Monthly Cleaning Supplies I use & LOVE

Hey babes! I hope ya'll are having a great week! Yesterday I got a little thrown off the kids had a 2 hour delay from school again and that always makes me feel off my game. 

Anyway, looking to get back on track today! I've had SO MANY REQUESTS to share about my monthly Grove order. Grove is a subscription service for cleaning supplies and it is AMAZING. I've been using them for about a year in a half now and I love the company and all of the "clean and green" products. I wanted to share over here on the blog for you to easily reference when needed or when placing orders of you're own. I plan to do a post similar to this monthly to share new products I discovered and to share reviews of products I've tried from the previous months. 

So in general these are the items I order every month from Grove with the addition of a few new things I purchased to try this month, including this new e-cloth mop that requires NO chemicals or additional products, you just wet the cloth and it does most of the work for you! I used it yesterday and AM IN LOVE, however I'm still going to go over my floors with my bona gloss


Method laundry Detergent packs (2)
This detergent is the best I've found with some scent that I can use for my super sensitive skin, I love both the ginger mango and beach sage scent so I alternate between them both! 
Method Fragrance Enhancer (1)
I don't use this for every load of laundry and instead opt to use this for when I wash all of our bedding on Thursday's and I also like to use it for when I wash the slipcovers from our sofas. 
Replacement Sponges for my scrub brush
Coconut Scrubber Sponges
Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner (smells SO GOOD!)-
Seriously, smells like a beach vaca and does the job so well!
Method Wood Cleaner-
Thayer's Witch Hazel- 
use this as a toner and for my bikini line to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps! It has SO MANY other uses though and I never ever travel without it! I've used it before for things like bug bites and sunburn and it's been amazing for both!
Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap-
a favorite for sure, love all of the different scents. If we have to do dishes, it might as well be somewhat enjoyable, right?
Mrs. Meyers Dishwasher Tabs

They have tons of special offers this month but I really am excited about the "Rain" collection that comes with my favorite stoneware tray that I use in my kitchen to display my soaps! 

The cool thing about Grove is that you're not locked into anything, you can skip a month if you choose, or 3 months if you want. You can add and remove products as you need them. It's basically just the Amazon of Green Cleaning supplies. But they always have the best selection and new products I don't see everywhere else! It's super easy to just have the products delivered to me monthly! 

Even better, if you sign up here via my link you'll get a FREE 5 piece cleaning set! 

(As always all opinions are my OWN- I would never ever share something with you guys that I didn't just love. This post is not sponsored, however I may receive a small commission if you purchase via any of these thinks in this blog post.)

Thank you guys as always for being the sweetest and most supportive ever! TGF wouldn't be here without you! 

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