Hey friends! The countdown is ON! Christmas is just 2 weeks away. Can't even believe it. Feels like it was just July 5 seconds ago, honestly! I started planning for Christmas back in late September you guys. YES FREAKING SEPTEMBER. And I still feel so behind! 

Moment of truth, have ya'll finished shopping?! Or are you still buying gifts for everyone on your list? I am DEFINITELY still shopping, THANK THE LORD for Amazon Prime and the fact that most stores are offering two day shipping these days! Since I'm still shopping, I thought I'd put together a quick list of late minute deals & gift ideas for everyone left on your list. 

Let's start with the in-laws. Not sure why but they can be really hard to buy for and sometimes I feel so bad just giving a gift card! These Amazon Echo's are amazing and we love ours so much we decided everyone on our list was getting one. Well.. ALMOST everyone. ;) even better news is that they're on SALE today! Some color options as low as $69.99 + FREE 2 DAY SHIP! #winning These would also make a great gift for the "couples" on your list who you just don't know what to get! If $70 is out of your gift budget- this echo dot is on sale for just $29.99 today! ALSO, you really can't go wrong with house things! 

Moving on to teacher gifts, I always like to keep it simple. One of my girlfriends is a teacher and says that while homemade gifts are always appreciated, there really is nothing better than a gift card to buy supplies needed for the classroom and for the kids! I always give a gift card and a small gift! This year, I picked up these lesson planning juice wdine glasses and will include a small candle and my favorite hand cream! Useful things that everyone can use and love! You can even include a sheet mask to encourage teachers to take some time for themselves. They really work so hard and deserve it!

Hard to buy for teenagers? This game has been such a huge hit here at our house lately! It's on sale for $8.88 today! Even the teens are getting off the video games and playing! It's fun for people of ALL ages and really makes a great gift! Teen Boys love gift cards and you can't go wrong with a beauty gift set for Teen girls or a mens care gift set for teen boys!

What about Grandma or Grandparents? I always love to give my Gramma cash & small gift! Usually a robe & some slippers! These are the best ones! I bought my gramma these last year and she still thanks me every time she see's me for the slippers! Use promo code GIFTS25 for 25% off your order at this retailer. Snag a pair for yourself too! ;)

HUSBANDS. I have shared so many ideas this holiday season for men but they can still be so dang hard to buy for. I'm not kidding you when I say Nick always thanks me for the simple things the most. Gift Sets like these always get used! This leather wallet is one sale for only $20 bucks today! Also you just can't go wrong with COLOGNE GIFT SETS and this is Nick's FAVORITE!

Still have littles on your list to buy for? Savanna is obsessed with these scrubbies! And I honestly think most kids would be also! This is an awesome gift set! Younger kids who shouldn't be trusted with markers yet might enjoy these cutie cars! This set is on sale for $18.89 today! If you really want to WOW, You can surprise your little princess with a disney subscripton box service! You get a new princess dress every other month and other goodies included in the box! We get our first box this week and are SO EXCITED!!!

So there ya have it friends! last minute gifts for everyone on your list and you don't even have to put on pants or leave your house! Isn't that just the best way to shop?! So I HAVE TO KNOW! Are ya'll finished shopping or still going?! I'm hoping to finish this week! Wish me luck. Also, if anyone else is stressing about what to get me for Christmas, I like wine. ;) 

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