Holiday Gift Guide- All The BEST Cozies Of The Season!

YOU GUYS! Some people are saying it's too early for Christmas and I'm over here like, "HO-HO- HOOOOOOLY ISH I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!" I already feel behind, but it's fine. I'll catch up. I hope. Maybe I'll just drink some wine and online shop for myself instead?

ANYWAY, I know lots of you have started shopping for Christmas gifts already, myself included, and I wanted to put together a few gift guides this season to hopefully help make your shopping a little easier. The first gift guide I wanted to put together is a one for all the amazing woman & girls in your life. Lot's of these gifts make great gifts for teenagers too. I took the time to chat a little with my 15 year old niece about what's on her Christmas list this year and the first thing she said was, "slippers". and I have never been more proud of her than I was in that moment. HAHAHA!  

Let's get started! ALL of these gifts are under $100 by the way, I know budgets can be tight around the Holiday's and I wanted to make sure these guides are budget friendly! 

So I figured the best place to start would be with the coziest gift ever and that's a pair of amazingly soft and cozy slippers! These are my favorite pair for the price and make amazing gifts! I know a few people getting them on my Christmas list this year for sure! 

Can you do cozy without a super cuddly throw blanket? I think NOT! This one is on my wish list this season but here is a super budget friendly option that would make the most amazing gift!

I feel like this is honestly the best gift, like if someone gave me this robe I would die of happiness! It's a great universal gift too because who doesn't love or want a nice cozy robe? Perfect gift for Mom's and MIL'S! Snag it here, and I will update with any sales!

EVERY SINGLE YEAR I tell people to buy me candles, I know it sounds like a super boring gift but to me it's the best ever, like, GIVE ME ALL THE CANDLES PLEASE. Plus I feel like everyone loves candles. I have these on my wish list year. 

You can't go wrong with a warm cozy scarf and these are totally the coziest and softest scarves around. Also, just realized this is becoming more of a "What's on Laurie's Christmas Wish List post" and less of a universal gift guide. OOPS. 

I have a neck wrap that I use WAY more than I thought I would that I got as a gift last year and can't believe how much I actually LOVE it and USE it. I know of so many woman that can and will appreciate getting this as a gift! I know 110% that I do! You can get a super cute unicorn (I MEAN FREAKING UNICORNS GUYS) one here.

While most of the time you don't think of skincare as cozy, it totally is, because there's nothing more relaxing than putting on a face mask, in your cozy robe and slippers and relaxing. I love this set of masks because it's a great way to try out different ones to see which would be most beneficial for your skin! Now is a great time to stock up on beauty products and gift sets because you can get more value for your money and test out more products from the gift sets. 

You guys this is seriously why I have so much trouble shopping, because I WANT EVERYTHING! BUT. I really do hope this helps jump start some of your holiday shopping and maybe gives you some ideas to create and give special and thoughtful gifts that any woman in your life can appreciate! I'm excited to hear from you guys, drop a comment for me below or come say hey on Instagram! 

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