! As always, thank you so so much for your support! I couldn't do this without you guys! 

{post contains affiliate links which means I'll make a small comission from any items you may purchase through this blog post!}


Do you stuff your own stocking? Oh man, that sounds really bad when you say it out loud. Get your dang minds out of the gutter people, okay?! Ha. This is (for the most part) a pretty PG blog post, promise. But seriously, while typing this post and gathering stocking stuffer ideas, I really got to thinking about stockings, and how much fun I think they can be. For the record, I mostly do my own.. um.. stocking stuffing. For myself. It's fine. 

After running a few questions by you guys on Instagram, at your request I'm doing individual posts for gift guides & stocking stuffer ideas from here on out. That way, if there's something specific you're looking for you can mostly find everything in that one post, and don't have to scroll through meaningless things. Like this conversation I'm having with you guys right now. 

first off, you might need some stockings.. here's mine!

These ideas I put together with mostly myself in mind, these are actually things I have, use and love and/or would love to get in my stocking! Most of the ideas work well for teen, and preteen girls also. Not really sure what that says about me, but.. oh well. Who doesn't freaking want reindeer gloves or slippers for Christmas, no matter what your age? Also, almost everything is under $25 or on sale! 

So hopefully you can find some awesome deals that won't break the bank! 

First I'm going to list a few places where you can snag some really cute, unique stocking stuffer ideas! 

URBAN OUTFITTERS- really cute, fun unique ideas, and they often offer free shipping! I like that you can also shop by price for gifts. As low as $15! Perfect for secret santa gifts or office exchange gifts.

AMERICAN EAGLE- has so many cute & festive unique ideas for stocking stuffers and GIFTS! often offering free shipping & 40% off discounts through the holiday season. this is a great place to snag mens/boys stocking stuffers also. I also love this cute iPhone charger cable!

ULTA- perfect place to snag tons of things like, sheet masks, mini lipglosses, and small gift sets that fit perfectly in a stocking! Like other sites, they have a great selection of $25 and under stocking stuffer/gift ideas. 

UNCOMMON GOODS- this is one of the most unique places to buy gifts! Here you'll find cool things like, crystal bath salts and other unique ideas for everyone on your list! 

ANTHROPOLOGIE- you'll find some great gift ideas/stocking stuffers here. I love to search the "mini" section to snag travel sized items before buying full sized products! 

travel sized hand creams
lip balms and glosses
gift cards to her favorite places (ahem, starbucks & target!) 
portable phone charger
phone charger cord
car air freshener 
k-cups or flavored coffee
candles full size or mini candles
initial necklace
pura vida rings
body mist
lip mask
mask applicator brush

The options are literally endless! Have fun with it! I hope you find this guide helpful! I really do try to put thought into them and make sure that I share unique but thoughtful gift ideas with all of you! As always, thank you so much for being here! love you guys so big!!! 

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IT'S HERE! I promised ya'll a massive gift guide for EVERYONE on your list this year! Including those pesky little teenagers who are so hard to buy for! Can I be honest for a sec and tell y'all that I love buying gifts for friends & family? I know that's not what the season is about but it makes my heart so happy & full to buy something for someone else, just because. Which is why I really do put a lot of thought into my gift buying and these guides! I want you to give a gift you know that person will just LOVE!

So, today I bring you...THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE! While this guide isn't yet complete and I plan to add things as the month goes on, I wanted a place to gather all the best gifts of the season for you to easily shop. I tried to find a few ideas for those people that are the hardest to buy for first and the ones you guys have requested the most!

(you can check out my post on 20+ gift ideas for men, here!)

Let's get started with the hardest people on my list to buy for.


 My oldest, Nick, who is 15. His Christmas list this year included a few things that surprised me. But after thinking about it, made complete sense!


other gift ideas for teens include games, cash, gift cards to their favorite places to eat, a camera, or simple things like a wallet with a few $10 gift cards inside.

it's actually a decent list, and a lot of these things work for both boys AND girls! I found a great deal on UNDER ARMOUR & NORTH FACE hoodies here and you can use code Take20November for 20% off your order through the end of the month! I also love the idea of a personalized throw blanket like this one, or this one.


Now that the hardest is out of the way, the second hardest for me is thinking of gifts for my in-laws, and my parents. Over the years, I've found that things like, slippers, and candles however boring they may seem, always make good gifts. I've yet to meet someone who doesn't love candles or comfy slippers! i get a pair for my mom every single year and she loves them!

I'm adding a few gifts to scroll through for the woman in your life, followed by gift ideas for the guys.

If you want to get a joint gift, I really suggest something like a google home mini, or an amazon echo. We really love ours!! They would also make great gifts for teens since you can also stream music on them.


Moving back to kids- Savanna pretty much wants anything and everything this year as do most 5 year olds. I've been watching the things she plays with the most this past year and thinking of that while sharing her wish list with you! The number one thing Savanna wants Santa to bring this year is this melissa & doug grocery store set. I really love gifts that encourage imaginative play! She has had this vintage kitchen set for 4 years and absolutely loves it! It is great quality and has held up so well! She also really loves her vanity and playing dress up!

Santa brought this set of 5 princess dresses last year and she absolutely adores all of them! It's a great set if your little one loves to play dress up! 

She also really loves anything to do with art, painting, coloring, art kits, cutie cars, mini figures, princess dresses and board games!


If you exchange gifts with your bestie, here are a a few really fun ideas, besides just exchanging a bottle of wine, which is also acceptable. Presco Pong is a MUST!


We always do a big family gift every year, some years its a few board games, one year it was a popcorn cart, another year was a movie projector & screen and last year we got the ninteno switch with mario kart 8. It's usually always a gift that encourages us to spend time together as a family! It's my favorite gift to buy!


and last but not least, I've been getting asked to share what's on MY wish list this year, besides candles, more slippers & throw blankets. So for fun, I'm sharing things I'm wishing for this year below! I really realllllly waes nt a SMEG TOASTER, some L.L. BEAN slippersBAREFOOT DREAMS cozy chic throw blanketmore of my favorite perfume, EVER and any and everything from LUSH! I'll probably just buy all of this stuff for myself anyway, because that's who I am as a person. It's fine.


OKAY. So that was really specific but its fine. HA! The amount of messages I've been getting from husbands/boyfriends this week has me laughing so hard, mostly because they'll be like, "you shared a scarf and my wife told me to come to your page to find it..can you help me?" TOO funny, so I thought it might be beneficial to set up a section just for them, and hopefully make their lives a little easier. So if you're a hubby here reluctantly shopping for your wife/gf this section is for you.. but it's also for anyone searching for gifts for the cozy lover in your life! 

I'm planning to keep this post updated through the season! So check back often for sales & deals on my favorite gifts of the season! 

I can't thank you guys enough for your continued love & support!
 It means SO SO SO MUCH TO ME! I would love to hear what you guys think about this guide and would love to hear what you're buying as gifts for everyone this season! 

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