Hey babes! I seriously can't believe this week is Thanksgiving already! I feel like I say that every year but this year it feels like it came extra fast I literally feel like it was just July! 

So the time is upon us! Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit, decorating, baking, and doing all the fun Christmas things! I honestly love this time of year! However there are a select few people in my life who are extra hard to buy gifts for! One being my teenager and the other being Nick. Men in general just hard to buy for because I feel like they just buy things when they want them. However, I wanted to put together a post for you guys with a few different gift ideas for the men in your life. Most of these would work for dads and father-in-law's also! Lots of them are basics, for instance I buy Nick a new wallet, work boots, and pajamas every year. Last year I didn't buy him a wallet and I didn't buy him pajamas and he's like "where are my pajamas and where's my wallet!?"

So this year, he'll get those basics along with one or two things I've heard him not so subtly hint at about wanting, like a sound bar, that is on major sale this weekend, along with basically everything that I shared in this guide! Y'all know I love a good deal;) especially this time of year! 

So let's get stated and I promise not to ramble a ton, well, I mean I'll try. You know how that goes. Sorry, it's just who I am as a person. HA! 

1.// Let's start with slippers, who doesn't love them?! these slippers have excellent reviews, and I love that they come in Black! They're a little pricey but I feel like they're a great investment and when make an awesome gift because dude like to be comfy too!

2.// Pajamas! Who doesn't love them?! I basically buy Nick the same pair every year just a different color pattern, these are on major sale, super comfy and cozy, and come in 3 color options! Check them out here!
3.// Car wash Set- Nick is truck/jeep obsessed and cleans his vehicles religiously. So this set is a great idea if your hubby or man in your life is into similar things, even better? It's on AMAZON PRIME! Another great gift idea is to buy a gift certificate to a local car detail shop for a car wash/detail! I've done this for Nick before and he's always really excited for it! 

4.//SOUND BAR. Nick has been asking for one forever, so I dove all in to do some research! This one is under $130, has great reviews and is on Amazon! You're probably noticing a trend with the Amazon thing, it's fine. 
5.// Exfoliation Foot Peel- Nick is probably the manliest man ever, if that's a thing. But he's always complaining of his feet bothering him so last year I got him this peel and a foot massager and he was living his best life. TRUST. 
6.// SCREWDRIVER SET- and well, accessories. Year after year these sets are purchased and for good reason! Men just really like screwdrivers. ;) This set is one of the better ones we've purchased over the years, and it's over 50% off! 
7.// CRAFT BEER KIT- I actually think this is a really cool idea! Comes with everything they'll need to make their own beer and even a cool jug/dispenser to drink out of! Ideal for the beer lover in your life! 

8.// WORK BOOTS- regardless of what your hubby or significant other does for a living, a new pair of shoes is always a hit, like I said earlier in this post, Nick has come to expect a new pair of work boots every year. He basically wears them everyday so I always like to invest in a good pair. These are his favorites over all the years!

9.// BEER PONG TABLE- Let's bring bring back the inner frat boy. I thought this was a really fun idea though, because it's small and you can easily pull it out when you have friends over for a quick game of beer pong! 

10.// YETI'S- Not sure what it is but guys love them. Nick uses his everyday but I think the camo print on this one is really fun! 

COLOGNE (Nick loves this one!)
portable phone charger 
a nice pair of sunglasses

I'm also really excited about these date night boxes I discovered! Such an awesome idea! You can purchase a subscription or do a month-to-month box! 

They even have the family box option! 
I will update you guys when we get our first box! In the mean time I wanted to share with you because I really was excited about it! 

SO! There ya have it friends! Hope this helps you when buying gifts for the man in your life! Also feel free to share your gift ideas with me! I love chatting with you! 

Happy Shopping! 

{this post may contain affiliate links but as always all opinions are my own! Thank you guys so much for making this little blog possible. I couldn't do it without you!}

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