Okay ya'll,  let's talk tanning. 

Oddly enough it is probably the single question I get asked the most on Instagram. "What is your favorite self tanner?"  

I remember the first time I got a Spray tan. It was for my wedding in 2011 and I was addicted. Who doesn't love to be tan and give off a "just got back from the tropics" kinda vibe?

However, there are SO MANY self tanning products out there it can be overwhelming on where to start. Do you want a lotion? A foam? A Spray? Let's not even talk about how many brands are out there! What makes them different? Aren't they all the same? What if it turns me orange? What if it's streaky? How long should I leave it on? 

So while I am totally not an expert at ANYTHING, well, except for maybe drinking wine and buying throw pillows, I have tried my fair share of self tanning products and have learned a few things along the way. I'm going to try to cram as much information in this post as I can without boring you to death.

Let me first talk about my favorite self tanners at all price points. 


My favorite "budget friendly" self tanner is the (Jergens tanning foam) it's my favorite because of the ease of application, it's basically foul proof and it's pretty hard to mess it up. It's great if you don't have much of a tan, are on the paler side, or are completely new to self tanning. The foam is really easy to apply. However, the color payoff is minimal, which some people prefer, and it just doesn't last as long as I would like it too. It also doesn't get me as "tan" as I normally like to be. I've yet to find a drugstore tanner with amazing color payoff but I'm still searching!

As far as "high end" self tanners go, I feel like I've tried so many and I have a list of favorites for different reasons. I really love the st tropez tanning foam as my everyday self tanner, it's the one I ALWAYS go back to, the application is easy, the color payoff is awesome, and it doesn't have a super obvious self tanner smell after application. HOWEVER, this does have some transfer issues so I really do suggest letting it fully dry before application but more on that later...

as far as lotions go, I really do love a good self tanning lotion, I have been using this one for a few years and love it. It's similar to the mouse, application is super easy and the color payoff of this one is AMAZING. Seriously, I'm always impressed when I use it! It lasts a really long time too and I feel like you get a great deep natural looking tan.

When it comes to sprays, there is only one I use, I seriously always have a bottle of this stuff on hand, especially when traveling! It's so easy to apply and great for when you need a quick tan, or for when you're going to an event. 

Moving on to the tips portion of this post, which is probably why most of you are here! Tips for Self Tanning!


YOU GUYS. I cannot express enough how important this step is! When you don't exfoliate the tanner will stick to dry patches, especially knees, ankles and elbows. 99% of the time if your tan is blotchy it's probably because you didn't exfoliate. I self tan every Friday so I exfoliate every Thursday at least 24 hours before self tanning. I love this body scurb for exfoliating. It smells like a tropical vaca and makes my skin super smooth and soft without feeling greasy! 

Whatever you do you guys, don't skip this step!

Tip #2: Use a tanning mitt ALWAYS and a makeup brush to apply self tanner to hands and feet.

I never ever tan without a mitt, I feel like it really helps the ease of application and prevents blotchiness. For hands and feet I like to "blend" excess tanner in with a makeup brush (I use this one JUST for self tanning) I sort of just drag the excess from my arms and brush it into my hands, ankles, knees. It blends everything together seamlessly. 

Tip #3: Apply self tanner in circles

OKAY LOOK. I know that usually the bottle says "long even strokes" but I swear every single time I do that I end up looking like a streaky hot mess, so instead I apply in circular motions to each section of my body working from the neck down, in small sections. 

Tip #4: WAIT at least 3 full hours before showering.

EVEN IF you bought the "Express tan" I find showering too quickly always washes off half my tan but waiting allows the tan to fully "set" I know it can b so tempting to want to shower quickly because you feel gross and sticky but if you want a deep, natural tan just wait it out. ALSO. To prolong your tan, try to avoid taking scouring hot showers. I know this is tough ladies, because I like my water surface of the sun hot, but the hot water just breaks things down so much faster. If anything at least avoid taking a super hot shower until at least day 2 of your tan. 


THIS. IS. SO. IMPORTANT. Hydrated skin will always retain more product. I like to use a gradual tanning lotion on top of my spray tan to maintain it, I'm loving this one currently. Just be sure to wash your hands after application. ;)

So that's it brozned babes! I hope this helps you with all your self tanning questions although I'm sure I forgot something and will probably come back and edit this later! 
Listing my favorite self tanning products for you below! But feel free to leave me a message or shoot me a DM if you have any questions!

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  1. Im so happy you are blogging every day! Please keep it up! �(im typing this as I am getting ready to tan haha)


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