How To Remove Soap Scum (naturally!)

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Hey babes! It feels like forever since I blogged last and that's probably because it HAS been forever. Sorry. Instagram just makes it so easy to share all the things and I feel like I just totally suck at blogging, honestly. 

However, I really wanted to start getting back into the swing of things since it is really good to have a place for you guys to reference when you need something! Today I'm sharing a super simple "recipe" for removing soap scum from glass and showers in bathrooms. Super exciting stuff ya'll I'm tellin' ya. But lots of you guys said you wanted more cleaning tutorials so here I am! Just giving the people what they want! HA! 

You don't need a ton of stuff for this but just a heads up- it can get messy and it can be time consuming, but it's worth it, I promise! I haven't found another method that gets rid of soap scum so quickly! 

 1 CUP EPSON SALTS (I used this)
1/2 CUP baking soda (literally use this for EVERY.THING.) 
a sponge 
a clean, dry towel
a small mixing bowl

STEP 1: 
Mix the first 3 ingredients together in a mixing bowl, it should form a "Scrubbing paste" and be a little thick. If it's too thick, add a TINY bit of water.

Step 2: 
In circular motions, take a wet sponge and apply the "paste" to the areas where soap scum is the worst. I did my whole door because it was pretty gross, but you can opt to just work on areas that are really bothering you. (tip: its always good to lay a towel down while applying the paste, it can get messy.) 

Step 3: 
Let sit for at least 15 minutes or so and then, if you have a removable shower head and can, remove the paste with warm water, it's a lot easier to do this if you have a removable shower head but still manageable if not. Just takes a bit more work. After removing all the soap scum, you can take a wet sponge and remove excess, followed by a clean dry towel. 

Step 4: 
I always like to follow up with glass cleaner to get things super shiny and sparkling. This glass cleaner is my favorite! there anything better than a good before & after?! 

That's it! You're done! I do this about 4 times a year and manage the daily soap scum with the (method shower cleaner) A quick spray a day really does keep the buildup down to a minimum! 

I'm always looking for ways to clean with baking soda, it's kinda my jam. If you're into cleaning I highly suggest you stock up on some because it's really awesome for SO many things! Also, bonus tip on the paste- you can also use it as a grout cleaner! ;) 

So that's it! Super exciting stuff I know! Don't worry- more cleaning tutorials are coming for those asking. I'm always up for a new challenge so if you have something to clean and are stumped send a message my way! 

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